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Teacher Training PowerPoint Presentation
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Teacher Training

Teacher Training

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Teacher Training

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  1. Teacher Training Martha Ramírez

  2. Digital Age

  3. What’s inside? 95% of workbook content Complete workbook audio Automatic marking Student gradebook Student performance monitoring

  4. Get Ready Java: Browser Tune-Up: Pop-ups:Set your browser to allow for Pop-ups (permanently or temporarily)

  5. Access Codes Once a Student Book with Access Code Pack has been OPENED it CANNOT be RETURNED

  6. Registration: First Time MyEnglishLab Go to Save URL login screen to your favourites Click REGISTER

  7. Accept terms & conditions

  8. Create a login Do you have a Pearson Education account: NO Create a LOGIN NAME & PASSWORD Enter your ACCESS CODE Click NEXT

  9. Complete your school details

  10. Receive your confirmation

  11. Access to MyLanguageLeaderLab

  12. Login Go to or select from your Favourites Click LOG IN Enter your Login Name & Password

  13. Administrators - Find the right course

  14. Administrators - create your master

  15. Name your master course

  16. Open admin area to create courses

  17. Create a template for each teacher

  18. Create a course for each class

  19. Using sections

  20. Returning users: access the course

  21. Your Home Page: Today’s View

  22. My Courses

  23. My Profile

  24. Feedback, Help, Support

  25. Feedback, Help, Support

  26. Feedback, Help, Support


  28. Course Management 1 Click My courses lists your classes and announcements My profile shows time zone Feedback allows you to send feedback Help browse menu and/or search for support Support states your system’s technical specifications Logout takes you to the login screen 2 Profile to set your time zone Click Helpto understand features/functions 3 Click

  29. Today’s View Calendariconsshow homework activity assigned by instructor Instructors click on icons to automatically go to the activities for that day

  30. Welcome Message Notifications Any current action appears in the center box on screen Welcome Institutions/Instructors can customise with own logo and have options to change default settings

  31. Announcements

  32. Notifications To Do Performance Shows submissions that need grading Shows UnreadDiscussion Unread Messages Alerts Shows students that are not passing Shows students’ new Grades Shows students that have not signed up Shows students’ Late Submissions Shows students’ Late assignment Not Submitted What’s being calculated? Set in Preferences Overall Course Performance Individual Student Performance

  33. Course Content overview My Course Instructor can select the order of content, show or hide content and assign it to the calendar

  34. Assigning Content: Navigation

  35. Assigning Pre-Created Activities

  36. Assigning activities to specific students

  37. Gradebook Grades and Reports The Gradebook allows instructors to browse grades by individual activity, student or overall performance of the class

  38. Viewing student submissions

  39. Reports

  40. Communicate

  41. Preferences

  42. Activity settings

  43. Adding Content Content Library Content Library contains all course-related activities and resources plus it enables the instructor to create or adapt and then add their own resources

  44. Create a folder

  45. Adding files to your folder

  46. Adding a web link

  47. Create a discussion board activity

  48. Creating Your Own Activities

  49. Create an essay question

  50. Creating other questions