agriculture mission mode project under national n.
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Agriculture Mission Mode Project under National e-Governance Plan PowerPoint Presentation
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Agriculture Mission Mode Project under National e-Governance Plan

Agriculture Mission Mode Project under National e-Governance Plan

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Agriculture Mission Mode Project under National e-Governance Plan

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  1. Agriculture Mission Mode Project under National e-Governance Plan Service 3 - Providing Information on Farm Machinery Department of Agriculture & Cooperation Ministry of Agriculture Government of India Agricultural Informatics Division National Informatics Centre (NIC) Ministry of Communications & Information Technology Government of India

  2. Type url in browserGo to the Login Menu then Manufacturer Link

  3. Presentation will cover

  4. NeGP-A : MMP Registration Of New Manufacturer • Login Manufacturer->Register Manufacturer • Manufacturer first select the state and then click Registration button • for going to Registration Page.

  5. One morePage is required for Registration of Traders Suggestion: In case the manufacture wants to be approved by Other state then select the concern state.

  6. Above Screen is the Registration Form For Manufacturer of Form Implement. In this Registration Form Manufacturer fill all its Details which is mentioned in the form after filling all details and then clicking on submit button a panel will be open and it display a Message that Do you Want to Work as a Dealer then Press CONFIRM Otherwise Press CANCEL. If Manufacturer press CONFIRM Button then this Manufacturer can also work as a Dealer If He Press CANCEL Button then this Manufacturer can work only as a Manufacturer.

  7. After Clicking on Confirm or Cancel Button. A Unique ID will Be Generated Which is Known as Manufacturer ID. This Manufacturer ID along with the Manufacturer Password will be sent to the Manufacturer Mobile no. and also on Manufacturer E Mail . One mail and message also goes to the particular association for approving the authenticity Of manufacturer. A message will be displayed on screen that Please press Product Details Link. For adding Products which Will be Displayed on the grid.

  8. Components Modify Engine/ Self Propelled Add Animal Drawn

  9. Above Screen Is the Product Details Screen Which will be filled By the Manufacturer For this Manufacturer first select Category of Products .Then select Products and then Source of Power. After Clicking Add button. A grid will be displayed which shows all the products added by Manufacturer. Manufacturer can also edit and delete product from the grid . For entering the testing details of the product Click Testing Details link displayed on the Grid.

  10. Ex Factory Price: /Special Feature 1.Video Clip of product 2. Leaflet/Brochure of the Product. Cover page and extract of the Report where signature of testing authority is reflecting.

  11. Above Screen is the Testing Details Screen of the products. After Successfully entering all the information in testing details Form . A grid will be displayed where manufacturer can View Test Report which Was uploaded by be the Manufacturer at the time of testing details. For ex-

  12. AddEmail:

  13. This screen display all the information of that dealer which login . Dealer associated with how many Manufacturer. Dealer choose that product which will be registered by the manufacturer Dealer also view the Testing details of the Product by clicking Testing Details Link in the grid Dealer also view the product details of the product by clicking view Details Link in the grid view

  14. On Clicking the Details link on the above Grid view a panel of product details will be open which will be entered by the dealer. After Sales Service Available(Yes/No) Hiring rate:

  15. Workflow of Automation System of disbursing subsidy for Farm machinery (Odisha Model) Online

  16. Workflow of Automation System of disbursing subsidy for Farm machinery (Bihar Model) Director:-Target distribution, Fix Permit date, Monitor the Entire Process JDA Engg:- Verification & Confirmation of dealer registration of registered manufacturer. Farmer:- Apply application for subsidy e- farm mechanization Bank:-Release subsidy amount to farmer/vendor BAO (Block Agriculture Officer) :- Verification & Forwarding of farmer application AAE(Assistant Agriculture Engineer):- Physical verification of Supplied equipments. Dealer:- Supply implements to farmer as per permit. DAO (District Agriculture Officer) :- Issuing permit ,Target distribution to each block,

  17. Odisha Model doesn’t provides online application interface for the farmer currently. The data is filled by DAO. Bihar Model Provides online interface for the farmer to fill the application or through DAO/BAO.

  18. Issues for generic software for subsidy on farm machinery: 1. Uniform guideline / Workflow for all the states. 2. Uniform approval of farm machine and dealers from central level. 3. Assurance of after sales service.

  19. Fertilizer Quality Control Application

  20. The present workflow is based on the system of Central Fertiliser Quality Control and Training Institute. • Since Central Coding Office (CCO) concept is not being followed in most of the states, it can be suitably modified according to their requirements. • The mixture of N.P.K and micronutrient fertilisers which are state specific should also be included in the master list. Similarly Provisional and Customised should also be included in the master list. • Mobiles will have to be provided to all the inspectors • Necessary amendments should be made in Fertiliser Control Order (FCO) to make it in conformity with the software developed. • Digital signatures of the concerned officials should be incorporated. • System should be fully secured. • Product wise details of samples collected, analysed and found non-standard should be incorporated. • Details of Referee samples should also be included in the workflow.

  21. Thank You