why your small business should hire a virtual assistant n.
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Why your business needs a virtual assistant? PowerPoint Presentation
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Why your business needs a virtual assistant?

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Why your business needs a virtual assistant? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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https://www.habiliss.com - A virtual assistant is a worthwhile investment for your startup or small business if you know how they can be utilized.

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Why your business needs a virtual assistant?

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common start up challenges
Common Start-up Challenges
  • As a business owner, you face -
  • Lengthy to-do lists
  • Less focus on relevant tasks
  • Piling tasks
  • Constant stress
  • Lack of time to do everything


misconceptions about virtual assistants
Misconceptions about Virtual Assistants
  • Hiring a virtual assistant is a luxury
  • Delegation might be difficult
  • Physical assistant gets the job done better
  • Virtual assistants are overheads
virtual assistant vs physical assistant
Virtual assistant Vs physical assistant
  • No budget for a full time employee
  • Takes time and energy to find the right person
  • Time crunch to interview and hire
  • No cost incurred on training
  • No additional office space or equipment
  • No fear of attrition
  • Multiple expertise at your disposal
hiring a virtual assistant benefits
Hiring a virtual assistant - Benefits
  • Virtual assistants are extra manpower at a lower cost
  • Competency to get work done
  • Hire a virtual assistant as per task or time basis
  • Pay only for what you use
  • 24 / 7 availability
scale your business
Scale your business
  • If your business has increased volume and slow turnaround time:
  • Outsource mundane tasks
  • Focus on business growth
  • Hire virtual assistants with specified skills to meet deadlines
  • Increased productivity
help with marketing
Help with marketing
  • Email marketing:
    • Schedule mail lists
    • Reorganize inbox
    • Work on marketing material
  • Content marketing:
    • Work on blogs, newsletters and other content
    • Social media management
  • SEO:
    • Choose right keywords
    • Work on meta data
  • Work out the best framework for your business
  • Project management
  • File management
  • Minimize risks and oversights
specialized skills
Specialized skills

Hire a virtual assistant with any specialized skill as:

  • Website design
  • Software development
  • Data protection
  • Inventory management and so on.
thank you

Thank you

Hire a virtual assistant and optimize your efficiency and boost your business performance right away

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