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  1. THE CAREER I DREAM OF Костюк Ростислав ГБОУ гимназия №1595 г. Москвы, 10 А класс

  2. At the moment I am studying in the tenth grade,

  3. and for me, as for many of my peers, a very crucial issue is that of admission to universities.

  4. The majority of the students have not made their minds yet what direction they would like to take and I am not an exception.

  5. Nowadays there are plenty of options for further development in life.

  6. Universities offer countless departments and faculties. You have to choose the very one that will be the best for you.

  7. I consider myself being a highly versatile person, therefore the choice of the future direction for me is very difficult

  8. but I have to select just the most appropriate.

  9. I have been dreaming of such work where I would not sit in one place, because I am energetic and curious.

  10. Every day many people go to work, but hate it because it is extremely tedious and monotonous.

  11. Day by day such employees, come to their permanent working places and, as if they were robots, do, in fact, exactly the same tasks as they did the previous day, the only change is the order of numbers and names of customers.

  12. The above described variant is not for me. I do not want to become a gloomy, expressionless and inert office clerk.

  13. I want to be on the move all the time, but for all that to get pleasure.

  14. Finding a job that I need is rather complicated

  15. because the question of salary is also important for me.

  16. After finishing school I do not want to be financially dependent on my parents.

  17. I would rather help them as much as I can.

  18. This key point cuts off a large number of variants, after all, getting a job that you will love, and still it being quite well-paid is very difficult.

  19. Therefore, at this stage of my life I have developed a plan to move up this tortuous career ladder.

  20. For a start, I am aiming to finish school with top marks for all subjects.

  21. Completing that I will start my second stage-University.

  22. Although I am to decide what university to enter.

  23. After graduating, I am planning to practise the chosen profession till I am 30 years old.

  24. I strongly believe that my life will not be filled with darkness.

  25. But when I am older than 30, having saved up and having gained some considerable knowledge, I will go to the final phase of my career: I will try to run my own business, being engaged in entrepreneurial activities.

  26. One can ask me why I have decided to do just like that.

  27. The answer is so simple that it can seem commonplace. Building up your own business is the way to make a fortune and to fulfill your true potential.

  28. The main thing people should always remember is that each of us is able to achieve any goal, if only they longed desperately.

  29. Thank you for your attention!!!