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Connecting Rural Ohio:

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Connecting Rural Ohio:. The Role Satellite-Based Internet in Workforce Development and E-Learning Alan Escovitz, Ph.D . The Ohio State University Office of the Chief Information Officer Ohio Higher Education Computing Council Conference

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connecting rural ohio

Connecting Rural Ohio:

The Role Satellite-Based Internet in Workforce Development and E-Learning

Alan Escovitz, Ph.D.

The Ohio State University

Office of the Chief Information Officer

Ohio Higher Education Computing Council Conference

April 20, 2006

appalachian region
Appalachian Region
  • 13 States, 200,000 sq. miles
  • 23 million people
  • Past: heavily reliant on heavy industry, agriculture and mining
  • Today: jobs in service industries, retailing and government
  • 1999 per capita income 81.9% of US average (down from 83.2% in 1994)
appalachian challenges reducing economic distress
Appalachian Challenges:reducing economic distress
  • Competition from imports : textile and apparel mfg.
  • Regions where manufacturing still dominant: decline in real wages
  • High-tech jobs have not developed in manufacturing dependent counties-widening income gap
  • Economic dependence on coal contributed to continued decline
  • 71 distressed counties (out of 410 in 13 state region) still have high dependence on tobacco production posing continued threat to economy
appalachian ohio region
Appalachian Ohio Region
  • Appalachian Ohio occupies 14,299 square miles
  • 1 in 5 Appalachian children (77,000) live in poverty
  • 1/3 of Ohio's 100 lowest performing school districts
  • .
  • The college-going rate for Appalachian Ohio is 30 percent, compared to 41 percent for the rest of Ohio and 62 percent for the U.S.
  • Nearly one-fifth of Ohio's population is poor in Ohio's southern and southeastern Appalachian counties. 
  • Approximately 1.4 million reside in Ohio's 29 county Appalachian Region
connecting rural ohio objectives
Connecting Rural Ohio Objectives
  • Developing advanced Internet services over satellite infrastructure for communities that are geographically far removed from terrestrial Internet connectivity
  • Providing access to Web-based training and educational
  • Stabilizing their economy and bringing an end to drain of human capital
  • Improving quality of life and increases their standard of living
morgan county
Morgan County
  • Population: 14,897
  • 417.7 sq. miles
  • Education attainment: 19.4% no H.S., 50.5% H.S. graduate, 15.8% some college, 5.3% AA degree, 5.1% BS degree
  • 1999 Poverty Status 15.7% family income below poverty level
  • Ratio of income to poverty level: 6.4% (50% of poverty level), 12.0% (50%-90% of poverty level)
Internet Connectivity to Anywhere

All Locations

AMC4 Satellite

Internet 1


Internet 2

50,000 miles

Ground Station

Tachyon Central Ground Station--San Diego, CA

earth satellites
Earth Satellites
  • The Most Well-Known Types of Earth Satellites
    • International Space Station
    • Global Positioning System
    • Synchronous Satellites
    • The Moon
international space station
International Space Station
  • 250 miles above the earth.
  • Goes around the earth every 90 minutes.
global positioning satellites gps
Global Positioning Satellites (GPS)
  • There are 24 of these satellites; 6 of them are always above the horizon at any one time.
  • These are what your GPS receiver uses to determine where you are located.
  • They are 12,000 miles above the earth, and go around every 12 hours.
the moon
The Moon
  • 240,000 miles away from the Earth,
  • Goes around once every “moonth”.
Tachyon Central

Ground Station

San Diego





Internet 1






avalan 900 mhz p2p system
AvaLAN 900 MHz P2P system
  • Security
    • Matched Pair of devices, no user access to them
    • Unique key for each pair assigned at factory
    • They use 128 bit pseudo random temporal keys.
    • The key is updated for every packet exchanged, or 2000 times/sec if no data packets are flowing.
    •   The boxes exchange synchronization data constantly.
  • AES encryption boxes can be added for extra security
  • Maximum range is 40 miles in line of sight operation
d link dwl 2700 wireless aps
D-Link DWL-2700Wireless APs
  • 802.11b/g compatible
  • Rugged sealed case
  • Operating temperatures:
    • -40ºF to 140ºF (-40ºC to 60ºC)
  • Up to 200 mW Tx power
site considerations
Site Considerations
  • Yagi Antennas used for 900 MHz link
    • 15 dBi, Horizontally polarized
  • Sector antenna on water tower; D-Link
    • 120 degree, 13 dBi
  • Yagi antenna on community building; D-Link
    • 14.5 dBi
  • Omni directional antenna on Library Access Point
    • 9 dBi
site considerations39
Site Considerations
  • Outdoor power at base of water tower
  • Mounting an outdoor enclosure
    • Located behind fences for the tower
    • Watertight seal, fiberglass construction
    • Power cable and network cables pass in and out
    • Contains:
      • network switch
      • power strip
      • power injectors
support for first responders wireless broadband
Support for First RespondersWireless Broadband

Chesterhill Volunteer Fire Department

  • Keep up with current technology
  • E-learning
  • Locate affordable fire equipment
  • Provide a second layer of communications with other fire depts.
e commerce initiatives
e-Commerce Initiatives
  • Ron’s Auto Center – gains access to national discount car part distributors that can provide overnight delivery-estimated savings and future sales -$20K to $40K/year
e commerce initiatives42
e-Commerce Initiatives
  • The Posy Place - a flower shop that estimates a savings of $10K/year by using the Web vs. phone for FTD orders and delivery
e commerce initiatives43
e-Commerce Initiatives

Chesterhill Produce Auction - connecting local farmers to wholesale markets

educational partnership with washington state community college
Educational PartnershipwithWashington State Community College

Training for Microsoft Office Suite

  • Beginner Basics
  • Introduction to Windows
  • Intermediate Windows
  • Introduction to the Internet
  • Introduction to Microsoft Office
  • Intermediate Microsoft Office
educational partnership with the ohio learning network
Educational Partnershipwith theOhio Learning Network

E 4 ME --an online orientation course that helps individuals:

  • Link interests to education choices, career paths, and jobs
  • Find online courses and degrees that meet personal and career goals
  • Learn how to be successful in e-learning courses
2005 carnegie mellon mit study measuring broadband s economic impact
2005 Carnegie-Mellon/MIT Study: Measuring Broadband’s Economic Impact
  • Increases in employment growth of 1% annually over communities that have not invested in broadband
  • Property values increase, with rental rates were 6% higher.
  • 1/2% higher annual growth rate in businesses
  • 1/2% higher annual growth rate in IT business sector
outcomes and impact
Outcomes and Impact
  • Model for Land-Grant university outreach
  • Cost-effective bridge
  • Addresses “last-mile” barriers and connectivity
  • Framework for a community technology plan
  • Stimulus to private sector investment and community development
  • Improving quality of life and increases their standard of living