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Transition Planning . The world of information is in your hands…. Office of Transition Services. Professional Development Goal. Create NYS compliant SMART Transition IEPs Improve Post-Secondary Outcomes through appropriate Transition IEP goals. The Purpose of IDEA (Federal) .

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Transition planning

Transition Planning

The world of information is in your hands…

Office of Transition Services

Professional development goal
Professional Development Goal

  • Create NYS compliant SMART Transition IEPs

  • Improve Post-Secondary Outcomes through appropriate Transition IEP goals

The purpose of idea federal
The Purpose of IDEA (Federal)

To ensure that all children with disabilities have available to them a free appropriate public education that emphasizes special education and related services designed to meet their unique needs &

  • prepare them for further

  • education, employment,

  • and independent living;

    Source: IDEA Final Regulations Sec. 300.1 (a)

Seeing the connection clearly
Seeing the Connection Clearly


in School




Positive Post

School Outcomes





  • Self-knowledge

  • Who am I?

  • Career exploration

  • Where am I going?

  • Career Plan

  • How do I get there?

  • Career Major



  • What am I learning?

  • Why am I learning it?

  • How can I use it?



  • SCANS/21st Century Skills

  • What do I need to know?

  • What skills are

  • important for me?



Career Development

and Occupational


What is the state performance plan state
What is the “State Performance Plan?” (State)

  • The State Performance Plan (SPP) is a plan created by New York State in response to Federal (US) Government mandates included in the latest IDEA (2004) reauthorization regarding special education state performance measurement and accountability.

  • The State Performance Plan addresses data collection for 20 performance Indicators. These 20 Indicators are measured in every state


New York State new data collection areas

Indicator 13



Indicator 14

Post Sec. Outcomes

Indicator #13

New York State Performance Plan

New spp indicator 13
NEW SPP Indicator 13

Percent of youth with IEPs aged 15 and above with an IEP that includes appropriate measurable postsecondary goals that are annually updated and based upon anage appropriate transition assessment, transition services, including courses of study, that will reasonably enable the student to meet those postsecondary goals, and annual IEP goals related to the student’s transition services needs.

New spp indicator 131
NEW SPP Indicator 13

There also must be evidence that the student was invited to the IEP Team meeting where transition services are to be discussed and evidence that, if appropriate, a representative of any participating agency was invitedto the IEP Team meeting with the prior consent of the parent or student who has reached the age of majority.

(20 U.S.C. 1416(a)(3)(B))

Transition IEP Components

  • Student’s Preferences

  • Needs and Interests

  • Education

  • Legal/Advocacy

  • Personal Independence/Residential

  • Recreation/Leisure

  • Finance/Income

  • Medical/Health

  • Employment

  • Transportation

  • Post Secondary/Continuing Education

  • Other Support Needs

  • Measurable Post School Goals

  • Employment

  • Post Secondary Placement

  • Community Integration

  • Independent Living

Agency Involvement

  • Coordinated Set of Activities

  • Instruction

  • Employment/Post Secondary

  • Community Experience

  • Independent Living

  • Daily Living skills

  • Vocational Evaluation


Services and Programs

Overview of the sample iep
Overview of the Sample IEP

  • KEY Points

    • Start Transition IEP with Level I Vocational Assessment (Student, Parent, and Staff)

    • Begin writing Transition IEP with the

      PLEP and then page 10

    • Thread Level I Vocational Assessment and page 10 of the IEP through out the whole IEP document

    • Address transition goals on each page of the IEP

    • Display good faith in writing the proposed outcomes

    • Fill in all requested information, do not leave blanks

The Transition IEP process starts with a

Level Vocational Assessment

(NYC DOE SOPM, Pg. 220)

Level i vocational assessment
LEVEL I Vocational Assessment

All students classified with a disability who reach age

12.0 as of September 1 of a given year will receive a

Level 1 Career Assessment. First time students to

special education over the age of 12 will also have a

Level 1 performed regardless of their age. It should

be updated yearly.

The Level I Assessment includes:

  • Student Interview

  • Parent/Guardian Interview

  • Teacher Assessment

Level i vocational assessment process
Level I Vocational Assessment Process

  • This process is a team effort. The career assessment team should include (but not be limited to):

    • the teacher

    • the student

    • the student’s family (a guardian, or someone who can advocate on the student’s behalf)

    • professionals who have regular contact with the student.

Transition iep page 1
Transition IEP, Page 1

Check off this box to indicate that this is a Transition IEP

Transition iep page 2
Transition IEP, Page 2

Include student in the meeting

NOTE: Send a invitation letter to student

Provide a copy of the IEP to the parents upon completion of the meeting

Transition iep page 3
Transition IEP, Page 3

Include Level I Assessment results

NOTE: Indicate if the student/

parent vocational goal differs from staff

Fill every box; do not leave blanks.


If assessment does not include score write n/a

Present level of performance requirements
Present Level of PerformanceRequirements

  • The IEP recommendation must report the student’s present levels of performance and indicate the individual needs according to each of the four areas:

    • Academic/ educational achievement and learning characteristics,

    • social development,

    • physical development, and

    • management needs.

  • The report of the student’s present levels of performance and individual needs in the above areas must include:

    • how the disability affects involvement and progress in the general curriculum (i.e., the same curriculum as for non-disabled students), or for preschool students, as appropriate, how the disability affects participation in age appropriate activities;

    • for students age 14 (an updated annually), a statement of the transition service needs that focuses on the student’s courses of study; and

    • for students age 15 (and at a younger age, if determined appropriate) a statement of the student’s needs, taking into account the student’s preferences and interests, as they relate to transition from school to post-school activities.

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