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Welcome, Seniors! PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome, Seniors!

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Welcome, Seniors! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome, Seniors!
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  1. Welcome, Seniors!

    Mrs. Byrd’s English 4 Classes Grab a note card & find your seat (seating chart on backboard)
  2. Ah, man! Assigned Seats?! Yes, part of preparing for the adult world means working with and around people you did not choose. It stretches you as a person and helps create a community environment. This is why I have assigned seats in my classroom. Sometimes I will let you choose the group you work with but not most of the time. Seats will change every few weeks. The groups are always changing and random, which means you will often get put with a combo of friends and other classmates anyway. If you have a seating preference (left-handed, eye sight, etc.), let me know. Sit in your assigned seat for that day, then let me know, and I will try to accommodate your request. Be honest on your note card: 3 people who like to WORK with; 1 person you do not WORK well with.
  3. Supplies 3-Ring Binder Designated for English 4 ONLY Dividers (5+) Loose-Leaf Paper Pencils & Black/BluePens
  4. Expectations:Rules, Policies, & Procedures
  5. Do Your Part
  6. Listen to & Follow Directions
  7. Turn in Work On Time Late work will not be accepted, so please don’t ask. If you are absent, you have the number of days missed plus one (per handbook) to make up missing assignments.
  8. Need Help? ASK! sarah_byrd@catawbaschools.net
  9. Your Rights End Where Another Person’s Rights Begin
  10. No Talking When… the intercom is on someone else is talking—the teacher is someone. you have work to do Do not talk to others who have work to do
  11. Stay in Class & On Task In Order to Leave, You Must: Present Your OWN agenda filled out in PEN Ask at appropriate time—not during instruction or when you have work to do
  12. Mrs. Byrd’s Expectations Be Prompt: Be on time. Take care of personal business before/after class (i.e. bathroom, locker, etc). Be Prepared: Bring all materials necessary to work and be in your seat with materials ready when the bell rings. Be Productive: Maximize learning time by staying on task, following directions, and remaining seated. Be Polite: Respect others’ opinions and property. Swearing, teasing, talking back, and bullying will not be tolerated. Clean up after yourself. Be Patient: Wait respectfully and calmly without disrupting others. Work on what you can do while you wait. Be-Lieve in Yourself: You don’t know what you can do until you try! It is ok to not know, but it’s not ok to not try.
  13. All School Rules Apply Keep your cell phone/ electronics put away unless you have permission.
  14. Food & Drinks Policy Clean up after yourselves—3 strikes you’re out! Should not cause any distractions
  15. Grading Scale Tests/Projects: 60% (Major Grade) Quizzes/Classwork: 40% (Minor Grade) Participation: (bonus points) Either added as a minor grade or added to low grades.
  16. What is English 4? “12th Grade English completes the global literary perspective initiated in 10th grade with a focus on European (Western, Southern, and Northern) Literature. It also includes US documents and literature (texts influenced by European philosophy or action) and at least one Shakespearean play.” North Carolina Common Core
  17. Students will… Explore both issues in England and the development of England through literature, film, and other media. Gain an appreciation for literature. Develop a critical consciousness that will guide them in navigating the world around them. Write for a variety of purposes. Use the teacher as a resource (guide, facilitator, and mentor). Understand forces such as power, law, corruption, roles, revolution; and their impact on real and imagined societies of the past, present, and future. The students will graduate prepared for reading and writing in their lives beyond high school.
  18. What to Expect: Literature Novels: 1984, Lord of the Flies(possibly others) Drama:Macbeth & 12 Angry Men Short Stories: miscellaneous Poetry: Beowulf, Canterbury Tales,& others Nonfiction Selections: Article of the Week Literary Devices
  19. What to Expect: Language Arts Reinforce Previous Years’ Grammar/Mechanics Sentence Combining Rules for Formal Writing--MLA Internal Documentation Outlining
  20. What to Expect: Writing Argumentative Responses Informative/Explanatory Responses Narrative Responses Creative Responses Research Paper: Social Issue-Based; 3-4 Typed Pages; 5 Sources; 25 Notecards
  21. What to Expect: Listening/Speaking Seminars Class Discussions Debates Collaborative Assignments
  22. What to Expect: Vocabulary ~10 words/week (regular English IV) ~15 words/week (College Prep English IV) Develop Vocabulary Skills—word study (prefixes, roots, suffixes); context clues; figurative language Academic Vocabulary SAT/ACT Prep Related to Reading
  23. What to Expect: NC Final Exam 120 Minutes-Timed Test to Complete ALL of the Following: Read 4 Selections: 2 Literary--Short Story, Poetry; 2 Informational Answer 50 Multiple Choice Questions
  24. A note to you… I am not out to get you, however, I am not perfect either and may do things that seem unfair to you at times. Here’s how we sort out differences… If you approach me inappropriately, there will be consequences and no discussion. If you approach me appropriately, I will hear you out and take a fair course of action.
  25. Expectations You all are SENIORS—you’ve come a long way and are almost done with your required education. I am here to treat you all like adults. This requires that you act as such. I hope we can work together to accomplish all of our goals as a group. To do this, I promise to… Treat you as an individual. Keep you informed about how you’re doing and to get grades in within a reasonable amount of time. Support you in any reasonable way I can. Be available to help you. (email is the best way to reach me after school) Hold you accountable for your school work and behavior. Push you to be the best student you can be. In return I ask that you follow all of the guidelines I have laid out here. Thanks, and I look forward to a good year! 
  26. Contact Mrs. Byrd Sarah_Byrd@catawbaschools.net St. Stephens: 828-256-9841 ext. 364 Remind101— Text @4d6f9 to 828-459-6578 (text messages) Email 4d6f9@mail.remind101.com (emails) Edmodo Page: http://edmodo.com/byrdistheword Join Code: hd535p
  27. Questions? Comments? Concerns?