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Bravo The I Dream Team. Global Influenza Crisis Attacked on Tilburg Local/Regional scale. Population Data. CDC Guidelines for Large-Scale Influenza Vaccination Clinic Planning. Reference :

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cdc guidelines for large scale influenza vaccination clinic planning

CDC Guidelines for Large-Scale Influenza Vaccination Clinic Planning

Reference :

infrastructure needed evaluation

Infrastructure NeededEvaluation

Reference :


Installed Capacity, Assignment of Resources:

1.- Outpatient Care

  • Number of establishments
  • Assignment of available Human Resources
  • Social, private organizations etc.
  • Availability of :
    • Drugs
    • Supplies
    • Equipment

Installed Capacity, Assignment of Resources:

2.- Hospital Care

  • Number of establishments (public and private)
  • Number of total beds available (public and private)
  • Number of critical beds available (public and private)
  • Availability of equipment to support critical activity
  • Availability of RRHH to support critical activity
  • Hospital management indicators
  • Availability of:
    • Drugs
    • Supplies
    • Equipment

Potential Capacity

1.- Outpatient Care

  • Out fitting of additional services
  • Availability of extra RRHH

2.- Hospital Attention

  • Number of possible beds to reconvert
  • RRHH that supports the increase in activity
  • Installed physical capacity that allows an increase of beds
  • Ability to establish strategic reserves (storage and distribution)

Theoretical Impact

Establish the assumptions

General Assumptions

  • Attack Rate
  • Population to be considered
  • Lethality
  • Corresponding periods and percentages (consultations and/or hospitalization)

Assumptions Outpatient Care

  • Percentage of consultations to be carried out
  • Number of consultations per patient
  • Output of consultations per hour

Theoretical Impact

Establish the Assumptions

3.- Hospital Care Assumptions

  • Hospitalization percentages according to groups
  • Average length of stay of patients in critical beds
  • Percentage of patients in critical beds
  • Percentage of less complex hospitalizations



vaccine distribution and use
Vaccine Distribution and Use
  • Work with healthcare partners and other stakeholders to develop state-based plans for vaccine distribution, use, and monitoring; and for communication of vaccine status.
  • Exercise an operational plan that addresses the procurement, storage, security, distribution, and monitoring actions necessary (including vaccine safety) to ensure access to this product during a pandemic.
  • Ensure the operational plan delineates procedures for tracking the number and priority of vaccine recipients, where and by whom vaccinations will be given, a distribution plan for ensuring that vaccine and necessary equipment and supplies are available at all points of distribution in the community, the security and logistical support for the points of distribution, and the training requirements for involved personnel.
  • Address vaccine security issues, cold chain requirements, transport and storage issues, and biohazardous waste issues in the operational plan.
  • Address the needs of vulnerable and hard-to-reach populations in the operational plan.
  • Document with written agreements the commitments of participating personnel and organizations in the vaccination operational plan.
  • Inform citizens in advance about where they will be vaccinated.
antiviral drug distribution and use
Antiviral Drug Distribution and Use
  • Develop state-based plans for distribution and use of antiviral drugs during a pandemic via the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS), as appropriate, to healthcare facilities that will administer them to priority groups. Establish methods for monitoring and investigating adverse events.
  • Test the operational plan that addresses the procurement, storage, security, distribution, and monitoring actions necessary to assure access to these treatments during a pandemic.
  • Ensure the jurisdiction has a contingency plan if unlicensed antiviral drugs administered under Investigational New Drug or Emergency Use Authorization provisions are needed.
public health communications
Public Health Communications
  • Assess readiness to meet communications needs in preparation for an influenza pandemic, including regular review, exercise, and update of communications plans.
  • Plan and coordinate emergency communication activities with private industry, education, and non-profit partners (e.g., local Red Cross chapters).
  • Identify and train lead subject-specific spokespersons.
  • Provide public health communications staff with training on risk communications for use during an influenza pandemic.
  • Develop and maintain up-to-date communications contacts of key stakeholders and exercise the plan to provide regular updates as the influenza pandemic unfolds.
  • Implement and maintain, as appropriate, community resources, such as hotlines and Web site, to respond to local questions from the public and professional groups.
  • Ensure the provision of redundant communication systems/channels that allow for the expedited transmission and receipt of information.
assessment form

Assessment Form

Hospital Pandemic Influenza Planning Checklist

PDF Document