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Measuring Customer Service

Measuring Customer Service

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Measuring Customer Service

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  1. Measuring Customer Service Frank Besednjak The Training Source “Great Ideas for Great People”

  2. Measuring Customer Service • Why measure? • How to measure? • When to measure? • What questions do I ask? • What do I do with it? The Training Source, Inc.

  3. Before you do anything else . . . • Make it a routine that someone contacts previously upset customers to make sure things are still okay • Check your status with your local BBB • One or two unresolved complaints can destroy future business prospects • Contact the BBB for assistance if need be • Search online for your company name, see if there are any negative comments • There are many websites where people vent and report their experiences The Training Source, Inc.

  4. What are your top objectives as an employee or owner of the company? • Generate a profit • Providing high quality products and services • Protect the interests of the company • Gain customer loyalty The Training Source, Inc.

  5. What do you consider a loyal customer? • They will only call you, no matter what • They consider you more than a business associate, you have a relationship • They want you to do well and succeed • They will always recommend you • In fact some of them may be considered fans

  6. Creating Loyal Customers – Four Fundamental Steps • Find out what customers want • Develop a way to give it to them • Continuously monitor delivery to make sure our customers are receiving what they want • Make adjustments to improve operational execution, so we will give customers what they want The Training Source, Inc.

  7. Keep Them Happy • Customer retention is important • It costs 7-10 times more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one • Delivering excellence and measuring your quality is no longer optional • The best businesses do it and customers expect it • Execution is paramount • Customers demand near-perfect execution

  8. Customer Satisfaction Formula • Level of Customer Satisfaction = What a customer perceives they really get, minus what a customer expected to get The Training Source, Inc.

  9. It isn’t always about money

  10. In fact it may be something very simple that makes all the difference

  11. Frankly SpeakingIt’s The Experience! The Training Source, Inc.

  12. The Customer Experience You’re the one who makes it happen

  13. Frank's 10 Steps to the Excellent Service Experience • Answering the phone (the Opening) • Scripted greeting and responses • Quotes presented exactly the same • Answer at second ring • Smile while speaking • Always announce your name • Use their name (Yes, Mr. Johnson) Frank Besednjak The Training Source, Inc.

  14. Frank's 10 Steps to the Excellent Service Experience 2. Asking for Information • Have we performed service for you before? • Look up information • Confirm information • Address, name and correct spelling of name, phone number, directions if needed • Any special notes, requests etc, from file • Last time we were there • Who was there etc. if needed. • Always try to schedule same technician who was there last time (builds relationships) Frank Besednjak The Training Source, Inc.

  15. Frank's 10 Steps to the Excellent Service Experience 3. Making the appointment • When is it suitable for the customer? • Time commitment • We will arrive sometime between 12 and 2pm, keep in mind that it may take up to two additional hours beyond 2pm to complete the repair. So please keep your schedule open until 4pm should the need arise. Is this satisfactory for you? • Thank you, the technician who will be visiting you today is “name of tech” and he will call you shortly before arriving. • May I ask how you will be paying for this today so that I may let our technician know the form of payment to expect? Frank Besednjak The Training Source, Inc.

  16. Frank's 10 Steps to the Excellent Service Experience 4. The Arrival • Call before going – If you may think you might be arriving within the last half hour of the time commitment, call them as soon as you know, just to let them know you will be there. • Driving up • If possible, park in the street, not the driveway. You don’t want to have to move your vehicle cause someone needs to leave. • Do not sit in the truck doing paperwork when you arrive. Immediately get out and grab your tools and head for their door. It is an urgent matter for them, make sure you look like it is urgent to you also. • Put out your cigarette, spit out gum, etc. in your truck, not in the driveway, sidewalk or lawn Frank Besednjak The Training Source, Inc.

  17. Frank's 10 Steps to the Excellent Service Experience 5. The Greeting • Knock on the door, if they do not respond then ring the bell. • Remove sunglasses before you get to the door – (you don’t want to look like the terminator) • Greet them with a smile and a practiced script • While handing over business card say “Hello Mrs. Smith my name is Frank and I’m with AAA Service Company, I understand you called about your furnace” • May I come in? Compliment them on their home while putting on shoe covers. • Confirm with them that they spoke to “jenny” on the phone and then explain service fees, warranty etc. • Mention any specials that they may qualify for Senior discount, etc., Service Contracts etc • Confirm method of payment • Ask the customer to explain or demonstrate the problem in detail. Let them talk, don’t interrupt, let them finish. Frank Besednjak The Training Source, Inc.

  18. Frank's 10 Steps to the Excellent Service Experience 6. The estimate of repair costs • Refer to them by name “Mrs. Smith, I have determined the cause of your problem, it is the ==== . Your investment to get your furnace in operating condition will be $$$$.” If you use a flat rate system, show them the price in your book or guide. The customer will probably ask why the part failed, if there are other options or one of many other questions, They don’t know so that’s why they ask. • If there is anything that you could recommend that would improve the product, their indoor environment or something that would save them money in the long run, let them know what it is now. Frank Besednjak The Training Source, Inc.

  19. Frank's 10 Steps to the Excellent Service Experience 7. The Work • If you will be making a lot of noise or brazing or do anything that might alarm someone, let them know in advance Frank Besednjak The Training Source, Inc.

  20. Frank's 10 Steps to the Excellent Service Experience 8. Finishing up • Explain anything that may be different. Offer any specials, service agreements etc. again. • Make sure everything is picked up and clean • Thank them • Answer questions • Collect your payment Frank Besednjak The Training Source, Inc.

  21. Frank's 10 Steps to the Excellent Service Experience 9. Follow Up • Measure your quality of service • Send a thank you card • Ask for referrals • Ask for future business Frank Besednjak The Training Source, Inc.

  22. Frank's 10 Steps to the Excellent Service Experience 10. Tune up • Based on your customer feedback, make changes/improvements to your methods of operation • Train, retrain, practice and measure Frank Besednjak The Training Source, Inc.

  23. Top 6 Reasons Why Companies Lose Customers (Based on a Study by The American Society for Quality Control) # 6 - They Die (1%) # 5 - They Moved (3%) # 4 - Influenced By Friends (5%) # 3 - Lured By Competition (9%) # 2 - Dissatisfied With Product or Service (14%)

  24. Number One Reason Why Companies Lose Customers 68% Say they were turned away by the attitude displayed on the part of a company employee

  25. Satisfied Customers Focus on price Shop around for bargains Run to a competitor if you mess up Don’t provide critical word-of-mouth advertising Buy less and test your competitor’s products and services Are easily lured away by competition Loyal Customers Focus on value Reward you with loyal patronage Are forgiving of an occasional slip-up Shout your praises and recommend you to their friends Buy more and sample across product and service lines Are resistant to competition Do You Have Satisfied Customers or Loyal Customers? Frank Besednjak The Training Source, Inc.

  26. It’s the experience!!!!!! • Customers remember the overall experience • Measuring lets you know how the experience went without you being there Frank Besednjak The Training Source, Inc.

  27. Knowing what is going on play by play is paramount to being able to accurately coach and lead your team to success!

  28. How do I Measure? • Hand over a survey • Mail a survey • Phone call • Personal visit • Email a survey • Direct response with incentive • Phone • Internet • Email Frank Besednjak The Training Source, Inc.

  29. Hand over the survey • Pros • Most do receive it • Goes to the contact person • Timely • Cons • Employee could be selective as to who gets it • Adds another task to employee • Could be intimidating for the customer • May not get honest input

  30. Mail a Survey • Pros • If addressed properly will get to the correct person • Lets the customer decide when to respond • Timely, if sent immediately • Cons • May get lost in internal mail at customer’s • May look like junk mail and get filtered out • May not be timely

  31. Phone Call • Pros • Timely • No employee selection involved • Personal connection • Can be outsourced to a professional • Cons • Phone call could be considered intrusive • Time involved to call could be costly • Biased questions and comments • May not be timely

  32. Personal Visit • Pros • Builds personal connection • Makes the customer feel special • Creates additional opportunities • Cons • Expensive • Scheduling difficulties • Biased questions and comments • May not be timely

  33. Send an Email • Pros • Inexpensive • Timely • Creates an opportunity for additional communications • Cons • May be easily ignored (Junk Mail) • May annoy some people • Has to be done on a timely basis and consistently Frank Besednjak The Training Source, Inc.

  34. Customer direct response • Pros • Timely • Normally outsourced and done professionally • Can be tabulated immediately • Various options available • Does get to decision maker if printed on the invoice • Can be done via phone or internet • Does not require direct employee involvement • Cons • Requires an incentive (extended warranty, 10% off, gift certificate, etc) • Involves printed information on current invoicing or other • Normally requires out-sourcing

  35. $2.00 off • Your next visit • Please tell us how we’re doing • 1) Within 48 hours – CALL or VISIT: • (866) 653-xyxy, or • 2) Enter Store Number 0000 • 3) Take brief survey • 4) Write Redemption Code:____________ • ____________________________________ • Restaurant • 3/22/07 12:03pm • Ticket No. 2398 • ------------------------------------------------- • *Dine In* • ---------------------------------------------------- • Spc XXXX $2.60 • Spc Side $0.79 • Spc Drink Soda $1.29 • ----------------------------------------------------- • Subtotal: $4.68

  36. When To Measure? • As soon as possible after the experience • No more than one week Frank Besednjak The Training Source, Inc.

  37. Offer an incentive with a time limit • Extended warranty *** • Gift certificate ***** • % off next service ** • Dinner certificate *****

  38. What questions do you ask? • Ask questions that can result in a change if needed • Ask questions that lead you specifically to a potential correctable task or process • Don’t ask questions that you have no control over or can do nothing about Frank Besednjak The Training Source, Inc.

  39. What do you ask? • customer questions.doc Frank Besednjak The Training Source, Inc.

  40. What do you do with this data? • Nothing • Post the results let people know how they are doing • Commend greatness and/or resolve problems • Modify systems or methods to meet the customer needs • Measure improvement • Compare results & statistics with each other • Monitor performance and determine training needs

  41. “I run an 80% satisfactory rating on my surveys, I think I’m doing pretty good” • Really? So you can afford to lose 20% of your customer base every year? And, that is okay? • 20% failure rate isn’t very good for anything Frank Besednjak The Training Source, Inc.

  42. What % Satisfactory rate is acceptable? • Something higher than you currently have

  43. When do I stop measuring? • When you are perfect in your execution every single time

  44. So We are Measuring, now what? • Determine what you are doing great and replicate it • Determine what they don’t like and stop doing it • Find out anything that you should be doing or not doing • Create great customer experiences Frank Besednjak The Training Source, Inc.

  45. What is the best Customer Experience? • Through measurement you will find out what it is. • Figure out a way to replicate the experience with every customer. • Teach the method, practice it • Demand it • So, how is that done? Frank Besednjak The Training Source, Inc.


  47. Do you coach by looking at the final score? Or, do you coach play by play? Tell your people what you want them to do, how they should do it, and measure it!

  48. Frankly SpeakingMeasuring Customer Service • Find out what the customer wants and how they want it done . . . Then do it • That which gets measured, improves • That which gets measured continuously, improves exponentially Frank Besednjak The Training Source, Inc.

  49. “There is only one boss. The customer, and he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money someplace else.. . Sam Walton

  50. The Training Source, Inc. GREAT IDEAS FOR GREAT PEOPLE! • • Free Downloads and Workshop Schedule • Phone: 888-538-5383 • Email: • Frank Besednjak – 30 Years of Successful Service Business Management Experience