Self reliance project setting up tofu corporative
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SELF-RELIANCE PROJECT setting up tofu corporative - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SELF-RELIANCE PROJECT setting up tofu corporative. for Forest Rangers in Wawa, Montalban , Maharlika (Philippines) by Ang KaSaMa & mend-a-patch. self-reliance project. TOFU CORPORATIVE. the idea is to….

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Self reliance project setting up tofu corporative

SELF-RELIANCE PROJECTsetting up tofu corporative

for Forest Rangers

in Wawa, Montalban, Maharlika (Philippines)

by AngKaSaMa & mend-a-patch

Self reliance project
self-reliance project


The idea is to
the idea is to…

  • Develop a corporative so that Montalban project is self-reliance instead of dependence only on donation.

  • Provide stable monthly allowance for the workers

  • Set up a small scale tofu production in Mahalika Guest House and sell them to the villagers, as well for own consumption.

  • Some of the reasons to choose tofu production are:

    • There is demand to purchase tofu from the villagers, many have purchased tofu daily from the market in the town.

    • The rangers are vegetarian, so tofu is a good source of protein for their self sustainability.

    • The rangers could choose to grow some vegetable for self-sustain, however the forest trees have sheltered most of the sunlight for vegetable growth. Hence, they are still looking for alternative to grow the vegetable around their area.


Deo P. Palma is the Project Coordinator for Montalban project. He will oversees the whole set up of the Tofu corporative, and then hand over to Jagapal to manage the operation in due time.

Rasamay will assist with the operation of the production, together with the two leaders.

Jagapal will assist Dada Divapriya with the set-up.

He will manage the whole Tofu cooperative.

Profit will use for
Profit will Use for…

  • Rangers’ allowance

  • Increase the teachers allowance

  • Scholarship of the day care students

  • Overall maintenance of the project site, i.e. electrical bills for the Guest House, maintenance of the structure etc.

Estimate Production (Per Day)

50 kg of Soya Beans

Maximum Revenue P3,000 (SGD 88.70)

Green tag

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Green tags
Green Tags!

  • In order to support this eco project, we decided to put an extra effort to source for product to sell. And, from the proceed of the product sales all will be used for setting up the Tofu Corporative Project.

  • No hidden fees from us. All we wanted is to support a plot a land for the tress to grow!

  • Our first target product is Yoga Props!

About the yoga belt
About the Yoga Belt

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  • Selling Price: $ 17.00 each

  • Size : 200cm x 3mMade from : 100% natural cottonSuitable for : Extending and deepening reach in yoga posturesCountry of origin : India

All proceed from the sales will be use to set up Tofu Corporative Project.

Products and information extract from Yoga Matters.

About the yoga brick
About the Yoga Brick

  • This natural cork yoga brick has rounded edges and corners to provide additional comfort and an easier hand grip.

  • Bricks are ideal for adding lift or grounding in all manner of poses. They can help stabilise and add height in standing and balancing poses, or placed between the knees to activate the outer leg muscles.

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All proceed from the sales will be use to set up Tofu Corporative Project.

Products and information extract from Yoga Matters.

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Web Links

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  • Maharlika Paradise


AngKaSaMaMaharlika Paradise

Thank you

Your support could extend from being…

a Customer to buy,

a Salesperson to sell,

an Entrepreneur to start,

or even a Loudspeaker to aware everyone of this wonderful project!


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