cross platform qt based implementation of low level gui layer of root
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Cross-Platform Qt-Based Implementation of Low Level GUI Layer of ROOT

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Cross-Platform Qt-Based Implementation of Low Level GUI Layer of ROOT - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cross-Platform Qt-Based Implementation of Low Level GUI Layer of ROOT. V.Fine BNL, Upton. Why ROOT is multi-platform ?. Just to be healthy ! Just because there are plenty of Windows users around. ROOT for different platforms

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why root is multi platform
Why ROOT is multi-platform ?
  • Just to be healthy !
  • Just because there are plenty of Windows users around

[email protected]

ACAT2002, Moscow

root for different platforms http root cern ch root images ftpstats gif
ROOT for different platforms

[email protected]

ACAT2002, Moscow

root low level gui interface
ROOT low level GUI interface





3 different implementations to develop and support





[email protected]

ACAT2002, Moscow

root qt based gui interface
ROOT Qt-based GUI interface




only one (!) implementation


[email protected]

ACAT2002, Moscow

why qt
Why Qt ?

It does what it promises !

Myself have been confused no time with Qt documentation and functionality

But it is not my (ROOT user) business to make the ROOT team life more easy.

The plain implementation of TVirtualX that doesn’t bring any new feature can not justify the efforts to introduce a new extra layer and external dependency of the ROOT package

[email protected]

ACAT2002, Moscow

root qt based applications
(ROOT + Qt) based applications

The question is:

“How easy can one create a complex application that uses ROOT to do what only ROOT can provide (namely the features coming from the built-in C++ interpreter) and use Qt to create cross-platform GUI ? ”

[email protected]

ACAT2002, Moscow

libqtgui library
libQtgui library
  • Qt-based ROOT consists of a standard ROOT installation with the addition of two additional shared libraries
  • The libQtGui library contains implementations of abstract interfaces provided by the TGuiFactory ROOT class:
  • TCanvasImp
  • TBrowserImp
  • TContextMenuImp
  • TControlBarImp
  • TInspectorImp

0.5 day to implement

1 day to implement !

2 days to implement

[email protected]

ACAT2002, Moscow

qt root cvs
  • The source code is available via CVS repository as well.
    • To check out the sources, you need to be running CVS 1.10 or later (check by doing cvs -v), and have your $CVSROOT set to
    • :pserver:[email protected]:/rootbnl/cvs
  • The password for user cvs is cvs.
  • Two cvs commands will do the job:
  • cvs -d :pserver:[email protected]:/rootbnl/cvs login
  • cvs -d :pserver:[email protected]:/rootbnl/cvs co root
  • AFS access will be provided also.

[email protected]

ACAT2002, Moscow


There are enough evidences the present approach allows the ROOT developers as well as ROOT users to work with code that has no X11/WIN32 graphics subsystem dependencies and at the same time opens unrestricted access to a rich set of ready-to-use commercial and free GUI Qt-based widgets. The Qt-based version was tested on Unix and Windows.

[email protected]

ACAT2002, Moscow

thank you
Thank you
  • Special thanks:
  • Torre Wenaus, Yuri Fisyak, Victor Perevoztchikov
  • Anton Fokin
  • Christian Holm Christensen
  • ROOT team
  • ROOT folks from ROOTTALK

[email protected]

ACAT2002, Moscow

0. Long lasting application

No penalty

1. Very wide used on Linux system (KDE)

2. Shipped with the source code and installation script

(no technical to take over but legal issue).

1. What is accepted level:

1. one pixel was that reliable level

2. dialog window is a mandatory attibute of any system

ROOT is designed like we 20 years ago

2. Qt - quality

library of Widget

weel-though separation of the automaically generated GUI and

user-provided custom actions. (Tha tallow to share GUI across applications)

3. Functionality: They treat MS a GUI standard

3. What ROOT may end up with. The best scenario we will ned up with somethin

Qt alike but in many years.

4. Price:

1. Free for non-commercial applcation on X11 platform

2. True cross platform (code designed and debugged on with free UNIX will

work in Windows

3. This allow to minimiz the number of Windows license

4. Windows license is really cheap anyway (acad. price $700/developer)

our experiecne did prove this worth to buy. It is much faster and better

to create GUI with Qt rather struggle with TG

4.1. Lack of documentation

4.2. Lack of functionality

5 License.

Qt 2. restrictive

Qt 3. can be accepted

[email protected]

ACAT2002, Moscow