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Welcome Seniors and Parents PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome Seniors and Parents

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Welcome Seniors and Parents
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Welcome Seniors and Parents

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  1. Welcome Seniors and Parents Pick up a copy of your student’s transcript and other paperwork at the entrance table

  2. Graduation Requirements

  3. College Preparatory Curriculum 24 credits including: • 4 English • 3 Math in grades 9-12 • 3 Lab Sciences • 3 Social Studies (OK History, World or Euro History, US History, Government) • 2 of the same Foreign Language or 2 Technology • 1 additional course from the above categories • .5 Financial Literacy (Economics, Macro Economics, or College Personal Finance) • .5 Health • 1 Fine Art Must Pass four of seven EOI tests

  4. Certificate of Distinction or Certificate of Distinction Cum Laude 26 credits including: • 4 English • 4 Math in grades 9-12 • 4 Lab Sciences • 3 Social Studies (OK History, World or Euro History, US History, Government) • . 5 Financial Literacy (Economics, Macro Economics, or College Personal Finance) • 2 of the same Foreign Language • 1 additional course from the above categories • .5 Health • 1 Fine Art Must Pass all EOI tests and have minimum 3.25 weighted gpa Cum Laude must have minimum 4.0 weighted gpa

  5. Make A Plan For Next Year: • Career • Military • College

  6. Types of Colleges • Community College • Regional • Research • Private

  7. Community Colleges • Usually offer two year associates degree • Many degrees can transfer to four-year institutions to work toward a bachelor’s degree • Lowest Cost--$3,337 per year (tuition and fees only) • Offer scholarships for lower ACT scores • Often have specialized programs • Small class sizes • No admission requirements but there are requirements to get in some courses

  8. Examples of Community Colleges:

  9. Regional Universities • Four year colleges • Located in each region of the state • Usually have a direction in their name • Require 20 ACT or 2.7 GPA in core for admission • Mid-range cost $5,301 average (tuition and fees only) • Smaller class sizes than research Universities • Have scholarships for lower ACT scores than research universities

  10. Examples of Regional Universities:

  11. Research Universities • Offer a full range of baccalaureate programs and are committed to graduate education through the doctorate level • Give high priority to research • Most stringent admission requirements of state schools (holistic admission; grandfathered in 24 ACT and 3.0 gpa) • Often large class sizes for freshman level classes • Have honors programs (OU 30; OSU 27; high gpa) • Highest cost of state colleges: $7,391 average (tuition and fees only)

  12. Research Universities:

  13. Private Colleges and Universities • Not operated by the government • Non-profit (often church affiliated) or for-profit • Tuition and fees tend to be higher than at public universities • Holistic admission • Usually low class sizes

  14. Examples of OK Private Universities:

  15. Examples of Out-Of-State Private Universities:

  16. Where to search for a College? Bigfuture.collegeboard.org www.usnews.com/rankings

  17. College Recruiters at the High School • Deer Creek College Fair—Sept. 10 from 8-2:30 in the student center • Cafeteria visits with recruiters

  18. College Visits to College Campus • Four college visits allowed during senior year—two per semester • Contact college first; use website to set up visit • Contact attendance secretary • Bring letter from college to attendance office • It is great for parents to go on visits with students

  19. Choosing A Major • Consider a career assessment—Plan, ACT, ASVAB • Make sure the college has your major • When applying do not put down major as undecided

  20. College Entrance Requirements • Automatic Admission (See page 4) • Holistic Admission • If you can’t get in initially, consider transferring (Example: OU, with 24-60 hours you can get in with a 2.5-2.75 gpa in most majors)

  21. Applying For College • Online • Usually requires a fee ($40 at OU and OSU) • Test scores—ACT, AP • Previous college courses • Transcript—mainly online

  22. ACT/SAT Test • Required for most college admission • Sign up at www.actstudent.org or www.collegeboard.org • ACT and SAT are competing tests; most colleges take either • ACT vs. ACT with Writing • SAT and SAT Subject Tests • Four sub-areas of ACT test—under 19 considered remedial

  23. ACT Tests • High test scores play a huge factor in scholarships and admission • Consider review course if need to increase scores: • steve.bowlware@edmondschools.net • Cantrellandcraig.com • www.actupsatup.com • randy@capstone-tutoring.com • http://Olympicprep.com

  24. Requesting A Transcript • Most colleges have transcript link inside application (i.e. OU, OBU, many out-of-state colleges) • Other colleges you must request it in the West Counselor’s office to be sent electronically • Check paper copy of transcript today to make sure all test scores (EOI and ACT) are showing correctly

  25. Common Application • A single application that can be used to apply to 517 institutions nationwide • Only accepted by OU, Tulsa, and OCU in Oklahoma • Transcripts and recommendations are requested from within the application • Must have a recommendation from counselor • Each student must fill out a student information sheet

  26. Tips for Crafting a Powerful Essay • Make it personal and be original • Demonstrate passion • Don’t rush • Edit and spell check

  27. Example of Essay: • Question: At age 60, you have just completed an autobiography detailing your life journey to date. Write the summary that would appear on the back cover. What parts would draw in readers? • …Vera Wang has called her the “Essence of Her Time” and Harper’s Bazaar has featured Dakota’s wedding creations on the cover a record-breaking 27 times. Her life story shows that obstacles should be viewed as speed bumps and not road blocks on the atlas of life. She leaves her readers with “Be yourself, and don’t let anyone tell you ‘you can’t.’” • Dakota Wickliffe, Copan, OK

  28. Paying For College

  29. Scholarships Vs. Financial Aid • Scholarships are merit-based (i.e. academic, leadership, service, athletic) • Financial Aid is need-based based on the FAFSA form filled out after Jan. 1. (www.fafsa.ed.gov) http://ucango2.org/FAFSA/index.htm

  30. Scholarships • The college attended is often the biggest single source of financial assistance • Fill out the college scholarship form well • In many case the application and scholarship form are one in the same • Ask recruiter if there are other scholarships for which you might qualify • Accept the scholarship initially but make sure to let the college know once you know for sure that you will not be using it • Choose a college to fit your budget

  31. Outside Scholarships • Look at the Deer Creek list online (under counselors on HS website) or in e-mail • Sign up for a scholarship search engine (cappex.com, fastweb.com, scholarships.com) • Scholarships are hard work; consider applying for college like a job • Google scholarships with your special interest

  32. Scholarships—Something For Everyone There is a scholarship for most everyone if you are willing to spend time: • Essay Contests • Competitions (public speaking, duct tape) • Parent’s jobs • Ethnic scholarships • Service-related scholarships • High academics • Circumstances or disabilities (left-handed, mother died of breast cancer, etc.)

  33. Some Great But Often Unknown Opportunities: • Francis Tuttle—1 year free after graduation • Occupational Therapy Pre-Admission • State Regents Scholarship • ROTC Scholarships • Oklahoma City Community Foundation www.occf.org/scholarships

  34. Make Sure You Reserve Housing • Once admitted you must apply for housing online with a non-refundable fee (about $30) • Once you have applied for housing, you must complete a housing contract with a refundable fee • The housing contract will allow you to request specific housing and request a roommate • Get your contract completed early to ensure you get the housing of your choice

  35. Questions

  36. Contact Your Counselors:(Pick up Business Cards at the Table) • A-J— • Kristen Tosh kristentosh@dcsok.org • (405) 348-5720, ext. 2181 • K-Z— • Cindy McCacherncynthiamccachern@dcsok.org • (405) 348-5720, ext 2152