native american indians l.
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Native American Indians

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Native American Indians - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Native American Indians. 4 th Grade Class Ms. Courtney Angalet. Analyze Learners. Students around 10 years old Fourth Grade Class Learn about Native Americans and Settlers and how their affected each other. State Objectives. SS.4.1.4 : Describe diversity in Early America

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Native American Indians

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native american indians

Native American Indians

4th Grade Class

Ms. Courtney Angalet

analyze learners
Analyze Learners
  • Students around 10 years old
  • Fourth Grade Class
  • Learn about Native Americans and Settlers and how their affected each other.
state objectives
State Objectives
  • SS.4.1.4: Describe diversity in Early America
  • SS.4.4.9: Locate areas where Native Americans lived.
  • SS.4.410: Use map skills to locate places on a map and
  • construct maps
  • SS.4.5.2: Chronologically order historical people and events and explain their importance.
  • SS.4.5.13: Compare and contrast Native Americans and colonists cultures and how they changed.
  • SS.4.5.20: Sequence historical events on a timeline
  • RLA.4.2.4: Use strategies to gather materials and record information for research topics
  • VA.4.3.3: Artwork using subject matter or symbols
materials needed
Materials Needed

Craft Projects:

Construction Paper Tape

Pencil and Paper Aluminum Foil

Toilet paper tubes Unpopped popcorn

Y-shaped twig Crayons

Yarn Popsicles sticks

Tape Glue

Feathers, beads, buttons, etc. Brown Tissue Paper

materials needed5
Materials Needed

Media access:

Websites (books)

information, games, activities

More information about the tribes


day 1 different tribes
Day 1: Different Tribes
  • Cherokee
  • Sioux
  • Cheyenne
days 2 3
Days 2 & 3
  • Daily lives of Indian

-What they eat, how they go about their lives.

-Compare their daily rituals with ours

-See how there compare or contrast to those of the settlers

-Construction of a wigwam

popsicle sticks, glue, brown tissue paper, yarn

-Story about the tepee as if they were living in it

day 4
Day 4
  • How Indians used the land around them

-What they ate

-How they survived the harsh climate

-Buffalo discussion


day 5
Day 5
  • Discuss Migration of the settlers.

-how were the Indians affected

-what land they lost

-the depletion of the buffalo

Activity: Map Construction

day 6
Day 6
  • Discussion of settling of the west.

- How land was lost

- How Indians soon became dependent on the white man.

- How Indians were soon contained to reservations

Also discuss some of the reservations that were parts of major battles.

day 7 8
Day 7 & 8
  • Battle, Chiefs, and Generals

Battles: Little Big Horn

The Bannock War

Bozeman Trial War, Etc

Chiefs: Sitting Bull

John Ross


Crazy Horse, Etc

Generals: General Custer

day 7 8 con t
Day 7 & 8 con’t
  • Outcomes of the battles

-what did the Indians lose? Gain?

- what did the whites lose? Gain?

Activity: Matching figures to the battles they fought.

Assignment: Presentations of famous figures. Groups of 5

day 9 craft day
Day 9 ( Craft Day)

On this day the whole class will make their own traditional Indian items.

-Totem poles (make them their own by adding own pictures.

- Rattles

(Y-shaped yarn, beads, glue

- Rain Sticks

required learner participation
Required Learner Participation
  • Used activities and assignment to help build knowledge.
  • Used craft projects to physically help them learn.
  • Group presentation helped them to work as group.
evaluate and revise
Evaluate and Revise
  • Tepee Construction: VA.4.3.3
  • Tepee Story: RLA.4.2.4
  • Matching Worksheet: SS.4.4.9
  • Map Construction: SS.4.4.10 and VA.4.3.3
  • Battle Worksheet: SS.4.5.2 and SS.4.5.20
  • Group presentation: RLA.4.2.4