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TVET Saudi Arabia A Fresh Approach

TVET Saudi Arabia A Fresh Approach. John Kerr Director Alphaplus Consultancy. TVET. What is TVET and why does it matter?

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TVET Saudi Arabia A Fresh Approach

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  1. TVET Saudi Arabia A Fresh Approach John Kerr Director Alphaplus Consultancy

  2. TVET • What is TVET and why does it matter? • ‘OECD countries cannot compete on labor costs. That means a highly skilled labor force with a range of technical and professional skills not only those with a university education is needed to sustain economic development.’ OECD 2012

  3. Saudi Skills Standards • A new body whose objective is to ensure confidence in technical and applied skills training in the Kingdom. 2 pronged approach Colleges of Excellence to bring in new international training providers; • 36 new colleges by September 2014 Saudi Skills Standards to develop; • Fit for purpose qualifications derived from National Occupation Skills Standards (NOSS) • External Assessment • Inspection and review

  4. Saudi Skills Standards- Assessment A strategic and deliberate move away from ‘input’ to ‘output’ related learning. Fair but rigorous assessment builds confidence in the qualifications from; • Employers • Training providers • Learners

  5. Saudi Skills Standards- Assessment Challenges of vocational assessment • How do you ensure both skills and knowledge are assessed? • How do you achieve reliability and validity? • How can you scale effectively? • How do you ensure that assessment is balanced with curriculum and pedagogy? • How do you ensure assessment is cost effective and deliverable? Examples • Canada- Red Top Apprenticeships • UK- Edge Hotel School • Australia - Electrical Engineering testing

  6. Saudi Skills Standards Innovative approach from Saudi Skills Standards • Develop NOSS prioritised on proven demand from employers • Build Unit based Qualifications from the NOSS • Develop fit for purpose assessments using the latest technology • Knowledge based Tests delivered though computer based tests • Capstone skills assessment • E Portfolio to ensure skills coverage across all the units

  7. Saudi Skills Standards – Case Study Welding • NOSS developed from international subject matter experts reviewing best practice in UK, Australia and New Zealand and consulting with large Saudi employers on the standards they wish new employees to be able to achieve • 1 year Associate Diploma and 1 year Diploma with common Foundation year to assess English and IT skills • 60 question computer based assessments on the underpinning knowledge plus a 6 hour practical skills test undertaken at end of year to assess the underlining skills • Training in place to ‘train the trainer’ in assessment, internal verification and external verification processes

  8. Saudi Skills Standards- Assessment Challenges • Technology The cost of delivering tests and assessment is small but careful adaptation to local market is complex and needs careful planning on the ground. • Implementation Qualification systems have to work right first time and every time to ensure confidence. • Image More awareness raising needed on the importance and status of technical training.

  9. Saudi Skills Standards Thank you John Kerr Alphaplus Consultancy

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