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Classroom Response System. wireless receiver. software. student handheld remote units. toolbar. projector (optional). AccelScan scanner (optional). What Is the 2Know! Classroom Response System?. Summative assessment applications. Formative assessment applications. Application Ideas.

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What is the 2know classroom response system l.jpg

wireless receiver


student handheld remote units




AccelScan scanner(optional)

What Is the 2Know! Classroom Response System?

Application ideas l.jpg

Summative assessment applications

Formative assessment applications

Application Ideas

Application idea 1 l.jpg
Application Idea 1

Use 2Know! to track student responses to specifically-crafted questions posed at key points during lessons.

Range finding questions l.jpg
Range-Finding Questions

  • Assess prior knowledge

  • How many fractions can you find between 1/6 and 1/7?

    • There are none.

    • There are many.

    • 1

Hinge point questions l.jpg
Hinge-Point Questions

  • Check understanding

  • Inform instruction

  • Decide where the lesson will go

    • Will we move on?

    • Will we work independently?

    • Will we review/reteach?

What to do with hinge point data l.jpg
What To Do WithHinge-Point Data

Sampling student responses l.jpg


3 review questions posed

1 student responds to each

Total of 3 responses

With 2Know!

3 review questions posed

Each student (in a class of 30) responds

Total of 90 responses

Sampling Student Responses

Application idea 2 l.jpg

Application Idea 2

Using as formative with media such as PowerPoint, Video, and the Internet.

Application idea 3 l.jpg

Application Idea 3

Use the New Score Key feature to automate the scoring of existing summative assessments.

Application idea 4 l.jpg

Application Idea 4

Use 2Know! to automate the scoring of new assessments.

Application idea 5 l.jpg

Application Idea 5

Use 2Know! to make homework as efficient and effective as possible.

Application idea 6 l.jpg
Application Idea 6

Use 2Know! for “start-up” activities such as . . .

  • Questions on an assigned reading from the night before

  • Review questions from the previous day’s lesson

  • Sampling from homework problems

Application idea 7 l.jpg

Application Idea 7

Use 2Know! for scoring Accelerated Math assignments.

Black and wiliam 1998 l.jpg
Black and Wiliam(1998)

  • “students taught by teachers who integrated assessment with instruction could achieve in six or seven months what would otherwise take a year.”

  • “. . . more importantly, these improvements appear to be consistent across countries. . ., across ages and across subjects.”

References l.jpg

Black, Paul & Wiliam, Dylan (1998). Inside the Black Box. Phi Delta Kappan. October, pp. 139–144.

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