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Civil War Presentation

Civil War Presentation

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Civil War Presentation

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  1. Civil War Presentation Cassidy Combs

  2. When did the Civil War occur? The Civil War occurred during the time period of 1861-165

  3. Involved in the Civil War Union States Confederate States Oregon California Minnesota Iowa Kansas Wisconsin Illinois Indiana Michigan Ohio Pennsylvania New York New Jersey Connecticut Massachusetts Rhode Island Vermont New Hampshire Maine Texas Arkansas Louisiana Mississippi Tennessee Alabama Georgia Florida South Carolina North Carolina Virginia

  4. The Border States The non-seceded, slave- owning, border states consisted of: • Missouri • Kentucky • Maryland • Delaware • West Virginia

  5. Alliances Formed Great Britain and France formed an alliance during the Civil War.

  6. Union Leaders & Generals James Longstreet

  7. Confederate Leaders & Generals • General Braxton Bragg • General Robert E. Lee • General J.J. Pettigrew • General Stonewall Jackson

  8. Battles During the Civil War • 1861~ Battle at Bethel • July 21, 1861~ The First Battle at Manassas • Battle at Appomattox • 1865~ Battle at Bentonville

  9. Other Main Events during the Civil War • Before this started, Abraham Lincoln was voted President in 1860 1861~ NC seceded and joined the confederacy and Civil War began 1862~ NC Coast under Union control/ Zebulon Vance elected governor 1865~ Civil War ended at Appomattox Courthouse/ Freedmen's Bureau created/ Black Codes Instituted

  10. Weapons & Vehicles used • Cannons (smoothbore or rifle cannons) • Parrot Rifles • Chain shots • Canister • Muskets • Rifles • Carbines • Muzzle-loaders • Minnie Ball • Bayonets • Sabers • Swords • Cutlasses • Bowie knives • Pikes • Lances • Horses

  11. Effects our future? The Civil War effected and will effect our future because it was one of our biggest war, and consisted of brother vs. brother for the first time. But it showed religion, determination, and gave a bright future to some slaves and many families. America today wouldn't be the same if we hadn’t had fought this battle first, we wouldn't have the history behind Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, and other great African Americans that stood for what they believed in. Where would we be if this had not happened? Would we still own slaves?

  12. How Does the Civil War end??? The Appomattox Courthouse ended the Civil War.

  13. Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson! It was July 21, 1861, during the time a the first major battle during the Civil War. The Unions were pushing back the confederates, but Jackson stood his ground like a stone wall, refusing to surrender. His troops trusted him, and that brought hope while the battle carried on. Soon after, the north fled their assault and the South won the Battle of the First Manassas. Stonewall became one of the 1st military heroes of the Civil War. Stonewall was known as one of the greatest commanders, he turned the confederates defeats into victories, defeating armies much larger than his own. He was a sign of victory and hope to his soldiers, and soldiers everywhere.

  14. Clara Barton, also known as the angel of the battlefield, was born December 5, 1821 in Oxford Massachusetts. She was told stories by her father who was veteran and also was always so fascinated by them and wanted to fight in exciting battles like that. The 1st sign of her showing a career in medicine and helping was when her brother, David, fell from a rafter in their barn and she took care of him 24/7! She loved to help, so she started the professional job of being a teacher, and she was barely 3 years older than her students! One day, soldiers came in and she bought medical supplies to help heal the injured. So it continued until she had 2 WHOLE rooms filled those supplies! She had an idea and went to Colonel Rucker for approval to go to the battle field and tend to the soldiers. Angel of the Battlefield

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