factors affecting food choices l.
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Factors Affecting Food Choices

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Factors Affecting Food Choices - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Factors Affecting Food Choices. Chapter 2. Food is a Reflection of Culture. Food habits are a reflection of culture. If affects all aspect of your life. Some eat insects while we eat BBQ. Sounds strange to us, but BBQ sounds strange to them. Historical Influences

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food is a reflection of culture
Food is a Reflection of Culture
  • Food habits are a reflection of culture.
  • If affects all aspect of your life.
  • Some eat insects while we eat BBQ.
    • Sounds strange to us, but BBQ sounds strange to them.
  • Historical Influences
    • Where are your ancestors from? Does that affect traditional foods in your family?
  • Ethnic Influences
    • Usually religion or racial or certain part of the country food.
    • Food taboos-against eating beef, or cannot understand why we wouldn’t eat dog.
  • Regional Influences
    • Eat it because it is popular where you live or an abundance of it where you live.
  • Religious Influences
    • Rules regarding food choices. Can you think of one?
social influences on food choices
Social Influences on Food Choices
  • By people we are around.
  • Restaurants/foods become popular by certain people.
  • Family- manners, how to eat certain foods, traditions
  • Friends- noticed that you all like similar foods?
  • Status of food- foods that have a social impact on others. Ex: who eats caviar?
  • Media- advertisements, colors.
emotions affects food choices
Emotions Affects Food Choices
  • Eat a bad banana, now can never eat a banana.
  • Fig 2-8
  • Emotional responses- linked to gender
  • To deal with emotions- depressed, happy
  • For reward or punishment- chocolate, salad.
  • Preferences- like one more than another because of positive emotions.
the influence of agriculture technology economics and politics
The Influence of Agriculture, Technology, Economics and Politics
  • Control over what food to put in your pantry, little control over what is available to buy and price at the store.
  • Resources: Soil, climate, technical knowledge, human energy.
  • Technology: Improved packaging to get foods here otherwise we may not.
  • Economics of food: Money is needed for producing and buying. Poor countries lack this so they cannot afford the importing.
  • Politics of food: what is grown and where, investing, regulations.
nutrition knowledge affects food choices
Nutrition Knowledge Affects Food Choices
  • We are so influenced by everything around us that sometimes we believe “old wives tales” about certain foods.
  • Ex: Should you avoid vegetable oil beause it is high in cholesterol? You should answer no because if you did your research you would find that it has no cholesterol.
  • Magical power foods (apples)
  • Pills (multivitamins are a must)
  • Pesticides (chemicals)
  • Cure diseases (citrus prevents Scurvy disease)
  • You need to make yourself knowledgeable about the food you eat and know what you are putting in your mouth.
  • In your food journals try and add one new food that you usually do not eat or a food you have never eaten before. What are you going to try? (want to be able to see it).
  • Identify a food from your culture. Ex: you originally from Germany describe a food from there. Draw a picture of the food or find a picture on the internet, explain what is in it and try and explain how it fits into the culture.
  • Extra Credit: prepare this food at home and bring it in to share with the class.