spiders by arjun n.
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Spiders by Arjun PowerPoint Presentation
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Spiders by Arjun

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Spiders by Arjun - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Spiders by Arjun

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  1. Spidersby Arjun

  2. Table of Contents • Home sweet home • The creepy bites • The creepy creatures • The new born creatures • Creepy family • Did you know

  3. Chapter 1home • Did you know that spiders live in a warm regions like deserts and wood piles black windows live out doors they live for a long time without any food or water a lot of spiders live in Arizona and New Mexico black windows webs tend to lack shape or form Hobo spiders live near wood piles sheds and hallow logs This is a spiders home

  4. Creepy bites • Did you know that spider bites are sometimes not harmless to humans? Brown Rucluse bites can be very dangerous even when treated properly when a spider bites you your skin rots an X ray even showed black coloring on the top of the bone A spider bite

  5. The creepy creatures • Did you know that a hobo spider can make a human bone rot and it all starts by getting black a black window is one of the strongest spiders in the world a black window is very dangerous some of them are poisen A hobo spider

  6. New born Creatures • Did you know that new born spiders are called spiderlings. Spiderlings hatch in a sacspiderlings must molt to get bigger you can tell a spider name by it color female and male spiders lay eggs when the female spider is pregnant New born spider

  7. Creepy Family • Did you know that there are around 40000 different species of spiders? When hobo spiders are born they have eight long hairy legs they have two hairy body parts the head and the back hobo spiders produce milk in glands located in there abodomen A spiders family

  8. Did you know • Spiders silk cannot dissolved in water • Some species of spiders live in dark places and they have no eyes at all • Female tarantulas have lived up to 20 years in captivity A spider with no eyes

  9. Glossary Spiderlings:a new born spider Molt: a spider loses his outer skin Arachnids: an arthropod of the class Arachnida, such as a spider or scorpion. Sac:a new

  10. conclusion