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My Final Major Project

My Final Major Project. Ferheen Batool Naqvi. For The Community.

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My Final Major Project

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  1. My Final Major Project FerheenBatoolNaqvi

  2. For The Community.. I want to create a 3D sculpture with my individual ideas on existing buildings in the city in the style of Cubism. I also want to create a 2D poster advertising my cubist style sculpture. This piece of art is not just a tourist attraction but also for the community life to show the beauty in buildings and the different types of art that has come to our attention in the style of cubism. I chose to create my sculpture with the cubist style art, because it is very individual type of art and it is a very eye catching piece.

  3. Inspiration.. I am creating buildings which are inspired by existing buildings in Manchester. Each building has been inspired by a different artist by their style of work.

  4. The Urbis Building. The Urbis Building. The Urbis Building. The Urbis Building. The Urbis Building.

  5. Building in progress.. I was inspired by the Urbis building to create my own individual design. I distorted the Urbis building and created it in to a cubist style building. -> This is a close up part of the building, I cut a shape out of another piece of cardboard and stuck it to bring the shape out and bold.

  6. Building in progress.. I have completed this building. I have added colour to it. First by using white emulsion paint. The colours I have used relate to the work of Mondrain. I like this building as it is an original shape and design. I believe the colours go well with it. To create this building I was inspired by the Urbis building. I distorted the Urbis building and came up with my original piece in the style of cubism.

  7. Artist Influence.. PietMondrain was inspired by a lesson plan for Geometry and maths. The keywords abstract art, neoclassicism, vertical, horizontal, perpendicular, parallel, converge, diverge, diagonal, perimeter, area. I was inspired by his use of colours. I didn’t follow one of his rules, I did colour in diagonal lines. The colours he used in his art work are bold and his art work stands out. The building I used this work one is the centre piece and i wanted it to standout. PietMondrain PietMondrain PietMondrain PietMondrain PietMondrain

  8. My Sculpture in progress..

  9. Building in progress.. This building that I am also working on is inspired by the Manchester University building. I have only created half of it as I don’t want it to be completely the same as the building itself. The shape I have created is the arch where you enter. However the work I am going to do on it, I hope I can bring the colour and structure of old buildings.

  10. Building in progress.. I have now plastered it to give it a base to work on. Before I could work on it I had to sand it down so it was smooth and I would get a better result of the paint. However the problems that were brought to attention whilst sanding the building down was that cracks started to appear. To prevent these cracks appearing I should have covered it with Murdock before applying plaster. But I will be able to work with it.

  11. Artist Influence.. Victor Vasarleys paintings are bold with the chose of colours. Vasarleys paintings are very modern and standout. His piece of work were illusions but I like his variety of works and the use of his colours. I was inspired by his use of bright bold colours. His style of art will go very well with the building and the rest of the sculpture. However his work is very detailed. Victor Vasarley Victor Vasarley Victor Vasarley Victor Vasarley Victor Vasarley

  12. Also Artist Influence.. Briget Riley Briget Riley Birget Riley Briget Riley Briget Riley has many illusions and I was inspired by his use of patterns and in some he has colour. I really like his illusions as the are rerally detailed and confusing.

  13. Building in Progress.. My final and last building is part of the war imperial museum, the materials and techniques I have used on this building relate to my tree form work. I have used earthy colours such as; brown, red, yellow and orange. The materials I have used are cardboard; cotton cloth; batik and net. This gives the building more of a texture affect. This building represents the environment of the community.

  14. Building in Progress.. I have used a variety of materials and techniques on this buildings to give a ruff and natural look of nature. This is the reason why I used such specific earthy colours. The material I have used are water colours over the material to get ruff material. This building represents the war museum and the use of colours also apply to the museum as blood and goar.

  15. Building in Progress.. To finish the sculpture I designed a base to bring the sculpture together and make it one. I painted the base black and the design I made on the base was inspired by Gustav Klimt. His use of patterns in his work inspired me to make swirls onto my base; painting them dark red; light red; yellow and gold. These colours standout as they are warm colours and the black makes them bold. I made the base in this unusual shape as the theme was based on cubism.

  16. Artist Influence.. The Kiss Gustav Klimt uses varies of colours and pattern in his paintings. And also distorted images. Klimt in most of his pictures uses a lot of swirls. Pattern is the main focus he aims for. I like the way he uses his shapes and distorted way of drawing. He also uses the same tone of colours. He mostly uses gold's, browns. Colours you would remark as subtle. I love the photo he painted called Adele Bloch-Bauer. I like the colours and he has also used eyes as a main focus in this painting of his. Gustav Klimt Gustav Klimt Gustav Klimt Gustav Klimt Gustav Klimt

  17. Final Outcome..

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