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My Final Product

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My Final Product
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My Final Product

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  1. Apartment Block By John Dalco, Nathan Porter, and Felix Li

  2. Checklist • Have you checked the contemporary designs of buildings. Have you considered the height of your building? How will the urban landscapes, buildings and other infrastructure of 2050 look like? • What materials are you using to construct your buildings? Are they environmentally friendly products • Have you considered how you will:a) Manage your wasteb) Reduce Air pollution and improve air qualityc) Power your building or urban infrastructure (which sources of energy are you going to use)d) Manage Land and water around your building(bearing in mind that we have scarce water resources in Australia)e) Eradicate Spatial Inequity (bear in mind that we want everyone to enjoy the same level of services and comfort irrespective of whether we are wealthy or poor)

  3. Apartment block Our apartment block is just like any other apartment blocks. It has 9 floors and on the first 8 floors it has 4 units, and 3 units on the last floor. Our apartment block is very eco friendly and contains many environmentally friendly products and materials. There are also many activity and entertainment around the place, so that it is friendly. We also have a pool and many entertainment.

  4. Where our apartment block is situated Our house is situated in Dee Why, in the northern beaches. This is because, in N.S.W the northern beaches the air quality there is the best, compared to many other places in NSW. This is because of the surrounding trees in the northern beaches, the trees absorb most of the carbon dioxide emitted out from cars. Also there is less industries and traffic. Our house is going to be situated on 89 Dee Why Parade, Dee Why, NSW, Australia

  5. Materials that were Going to use Voc Paint VOC, stands for Volatile Organic Compounds, this is the substance in paint that causes the smell and asthma. We are going to use low voc paint, because the low voc paint is a very useful paint, also it reduces the stench when the paint is applied on walls. Also no poisonous gases are left behind, also the paint is very environmentally friendly.

  6. Water Tank • We'll include 10water tank that will cover some of the use of our water supply. As the water tank will collect a certain amount of rainwater. Our water tank colour is going to be true blue to show the natural colour of the tank. • 10,200lt and 15,000lt • ~ 400mm RIO filtration system at 12 o’clock • ~ Dual access hatch at 12 and 6 o’clock • ~ 40mm brass outlet • ~ 40mm isolation valve

  7. Light globes The light globes were going to use are going to be very efficient. It will save paying a lot of electricity bills also the globes will be environmentally friendly. Also there lights are good because they give the same output of light but has a lower amount of watts used. We’ll also use lights called CFL, meaning Compact Fluorescent Lamps. These light globes are very environmentally friendly. Research has shown that CFLs use around 20% of the power required of a normal light globe and will last 4-10 time longer than a normal average light globe. CFLs light globe also save up to 480 kilowatt hours of electricity, in a lifetime. With CFLs you can reduce greenhouse gas emission by 1 tonne in a lifetime. The light globes were going to buy is many different one but, the cost of it will cost around 500$. As of the different light globes, such as a grotto, which is 70$, also many other energy efficient light globes. Here are some of the lights we’ll use

  8. Light globes continued We’ll also use LED lights as they are also efficient and there brightness of light is sustainable. Although it isn’t as energy saving as a CFL. LED lights are environmentally friendly also, it can save 90% of the lighting cost. LED lights also produce less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere compared to normal lights.

  9. Light globes Continued Here is a table on how efficient energy saving globes are compared to an ordinary globe

  10. Solar panels Well solar panels are expensive but, were going to use a 4KW system, that covers 100% electricity of a normal average house. With a 40KW system it will cover all our expenses on electricity bills. As the 40KW system will be able to cover all our bills, although it is very expensive around $360,000. With 71% of electricity saving it is worth it although the price is high. Also using solar panels will reduce the emission of green house gas. We have mirrors around out solar panels that emits more sun rays, that can save more solar energy.

  11. How solar panels work

  12. Wind turbines We’ll also have wind turbines, as it can help reduce green house emissions. Although it is expensive it will be 100% eco friendly. The winds that are powered will also be strong as it is kind of close to the beach. We’ll have a 16KW system, which cost around $480000 - $800000. Although this price is very expensive it will be paid off.

  13. Insulation We’ll also use insulation that would help our apartment block keep warm in the winter, and be cooler in the summer. With insulation it can help a lot to also reduce the use of electricity. It also cuts down the noise surrounding you, it also makes air conditioner work better. Insulation will be applied around the apartment block, in walls, under the roof and etc. With the amount of insulation installed, the apartment block will be more sustainable. The insulation were going to use is real wool from sheep and regenerated polyester. Using these materials will have no effect of the health and fire risks.

  14. Insulation COntinued Here is a picture, showing how useful insulation is also how it works.

  15. Flooring We'll also use renewable wood, such as Oak, Chestnut and Hemlock. Also linoleum flooring as it is one of those durable products for flooring. As because it is a renewable product, also after a certain time it's durable will grow due to absorption of air which allows the flooring to harden.

  16. Flooring Continued We are also going to use tiles as one of our flooring. But some people didn’t know that there are actually eco friendly tiles. They are called Hydrotect tiles, they are proven to be eco friendly. These tiles has anti bacterial properties, it has a catalytic surface, and this surface contains air cleaning properties. Also it reduces the odour in houses. The tile can also help decompositbacteria, fungi, moss, germs and algae. It can also withstand, abrasion and chemicals.

  17. Optic Fibre Optic Fibre will be a very useful material in our house, because it will be able to provide us with telecommunication to many area. Using optic fibres will cover all our telephone cords so that are cheap and durable. Basically optic fibres will cover all our internet cables, telephone system, TV system. With optic fibres, electromagnetic interference won’t be enabled. Also optic fibres can cover long distance, so communication is more easier. Optic fibres also provide clearer phone conversations, also TV reception, also computer internet will be faster and will have less problems. This is because of the light signals can’t be affected, as the light signals do not interfere with those of other fibres in the same cable.

  18. Optic fibre- how it works and how good they are? Here is a picture of the optic fibre, optic fibre is a very thin piece of material or cable. It works through signals sent by light. The light refracts inside the optic fibre and causes total internal refraction. Then light signals are picked up by a optical receiver. That’s how it works, but the light signals inside the optic fibre cannot interfere with each other making it very good.

  19. Energy star products We’ll be buying many energy star products that reduce carbon footprints. Such as a refrigerator and a high rated SEER air conditioner. Also a heater can be brought and many other appliances that are very handy, and are energy star.

  20. Managing our waste Well there are many ways in dealing our waste but were mainly going to use these 3R concepts- Reduce- Recycle- Re-use Also the rubbish that is going to be dumped can be used as compost. We’ll have a compost bin somewhere where the smell of rubbish, is not around the place we can smell it. Also using grapes is very useful as it can help the decomposition faster. Also if we have a pet we can burn the faeces or compost it and might use as a methane gas.

  21. 3R concepts - Reduce Reduce, is one of the 3R concepts made. Reducing is a big aim as it helps to actually reduce and help the environment out. There are many methods to reducing such as using waste reducing is like composting, the waste made. Which then makes fertilization that is process of reducing. Also sometimes dumping things can be rather used again. This can help reduce the waste.

  22. 3R concepts -Recycle Recycling is also one of the 3R concepts. Recycling is a process where used materials are turned into new products to prevent the harms of waste. Also the deposit of the waste, has been minimized as the waste will be recycled rather than being dumped into some dry place. By doing this you can reduce the energy usage, air pollution, water pollution and the need of waste deposal. Also this can lower the greenhouse emission.

  23. 3R concepts - Reuse Reuse is basically using a product again, or more than once. Many products can be reused, so that waste can be reduced. Such as a bottle we buy from a shop. When you finish drinking from the bottle you can than reuse to hold water or something else. This is an example of reusing, reusing helps us to reduce waste.

  24. Reducing air pollution and sustaining a good air quality Well we already have some materials that we are going to use that helps to reduce the air pollution. Such as the tiles were going to use have air cleaning properties. Also the low-voc paint were going to use is going to reduce the stench and the air quality will be enhanced. Also our light bulbs produce carbon dioxide, but with some of the lights we use carbon dioxide is reduced. The pollution in our place is also reduced because our house is situated in Dee Why, where air quality is fantastic. Around our house will be a few trees to reduce the carbon dioxide, and enhance the air quality.

  25. Land and water management Well we already have a water tank that can be used to reduce the use of water, that is really scarce. Also we’ll have a policy, that will say taps should be closed, also be closed. As if taps aren’t closed, bills will be paid more and we have scarce water. The land management can also be managed by vegetation growing around the place, to sustain life and the fresh air quality.

  26. Eradicate Spatial Inequity • In this apartment block, everyone is treated equally • There will not be any racism, or anything against whether you are poor or wealthy • All rooms that are available, units are all the same quality, but some might be bigger and have different views

  27. BUdget

  28. The End