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  1. QUALITATIVE RESEARCH 324 Maitland AvenueTeaneck, New Jersey 07666

  2. Graduated summa cum laude with an MA in French + German Began her career in qualitative market research in 1989 in the UK Has conducted research in Europe, USA, Asia and South America Raised in London Moved to the USA in 1992 and worked for Decision Research/Mercer Management Consulting Worked at Young and Rubicam for 6 years before founding TKInsights. Has Synectics Ideation and online moderating training

  3. 24 Years of Qualitative Research Experience in these Product Categories: • Arts and Crafts • Toys • Beauty/Cosmetics • Fragrance • Skin Care • Oral Care • Pharmaceuticals • Retail • Travel/hospitality • Household products • Baby care • Feminine hygiene • Food + Beverages • Luxury goods • Healthcare/Insurance • Social issues (smoking prevention among teens, issues experienced by Caregivers of Alzheimer's patients) • Finance • Technology

  4. TKInsights LLC is a Full Service, Qualitative Market Research and Consulting Firm Based In New Jersey • Conducts full-service qualitative consumer research projects – from screener and discussion guide design to recruitment of respondents, moderation and analysis of resultswith turn-key implications for your business • Specializes in developing a rich understanding of diverse consumer segments – men, women, young children and teens -- and translating that knowledge into strategic recommendations for all aspects of marketing and advertising in order to assist marketers and advertising agencies in developing optimal strategies in their respective markets • Committed to knowing both its clients and their consumers • The focus is on immersion in the business background of the client, and then in the world of the consumer, getting to know each of them in as profound and personal a way as possible so that their needs can be brought together • The aim is to unearth consumer insights, interpret findings and inform the development of strategies which reflect an in-depth understanding of people as well as the marketplace

  5. Demands of the New Economy and World are Changing Qualitative Market Research. TKInsights keeps up with New Methodologies Established Methodologies • Focus groups and mini-groups • One-on-one in-depth interviews • Dyads/Friendship Pair Pods • Triads • In the Wild in-home ethnographies • In the Wild in-store ethnographies • Brainstorming (including Visual Metaphor and Sensory Trip methodology) • Phone interviews • Mystery shopping

  6. What We Do: Core Competencies • In the Wild in-home and out-of-home ethnographic research • In-store ethnographies • Friendship Pair Pods • Creative advertising development research • Advertising Strategy development research • Advertising and communications testing • New product development research • New concept development research • Strategic brand development • Packaging research • Mystery shopping • Ideation and brainstorming sessions (Synectics training) • Name generation and development • Online moderating – bulletin boards/blogs, real-time online focus groups, webcam focus groups/one-on-one interviews, telephonic focus groups, online journaling/blogging • Video Diaries/Blogs • Community space management • Management and coordination of large multi-national research studies

  7. Target Group Specialties • Children • Teens • Young women • Moms/CEOs of Household • Retailers • Business people • Boomers • Seniors • Physicians • Healthcare/pharmaceutical professionals

  8. TKInsights Believes in • Bridging research vendor and consulting practices by acting as a member of the Client’s team • Conducting each research study with intellect, intuition and integrity so as to inform the strategy development process to the best of our ability • Drawing on empathic attunement skills to engage both clients as well as the subjects of the research studies in a naturally warm and inviting way • Matching empathy and natural ability to divine nuances in remarks – made by study participants – with impressive verbal and writing skills • Providing truly personalized, quality service and the utmost flexibility

  9. What Differentiates TKInsights • Consistent ability to hear the voice of the consumer and reflect his/her attitudes and behaviors • Adept at thinking like a Brand Manager – in terms of brand knowledge and issues • Ability to understand the brand in a multi-dimensional way • Passion for the on-going success of the client in terms of being a source of relevant information pertaining to your brand/s and/or the competitive set during and after the initial engagement • Genuine curiosity and tenacity at getting to the root of each and every business issue which is researched • Customer-service oriented M.O • The smallness of the consultancy allows TKInsights to be nimble, flexible and responsive to our clients’ needs and project timelines

  10. TKInsights is able to coordinate and conduct international studies due to its multi-lingual staff and partnerships with other top facilities, research companies, translation services and simultaneous translators around the globe. All are ready to help you understand the complexities of their world. We excel at international research and can execute a study in Frankfurt or Shanghai as seamlessly as one in Dallas or LA. While domestic qualitative work is certainly our forte, Tanya Krim of TKInsights began her career doing international research and is still passionate about doing it

  11. From research design and recruiting to implementation, execution and reporting, TKInsightsLLC will manage every step in the global research process. Our capabilities include: • Project Financials • We are committed to extreme attention to budget details • Vendor Selection • We are perfectionists and look for global partners who are too. All of our global partners have been extensively trained and are experienced in our specific approaches to ensure global consistency – regardless of cultural differences and language barriers • Moderation • Whenever possible, we moderate. However, in markets where we do not moderate, we train and support local moderators on our methodologies, engaging in multiple conference calls in order to ensure that they are fully briefed and comfortable with the research objectives • Screener and Schedule Development • Screeners + schedules are developed in conjunction with our clients and agencies as well as local facility partners to ensure optimal recruitment of the correct respondents

  12. Document Translations • We take many steps to ensure that all translation is accurate and timely to help provide clients with a budget-conscious, timely and seamless experience • Recruitment • Our aim is to recruit excellent respondents as we believe that our moderators are as good as their respondents • Great respondents can lead to great insights • In-person Research Facilitation • All project management is handled out of our New Jersey office, although a TKInsights’ research partner will be available in each respective market to manage and facilitate the fieldwork • Travel Guidance • International travel can be challenging. We can provide hotel recommendations, maps and directions to the facility and ensure that all your other travel questions are answered • Facility Set-Up and A/V Recording • Should Teams be unable to attend in person, we can set-up online video streaming through Focus Vision or the local facility From research design and recruiting to implementation, execution and reporting, TKInsightsLLC will manage every step in the global research process. Our capabilities include:

  13. We Recognize that Each Client: Has his/her own unique personality, modus operandi and business needs, and we structure our work and our reports to meet your individual needs Is always on the lookout for interesting, novel ways to unearth new insights from their diverse target audiences Looksfor novel perspectives and ways to unearth new insights from their diverse target audiences

  14. Is always on the lookout for interesting, novel ways to unearth new insights from their diverse target audiences Has his/her own unique personality, modus operandi and business needs, and we structure our work and our reports to meet your individual needs We Recognize that Each Client: Might enjoy working with familiar faces, but also might perceive the need to engage the services of new ones who can offer them fresh perspectives on business issues in their own business category and others

  15. Our Goals: • To support each project undertaken with intellect, passion and enthusiasm and, as such, be Clients’ interactive and energetic business partner • To form an inclusive relationship which enables feedback at key junctures in the research process – from initial research planning and design to the final report + presentation stage • To provide Clients with the benefits of years of well-honed empathic attunement skills, experience, personalized service and the utmost flexibility • To address each Client’s objectives and provide an insight-rich analysis which can lead to actionable and impactful marketing efforts • To create a unique, valuable, inclusive and long-lastingClient relationship

  16. Our Mission is to exceed your expectations by: Providing insight into the underlying needs, wants, preferences and beliefs that influence customer behavior and the market landscape of our clients and their competitors to help you succeed in today’s ever-changing, competitive world Integrating recommendations from qualitative research to provide marketers with actionable information to launch the most impactful products, packaging and communications Offering total commitment to unsurpassed service, promising to champion your goals through effective partnership, open communication and a continual commitment to never-ending improvement to go above and beyond the highest expectations

  17. Tanya Krim, owner and CEO, manages and conducts most of the qualitative research studies herself • She works with additional support staff comprised of experienced recruiters and moderators with whom she collaborates and partners in a freelance capacity whenever necessary as they offer a broad range of skills and resources • Assignments worked on include those from Fortune 500 companies, advertising agencies, US-based quantitative research companies who are in need of qualitative support and partnership as well as international qualitative companies wishing to conduct research in the US How We Work

  18. Aetna Medicare • Allergan Medical • Astrazeneca • Glaxo Smith-Kline • Merck • Wyeth Pharmaceuticals • JP Morgan Chase • CVS/pharmacy • Destination Maternity • Bloomingdale’s • Movado • Crayola • Fisher-Price/Mattel • Topps • Nestle Gerber Baby Foods • Mead Johnson Nutritionals Diverse Clients • Unilever – household/foods and beauty products • Church & Dwight – laundry (OxiClean/Arm & Hammer) • Church & Dwight sexual health brands (including Trojan) • Colgate-Palmolive – toothpaste + household products • Newell-Rubbermaid – household products • Reckitt-Benckiser • L’ Oréal • Mane USA • Marriott • American Airlines • Sabra Mediterranean • Wissotsky Teas • Young & Rubicam • G2 • OgilvyOne Worldwide • Arnold Worldwide

  19. Examples of the Range of Client Study Objectives Repositioning a national retailer’s teen department to help make it more top-of-mind, appealing, and ‘happening’ for female teens Identifying and developing the elements of a retailer’s loyalty program Assessing reactions to store shelf adjacencies in a national wholesale store for a household product Making refinements to some packaging for vitamins so as to enhance their appeal at shelf Refining and updating the health and beauty department of a national drugstore chain Developing and refining new concept statements for a brand of baby formula/breakfast cereal

  20. Examples of the Range of Client Study Objectives Providing directional guidance for a line of high-end watches so as to improve their appeal among the female target audience Identifying consumers’ preferences for an upscale, national department store’s new Loyalty Rewards Program Gauging business travelers’ responses to a new airport-based advertising campaign for an international hotel chain Assessing ladies’ reactions to a retailer’s store layout and merchandise offerings in the beauty category Providing directional guidance for a TV advertisement for arts and crafts products for children/air fresheners in the beauty category Analyzing teen girl reactions to a new teen-girl oriented website and helping refine its features so as to enhance its appeal

  21. Examples of the Range of Client Study Objectives Identifying five different attitudinal segments for a large pharmaceutical company in the hope of tailor-making new communications for each of these segments Determining how an insurance company could establish a program that would benefit their patients’ caregivers Conducting extensive one-on-one interviews with medical directors and pharmacy directors for an international pharmaceutical company Comparing breast cancer survivors’ reactions to different print advertisements for a new preventative drug Determining male and female responses to new packaging for a brand of condoms

  22. Report Writing and Analysis Focus group/one-on-one interviews are usually audio-taped and/or taped on DVD, both of which are available to clients at the conclusion of the research study The analysis is inclusive and reflects the input of all respondents Executive summaries of focus groups/bulletin boards are usually available no later than 48 hours after the completion of the final interview Full, detailed reports are usually available no later than 5 business days after the completion of the final interviews

  23. Tanya Krim of TKInsights LLC began her qualitative research career in London in 1989 when she was hired as a multilingual qualitative researcher. She has been doing qualitative research ever since, and, fortunately, is very passionate about it. She can moderate in English, French and German, and also has an increasing knowledge of Spanish. Setting up and co-ordinating international studies is also one of her areas of expertise. Tanya has extensive experience in conducting exploratory research, creative advertising development, brand/product concept generation/hypothesis, brainstorming (using the Synectics methodology as well as others), strategic brand development, new product development, ethnographic research (in-home and in-store) as well as packaging research. She also has experience moderating focus groups, IDIs, dyads + triads as well as online bulletin boards, webcam as well as immersive journaling studies. Over the past twenty three years, she worked for research suppliers and at Young & Rubicam, NY. She has conducted qualitative research with different types of women, men, young children and teenagers across numerous product categories including baby products, toys, arts & crafts, food, beverages, retail, travel, household products, pharmaceuticals, luxury goods, skincare, cosmetics/beauty products, oral care, personal and sexual healthcare products, beverages, finance, insurance, and technology. She has also conducted social research with adults and children about the importance of healthy eating and refraining from smoking, drugs, and drinking. Blending years of experience with intellect and intuition, Tanya supports each project undertaken with passion and enthusiasm, and as such can be a very interactive and energetic business partner. Her well-honed empathic attunement skills are used to engage both her clients and the subjects of her research studies in a naturally warm, inviting way. Her empathy and natural ability to divine the nuances in remarks, made by her study participants, are matched by her impressive verbal and writing skills, all of which enable her to product insight-rich, analytical reports which can lead clients to actionable and impactful marketing efforts. When she is not involved in the world of research and business, she is living out her other passions-- being the best mom she can be to her three children, running, reading, going to the theater, learning foreign languages and writing. Tanya Krim