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Transition Planning

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Transition Planning - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Transition Planning. Presented by: Tonya Taylor Director of Special Education INISchools. Who Am I?. Director of Special Education: INISchools BS Elementary Education MS Special Education Educational Leadership: Principal License 5 years MSD Wayne Township

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Transition Planning

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Transition Planning Presented by: Tonya Taylor Director of Special Education INISchools

    2. Who Am I? Director of Special Education: INISchools BS Elementary Education MS Special Education Educational Leadership: Principal License 5 years MSD Wayne Township 6 years Zionsville Community Schools Presented by: INISchools

    3. Goodwill Presented by: INISchools

    4. What is Goodwill Education? "America's future walks through the doors of our schools each day." ~ Mary Jean LeTendre The Excel Center is a tuition-free school in central Indiana for adults who want to earn a high school diploma The Indianapolis MET is a free Marion County public charter dedicated Excellence in College and Career Preparatory Education. Presented by: INISchools

    5. Communication & Collaboration Build Relationships Communicate Often Tell “the ugly truth” Have the hard conversations Include student always Provide options Look for the alternative Presented by: INISchools

    6. What is Transition? Transition is more than an administrative process. Rather, transition is a value driven approach to help young people make a successful entry into life as full participating adult citizens. Daniel Steere (1993) {Missouri DD Council} Presented by: INISchools

    7. What is SPED Transition? Transition refers to the design of desired lifestyles for youth with disabilities, and the pursuit of desired outcomes through school and non-school experiences. The goal of transition planning is the uninterrupted movement of students with disabilities to post-secondary education and/or community employment, community living, and an integrated adult life. Choice in all of these areas is essential to positive outcomes. (Adapted from: A Family Guide to Transition Planning -2003) Presented by: INISchools

    8. What does Article 7 Say? 511 IAC 7-43-4 Transition Individualized Education Program Sec. 4. (a) The CCC must develop a transition IEP that will be in effect when the student: Enters into Grade 9; or Becomes 14 years of age; whichever occurs first, or earlier if determined appropriate by CCC. Presented by: INISchools

    9. Essential IEP Components • Inviting and including the appropriate people (student, family, school, transition coordinator) • Student centered • Goals that align to student interest • Yearly updated 4 year plans • Post Secondary discussions • Yearly transition assessments • Indiana Career Explorer • Transition Assessments Presented by: INISchools

    10. Transition Secondary Transition Resource Center If you know someone who would like to be added to this listserv, please forward and  have them email Susan Henning-Harris at  Presented by: INISchools

    11. Transition Assessments Indiana Career Explorer Transition Assessment Matrix Presented by: INISchools

    12. Community Resource Map Presented by: INISchools

    13. Needs, Challenges, Solutions Presented by: INISchools

    14. Transition IEP Conference Process Presented by: INISchools

    15. Vocational Rehabilitation Why is it important to transition? It’s unlimited funding for students who qualify. Site: Presented by: INISchools

    16. Brain Break 20 year old female student with a specific learning disability. 9 month old baby girl. On track to graduate with a Core 40 Diploma. Wants to study nursing. Currently, no job. 18 year old male student with a mild cognitive disability. Has 7 credits, not passed any ECA’s, perfect attendance. 21 year old Hispanic student with a learning disability. Family needs him to quit school to work full time. He is 12 credits from graduation. Gloria’s Story Presented by: INISchools

    17. The Future of Transition Transition Fair planned for Spring 2014 Job Site Visits College Visits Post-Secondary Accommodations Vocational Rehabilitation Monthly meetings for families held at rotating locations. Presented by: INISchools

    18. Resources • National Secondary Transition Assessment Center • • Indiana Career Explorer • • Vocational Rehabilitation • • • InSource Guidebook for Families • • Nina Scholarship • • Indiana Secondary Transition Resource Center • Presented by: INISchools

    19. Questions? The future is not something we enter. The future is something we create… And creating that future requires us to make choices and decisions. That all begins with a dream. Leonard I. Sweet Presented by: INISchools