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Why Strength & Conditioning?

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Why Strength & Conditioning? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Why Strength & Conditioning?. Joshua Hockett MS, NSCA- CPT , CSCS NESTA-CFN. Why High School? My objectives:. How can a strength and conditioning coach help our program and its student athletes? What does a strength coach offer that we don’t have now?

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why strength conditioning

Why Strength & Conditioning?

Joshua Hockett MS,


why high school my objectives
Why High School?My objectives:
  • How can a strength and conditioning coach help our program and its student athletes?
  • What does a strength coach offer that we don’t have now?
  • What other services and benefits would the district obtain by employing a full-time strength coach?
why strength conditioning1
Why Strength & Conditioning?

More good….

Less bad…..

Less injury in practice and in competition

More focus in training

More motivation to train

Minimize bad form/technique

More athlete compliance

Less training related injury

Better sport-to-sport crossover

Less liability overall

  • Systematic training schemes
  • Periodized training plans
  • Effective progression
  • Enhanced performance
  • Long term athlete retention
  • Proper instructions
  • Proper technique
  • Supervised training sessions
how a strength coach helps
How a strength coach helps?
  • Annual training plans designed by:
    • Sport
    • Gender
    • Anthropometrics
    • Grade Level/Age
    • Readiness/Physical-Mental
    • Past Injuries
    • Training Experience
how a strength coach helps1
How a strength coach helps?
  • Day-to-day workout supervision/instruction
  • Facility use logging/charting
  • More contact time with athletes/coaches
  • Ongoing resource for athletes’ needs on training, supplements, diet, weight loss or gain.
  • Pre/Mid/Postseason performance testing and athlete evaluation year to year. Documented for coach analysis.
the application of a s c coach
The application of a S&C Coach
  • Without the proper design and implementation of a athlete/sport workout program both long and short term results will suffer, adaptability will stagnate, motivation will drop and athletes performance will inevitably suffer over the course of a season and in competition. This can be due to faults in programs that……….
faults in program design
Faults in program design

Flaws with most training plans

Exercise selection not utilizing the prime movers of a sport.

Set blocks of training not implemented correctly to bring about adaptations over the whole year, offseason, preseason, in-season, postseason etc.

ESD not in parallel with strength training.

  • Volume – Intensity mismatched
  • Unloading weeks not implemented
  • Exercise order mismatched
  • Set/Rep schemes incorrect
  • Rest periods incorrect
  • Loads used too low/high
  • Rep speed not appropriate
anything else
Anything Else?

There are many other services a strength coach can offer the district as a whole.

other specialties and services
Other specialties and services
  • Formation of school powerlifting and weightlifting club for males and females.
  • Training programs offered to district staff at discounted rates.
  • Semester seminars and workshops for coaches and staff interested in learning more about strength and conditioning/fitness.
other specialties of an s c coach
Other specialties of an S&C coach
  • Nutritional planning for pre/during/post match/game/tournament/set to optimize performance and recovery.
  • Nutritional planning to promote hydration.
  • Nutritional planning to avoid unwanted or unsafe weight-loss and to direct towards proper weight-gain (muscle mass).
  • Guidance with issues of safe sports supplementation and steroid avoidance.
other specialties of a s c coach
Other specialties of a S&C coach
  • One-on-one athlete assistance before and/or after school, during lunch, study hall when other coaches not available.
  • Works independent and unbiased from all other coaches (I just want a better athlete, period)
  • Offers advanced flexibility/mobility training for athletes in need.
    • Liaison between sport coaches, AD, parents, athletes.
  • Works alongside LAT to assure safe/speedy return of injured athletes to full play.
my philosophy
My Philosophy
  • Training is dictated by grade level with progressions and advancements in training being implemented at each new grade level which is based on the mastery of skills and adaptations to the prior year(s) of training.
sport specificity
Sport Specificity?
  • No “sport specific” training begins until an athlete has honed in on one likely sport or has reached his/her senior year. Fundamentals MUST be learned and practiced before moving on to specified sport training.
my philosophy cont
My Philosophy Cont.
  • It is my responsibility to develop the skill sets and athletic traits, physically and mentally required by an athlete to perform at optimal levels. This is accomplished through the means of scientifically proven systems of training. I make athletes better athletes; faster, quicker, stronger, more injury resilient, less fatigueable etc. I do not make them a better player directly. This is the sport coaches duty. I give the player the underlying abilities needed to play that sport at a higher level.
how it looks in application
How it looks in application…

Jeffery, Ian., Strength & Conditioning Journal, June 08 Vol 30 (3)

application to sport
Application to sport

Jeffery, Ian., Strength & Conditioning Journal, June 08 Vol 30 (3)

that s it from me
That’s it from me…

What comments, questions or concerns

do you have?

helpful sites
Helpful Sites
  • www.nsca-lift.org
  • www.bodyprepcoach.com
  • www.nsca-cc.org