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Touchstone 3

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Touchstone 3
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Touchstone 3

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  1. Touchstone 3 Unit 7 Relationships

  2. Lesson A Circle of friends • freak:a thing, person, animal or event that is extremely unusual or unlikely and not like any other of its type • organize:to plan or arrange something • keepintouchwith:to communicate or continue to communicate with someone by using a telephone or writing to them

  3. 1 Getting started B 1. Jen plays in a rock band that’s really hot right now, … 2. Nina is an interesting woman who sits across from me at work. 3. Angela / She’s a new friend I met through Mike.

  4. 2 Grammar A Note: ( ) indicates that the pronouns can be omitted 1. I have a friend who / that calls me a lot to talk about her problems. 2. I made some new friends at a club that / which organizes hiking trips and things like that. 3. My best friend has a guitar (that / which) she bought from a rock star.

  5. 4. I know someone who / that has a big party once a year for all his friends. 5. I have a really interesting friend (who / that) I met at my health club. 6. I found this cool Web site that / which helps you find your old school friends.

  6. Lesson B Dating • write back:to reply to someone's letter • (it) turned out (that):[= turn out to]to happen in a particular way, or to have a particular result • hung out:to spend a lot of time in a place or with someone • going out:to have a romantic and usually sexual relationship with someone

  7. get along:have a good relationship • settle down with:to start living in a place where you intend to stay for a long time, usually with a partner • signed up :to arrange to take part in an activity • immediately:now or without waiting or thinking about something • work out:to happen or develop in a particular way

  8. long-distance relationship:people’s relationships travel a long way, or separated by a long distance • break up:to end a personal or business relationship • moved away:to go to a different place to live or work • came back:to return to a place • attend:to go officially and usually regularly to a place

  9. 1 Building vocabulary and grammar A 1. Steve and Anna grew up … 2. After they graduated, … 3. But the long-distance relationship didn’t work out, … 4. When Steve was 35, … 5. He discovered that … 6. When they saw each other, …

  10. 1 B 1. Steve and Anna grew up in the same town. 2. Steve and Anna started going out. 3. Anna went away to college. 4. Steve and Anna decided to break up.

  11. 1 C along:get along away:go away, move away back:come back, fly back, write back down:settle down up:break up, grow up, sign up out:go out, hang out, turn out, work out

  12. 2 Grammar A 1. It’s more fun to go out with someone you know than to go on a “blind date.” 2. If you don’t get along well with your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s family, your relationship won’t work out. 3. It’s good to date a lot of different people before you settle down with one person.

  13. 4. After you break up with someone, you should try and stay friends. 5. You should never go back to someone you’ve broken up with. 6. If you want to meet someone, it’s a good idea to sign up for a class.

  14. Lesson C They’re probably just busy. • weird:very strange and unusual, unexpected or not natural • sortof:in some way or to some degree • ignore:to pay no attention to something or someone • stressed out:(adj.) worried and anxious • annoyed:(adj.) angry

  15. nosy:always trying to find out private things about other people • irritating:making you feel annoyed • socialize with:to spend time enjoying yourself with other people • incredibly:extremely • look forward to:(+ing) to feel happy and excited about something that is going to happen

  16. 1 Conversation strategy B 1. My neighbors are a little bit unfriendly. Maybe they think they’re better than everybody else. 2. The people next door go to bed kind of early. They sort of get annoyed when I have parties.

  17. 3. The people across the street are always looking out of their window. They seem a little nosy. (I guess) they don’t have anything better to do (I guess). 4. The guy above me plays the drums a bit too loud. It gets kind of noisy. 5. One of my neighbors is always coming over. It’s irritating, in a way. I think she’s probably just lonely.

  18. 2 Strategy plus A 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. c a d b e 3 Listening and speaking A 1. 2. 3. friendly demanding strict

  19. 3 B 1. It’s nice to see her friendly face. 2. He makes the class fun. 3. He’s really good at explaining things.

  20. Lesson D Old friends • reunion:an occasion when people who have not met each other for a long time meet again • supervisor:a person whose job is to supervise someone or something • figure out:to finally understand something orsomeone after a lot of thought • profitable:making or likely to make a profit

  21. subscriber:someone who subscribes to a product, service or organization • original:not the same as anything or anyone else and therefore special and interesting • registered:to put information about someone or something, especially a name, on an official list • launch:to begin something such as a plan or introduce something new such as a product

  22. lose touch:to stop communicating with someone, usually because they do not live near you now • visitor:someone who accesses a web site on the Internet • chaperone:an older person, especially a woman, who goes with and takes care of a younger woman who is not married when she is in public • stumble onto:to make a mistake, or to pause unexpectedly when speaking

  23. fork over:to pay or give money for something, especially when you do not want to • science-fiction:stories about life in the future or in other parts of the universe

  24. 1 Reading C 1.False.Gina remembered Ray because he was her first love. 2.True 3.True 4.False.You have to become a paying member to contact friends. OR You have to subscribe to the site and become a member. It costs $36 a year. 5.True

  25. 2 Speaking and listening A • loses the other’s address or phone number, has children, changes jobs / changes schools, has a fight. 2 B 1. 2. 3. Don’t know Yes No

  26. 2 C 1. He has a lot to do at work now. / He got tired of parties and clubs. / He got busy with other things, like writing songs. 2. His friend got married. / His friend just had a baby. / His friend doesn’t have time for running or socializing now. 3. It wasn’t working out. / They were just very different people.

  27. Vocabulary notebook 1 1. 4. 2. 5. 3. 6. go, move go, come eat, work sign, grow fall, settle come, get

  28. 2up: ||out: • wake, get • break, meet • show, sign • wake, get • grow • hang, go • stay • go • eat • work