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Catfish. By Blake. Goonch Catfish. Goonch catfish get really big. They are known to eat humans. Flathead Catfish. Flathead catfish are very big. Pictus Catfish. Pictus catfish are small catfish. They get up to 8”. That’s my pet. Glass Catfish. You can see the spine of the glass catfish.

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By Blake

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Catfish By Blake

    2. Goonch Catfish Goonch catfish get really big. They areknown to eat humans.

    3. Flathead Catfish Flathead catfish are very big.

    4. Pictus Catfish Pictus catfish are small catfish. They get up to 8”. That’s my pet.

    5. Glass Catfish You can see the spine of the glass catfish.

    6. Upside-down Catfish The upside-down catfish is known to swim upside-down.

    7. Albino Cory Catfish Albino cory catfish are very small.

    8. Eclipse Catfish Eclipse catfish have a black dot on the neck.

    9. Blue Catfish Blue catfish get pretty big

    10. Wels Catfish Wels catfish are HUGE!!!!!!!

    11. Channel Catfish Channel catfish get sort of big.

    12. Mekong Catfish Lets just say its HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    13. Spotted Catfish Lots of spots. It’s camouflaged.

    14. Electric Catfish Electric catfish can sting you with its whisker.

    15. Peppermint Catfish Medium size.

    16. Red Tail Catfish These get pretty big. They have a red tail.

    17. Raphael Catfish It is striped with black and white.

    18. Armored Catfish This catfish is the only catfish that is armored.

    19. Bumblebee Catfish A bumblebee catfish has black and yellow stripes.

    20. Japanese Catfish Japanese catfish are big.

    21. Bagrid Catfish They have long, thick whiskers.

    22. Clown Catfish It has a spotted body and striped tail and fins.

    23. White Catfish Not that big.

    24. Striped Eel Catfish Its striped and has an eel tail.

    25. African Eel Catfish Long and skinny.

    26. Gray Eel Catfish Eel tail.

    27. Yellow Belly Catfish It has a yellow belly.

    28. Bull Shark Catfish Not that big.

    29. Brown Bull Catfish Sort of big.

    30. Cory Catfish Its VERY small.

    31. Emerald Green Catfish It’s emerald green and it’s small.

    32. Emerald Catfish Very colorful.

    33. Salmon Catfish Looks like a salmon.

    34. Shovelnose Tiger Catfish Shovel nosed, striped and spotted.

    35. Lima Shovelnose Catfish Long, skinny and striped. It has a shovel nose.

    36. Zebra Shovelnose Catfish Black and white stripes.

    37. Spotted Shovelnose Catfish Spotted with a shovelnose.

    38. Indian Shovelnose Catfish Found in India.

    39. Leopard Catfish LOTS OF SPOTS!!!!!!!!

    40. Great White Catfish Same color as great white shark.

    41. Whale Catfish Looks like a blue whale.

    42. African Butterfly Catfish Has wings (can’t fly) and is African.

    43. Grass Cutter Catfish Striped with yellow and green

    44. GO CATFISH!!!!!!!!

    45. The End

    46. Any Questions?