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Marine Well Containment Company

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Marine Well Containment Company. Astley Blair Chief Financial Officer. January 25, 2012. Our Commitment. Continuously ready to respond to a well control incident in the deepwater U.S. Gulf of Mexico Continuously advancing deepwater well containment in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico

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marine well containment company

Marine Well Containment Company

Astley Blair

Chief Financial Officer

January 25, 2012

our commitment
Our Commitment
  • Continuously ready to respond to a well control incident in the deepwater U.S. Gulf of Mexico
  • Continuously advancing deepwater well containment in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico
  • Recognized and respected leader in deepwater well containment in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico


MWCC – Confidential

about our company
About Our Company
  • Leading deepwater well containment system and technology provider for U.S. Gulf of Mexico
  • Expertise in subsea containment and incident response training
  • Independent, not-for-profit company
  • 10 members, representing 70% of the deepwater wells drilled from 2007-2009
  • Each member has an equal share and an equal vote
  • Investment of over $1 billion in system
  • System available to all operators in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico as a member or as a non-member (per well basis)
    • Industry Recognition
      • Finalist for 2011 Platts Energy Awards for “Industry Leadership”
      • Recipient of LMOGA Blue Herron award


MWCC – Confidential

key accomplishments
Key Accomplishments
      • Interim Containment System ready to go since February 2011
        • All equipment transferred and housed at ASCO shipyard in Houston
        • Capping stack ready for 10,000 ft and TLP/SPARs response plan developed
        • Naming ceremony for “Eagle Texas” Modular Capture Vessel in Japan
        • Aframax tanker conversion has commenced in Dubai
      • Headquarters opened with all processes up and running
        • 2012 budgets approved by Members
        • Developed, documented and implemented a set of accounting procedures covering the accounting and reporting functions.
          • Some are system-centric and require updating for our move to SAP
        • MWCC is on SAP now. Ran parallel from August through October. November was our first stand-alone month.
  • UHY was selected as MWCC’s independent auditors.
      • 31 permits granted by BSEE, including 1 non-member
      • Incident Response Training:
        • Completed 8 member simulation exercises, including successful BSEE unannounced drill
        • More than 2,000 hours of Incident Preparedness & Response training delivered
        • Deployment tactical plans well developed; generic procedures available


MWCC – Confidential

mwcc containment system roles
MWCC Containment System Roles
  • MWCC
  • Maintain containment system in ready state
  • Deliver capping stack and subsea components to RP shorebase
  • Maintain mutual aid inventory list
  • Provide advice on operation of MWCC capping stack and other containment equipment
  • Provide on-going training to members and contracted parties
  • Covered Entity
  • (Responsible Party - RP)
  • Direct and manage containment response (with Unified Command)
  • Remove debris
  • Provide marine vessels (through mutual aid) to capture oil
  • Install capping stack and subsea components
  • Return capping stack and subsea equipment to MWCC upon completion


MWCC – Confidential

containment systems overview
Containment Systems Overview

Interim Containment System (ICS)

15,000 psi

18 ¾ in

10,000 ft

8,000 ft



Expanded Containment System (ECS)

15,000 psi

18 ¾ in

10,000 ft

10,000 ft






Depth Cap Only:

Depth Cap and Flow:

Fluid BPD:





Containment Assembly





Fluid System

*System offered as a total package; individual elements not available on a stand-alone basis


MWCC – Confidential

2012 priorities
2012 Priorities
  • Continuously advance MWCC’s service offering to keep pace with members’ needs
    • Enhance Containment System readiness (e.g. member drills)
    • Prepare for and accept Enhanced Containment System (operations, technology, response ready, and permitting process)
  • Continue to evolve incident preparedness and readiness training with members to enhance tactical planning
  • Continue to attract and motivate quality talent to maintain a high-performing organization


MWCC – Confidential