welcome to 6 th grade n.
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  1. WELCOME TO 6TH GRADE Mrs. Dueñas Welcome ... Mrs. D's Class

  2. In-Class Behavior Welcome ... Mrs. D's Class

  3. Polite and cordial behavior is expected • Follow the Golden Rule. • Use “please” and “thank you” Welcome ... Mrs. D's Class

  4. Be on time. • Expected to be prepared • Expected to be seated when instruction is ready to begin Welcome ... Mrs. D's Class

  5. Listen and follow all directions • Listen and follow all instructions • Listen when others are speaking • Be polite and use attentive listening behavior Welcome ... Mrs. D's Class

  6. Daily homework is due the next day • LP’s are given weekly and due on Fridays • Pay attention to the due dates of long-term projects • Study spelling, vocabulary, and math during the week • Don’t procrastinate Welcome ... Mrs. D's Class

  7. Be prepared! No exceptions! • Bring: backpack, books, work, other materials everyday. • Label your personal materials Welcome ... Mrs. D's Class

  8. Raise a quiet hand and wait • Speaking out and discussing your thoughts • Use only positive and encouraging comments • Negative comments and attitudes will not be tolerated Welcome ... Mrs. D's Class

  9. Respect each other: • No Put Downs and No Bullying • Zero tolerance for those who verbally, physically, or emotionally abuse others • Use language of respect • Respect the space and property of others Welcome ... Mrs. D's Class

  10. Group projects = cooperation • Do NOTplagiarize • If you use or copy something from the internet, a book, an encyclopedia, an almanac, etc., you must cite the source. If you plagiarize, you will receive a “0”. Welcome ... Mrs. D's Class

  11. Use restroom before/after class or during recesses • Do not leave the classroom during instruction • Use time wisely during recesses Welcome ... Mrs. D's Class

  12. Personal items, playground or PE equipment, make-up, electronics and phones, will be left at home or out of sight Welcome ... Mrs. D's Class

  13. If you bring inappropriate items and are seen by the teacher, they will be confiscated to the JUNE BOX. • Or your parent may pick it up, after school, with an explanation by you of why it was taken. Welcome ... Mrs. D's Class

  14. Cell phones are to be turned OFF! • They are not to be seen or heard until off campus. Welcome ... Mrs. D's Class

  15. Healthy snacks • Junk food like soda or chips is to be eaten at lunch time • Do NOT eat in class. • Hydrate yourself in moderation Welcome ... Mrs. D's Class

  16. Communicate with your teacher/parents • Get parents to sign, ASAP • Issues, ?’s, concerns, you don’t understand, ask good questions … talk to me Welcome ... Mrs. D's Class

  17. Grades are communicated with you and your parents ~ every 4 weeks • Not achieving goals? Do what you need to do to improve the grades: • Accel Project(s), Test Repairs, Extra Credit • I will do my best to help you achieve your goals • Own and accept the consequences for not working at your best • Don’t wait until the last minute to improve your grades. Fix the grades ASAP! Welcome ... Mrs. D's Class

  18. Classroom Management Welcome ... Mrs. D's Class

  19. The school-wide card system is used in class and throughout the campus • Blue = good day • Green = warning • Yellow = owe 1 recess • Orange = Time-out, phone call home and owe 2 recesses • Red = Office referral and owe “X” recesses • White = suspension • You may need to owe time after school Welcome ... Mrs. D's Class

  20. Privileges and Fabulous Falcons are used for rewards. Welcome ... Mrs. D's Class

  21. Bring to Class Each Day • One 2 inch three-ring binder with tabbed dividers or folders per subject: • Homework, Math, Language Arts, Social Studies • Agenda • All necessary books and workbooks • Pencils and other supplies • Readiness to work! Welcome ... Mrs. D's Class

  22. Grades Welcome ... Mrs. D's Class

  23. Grades on assignments are based on the points earned for that assignment out of the total points available. (18/20 = 90%) I usually use %’s in the grade book. • Tests and quizzes, projects, and other work are ‘weighted’ differently in each subject • Generally, tests are weighed more and than projects, quizzes, and other work Welcome ... Mrs. D's Class

  24. Your Report Card Grade for each subject will be based on the cumulative points earned over the course of the trimester. • 3.0-3.9 = Honor Roll • 3-5-4.0 = District Honor Roll • 4.0 (all A’s) = Principal’s Award Welcome ... Mrs. D's Class

  25. The Grading Scale • 100% - 90% = A = 5 = Above Standard Expectations = + or + • 89% - 80% = B = 4 At Standard Expectations =  • 79% - 70% = C = 3 At Standard Expectations =  • 69% - 60% = D = 2 Approaching, but not at the Standard Expectations = - • 59% and below = F = 1 Below Standard Expectations = - Welcome ... Mrs. D's Class

  26. Know your Student ID number to look up your posted grades • Memorize or write down your Student ID number • Write your Student ID number in your Agenda Welcome ... Mrs. D's Class

  27. Goal Setting Welcome ... Mrs. D's Class

  28. Set goals for yourself: • Semester and for the year • Goal setting gives you a purpose for your work • Goal settinghelps your focus during the year Welcome ... Mrs. D's Class

  29. Grade Goals Semester Goals- • Honor Roll • Principal’s Award Yearly Goals- • Lamp of Knowledge • Principal’s Plaque Welcome ... Mrs. D's Class

  30. Leadership Goals • Levels of achievement: the # of hours from Service-Learning Logs • Tutoring, Student Leadership Jobs, Teacher Assistant, Helping in our classroom, Helping outside of school, etc. • Foulks Ranch (1-10 hours) • Governor’s (11-24) • Presidential: • Bronze (25-49) • Silver (50-99) • Gold (100+) Welcome ... Mrs. D's Class

  31. Homework and Classroom Assignments Expectations Welcome ... Mrs. D's Class

  32. Be ORGANIZED! Plan out your work and assignments. • Assignments: completed thoroughly and handed in on time. • Turn in the work to the appropriate place • You are given an appropriate amount of time to complete assignments. DON’T PROCRASTINATE!!! • Use Agenda to write in ALL assignments and due dates • Talk with your teacher if you have any concerns or questions Welcome ... Mrs. D's Class

  33. Late and/or missing work may lower your grade or can be a 0 (zero). Welcome ... Mrs. D's Class

  34. You will owe recesses to finish missing or unfinished work and assignments. Welcome ... Mrs. D's Class

  35. It is your responsibility to understand the work when it is being explained or presented • Ask questions to be clear about each assignment Welcome ... Mrs. D's Class

  36. Use Study Guides on reading and/or math tests • Cannot use Study Guides for any Vocabulary tests • Take good notes during instruction and when studying on your own Welcome ... Mrs. D's Class

  37. Extra Credit/Accel Projects: at any time • The work- to be aligned to 6thgrade academic standards • Must have all other work finished before starting extra work • All final work to be turned in for credit prior to locking of grades • Use Bibliographies at the end of your Projects • Cite all sources and resources used to receive full credit Welcome ... Mrs. D's Class

  38. Test Repair Forms- use on any test or quiz, but not on finals • Have a partner - student or parent - to help you fill out andcomplete • Follow all directions on the form • Any form not completely or correctly filled out, will not be graded Welcome ... Mrs. D's Class

  39. Parent signs a test, receive 5 extra points on the test • Turn in a signed Study Guide, receive 5 extra points on your grade (teacher’s grade book) • Study Guide is fully completed, receive 25 extra points on your grade (teacher’s grade book) Welcome ... Mrs. D's Class

  40. Reading = part of your homework. To show that you are reading, you must take AR tests. • Meet the (quarterly) goals, you will receive extra rewards • The closing date for AR points = the closing date for grades Welcome ... Mrs. D's Class

  41. Absent Work Welcome ... Mrs. D's Class

  42. Your responsibility to get and complete work/tests for your absence • Have one day to make up the work/tests for each day of your absence • Need additional time to finish your work/tests? Communicate with teacher for a possible extension. Welcome ... Mrs. D's Class

  43. Green Absent Folder = absent work, on your desk • Classroom blog site for assignments to stay on time of homework assignments • E-mail me or friends for homework assignments • Parent pick up necessary books and/or papers for the day’s homework Welcome ... Mrs. D's Class

  44. Student Organization Welcome ... Mrs. D's Class

  45. Don’t procrastinate on your assignments and projects • Using good organization and knowing what you need to do aregreat skills Welcome ... Mrs. D's Class

  46. Homework calendar = Agenda • Copy exactly the way it is written on the board each day • It is possible to have the homework assignments e-mailed to your home • Check the classroom blog site for the weekly homework assignments Welcome ... Mrs. D's Class

  47. All assignments kept secure in your binder or appropriate folder • No loose papers in your binder or desk • Graded and returned assignments to be returned into the file box • Don’t throw away your papers until your parents have seen them. They need to know about ALL of your work. Welcome ... Mrs. D's Class

  48. Keep your desk and binder organized at all times • At the end of the day, the top of your desk should be cleared of all materials • Periodic desk and binder checks Welcome ... Mrs. D's Class

  49. Textbooks should be stored on the rolling cart • Only use your assigned textbook • At the end of the day, your spiral notebooks, folders and supplies will be stored in your desk Welcome ... Mrs. D's Class

  50. Open Door Policy Welcome ... Mrs. D's Class