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Fed up

Fed Up.

Megan James


  • Food

  • Dieting

  • Obesity

  • Children

  • Change/Society

  • Industry lies.

Narrative structure
Narrative Structure.

  • The documentary is constructed by various interviews with children who suffer obesity and their parents and doctors/nutritionists.

  • Narration is always used to set the context of the documentary.

  • The documentary is multi-stranded because it follows the stories of different children who suffer obesity in the U.S.

  • The documentary is open-ended because at the end we have enigmas e.g. “Will obesity rates in children continue to rise?”, “What will happen to these children now?”


  • Establishing shots are used to show the different cities/towns the film is set and also to show when we have moved location.

  • Long shots are used to show the obesity of people to reinforce how it is a serious problem.


  • Close ups are used on brands of food to show that popular brands are actually highly unhealthy which will shock the audience because they will more than likely eat/drink one of the brands shown daily.

  • Close ups of people doing exercise and exercise equipment is used to show how many people do numerous amounts of exercise because they think it solves the obesity problem.


  • A handheld camera is multiple times when the children the film follows are talking about the food the eat and keeping a ‘video diary’ of it. This is done to show the children’s progress and make the audience feel more involved.

Mise en scene

  • There is multiple graphics of food pyramids which reinforces the idea of the ‘food pyramid’ being the perfect intake of food and how the film will begin to challenge this.

Mise en scene1

  • There is a plethora of shots of food brands as well as fast food branches to show how food we intake every day is extremely damaging for us. This will shock the audience because they won’t expect to see some of the brands they think are ‘healthy’ in the shots.

Mise en scene2

  • Scales are shown throughout the film to connote how our generation is obsessed with their weight and how it has become a serious health problem and constantly needing to be checked.

  • Exercise is also constantly shown throughout the film to show how we think this is the way to solve it and how we have been obsessed with exercising for a long period of time

Mise en scene3

  • When we see the doctors and nutritionists we see a myriad of medical equipment in the doctor’s room and the doctors and nutritionists are all wearing stereotypical doctor code of attire e.g. White lab coats.


  • Non-diegetic music is used throughout the film that relates to the topic being spoke about. For example, ‘Lets Get Physical’ is used when exercise is being spoken about and clips of it are being shown and ‘Sugar, Sugar’ is used when sugar is being spoken about and shown.

  • Advertisement and News Broadcast dialogue is used diegetically and non-diegetically throughout the film to reinforce how important this issue is and how it is all around us.

  • Non-diegetic is also sued to put the film into context and explain the situation occurring on screen.


  • Cuts are used continuously throughout the film to create smooth transitions from scene to scene.

Archive material
Archive Material

  • News Broadcasts, Magazine Articles and Online Articles, Old TV Talk Shows and Reality Shows are used to show the importance of the obesity crisis and how it is constantly in the media and how it surrounds us.

Archive material1
Archive Material

  • Old family photos of the children are used to show how they have been obese for a long time, as well as their parents and other family members.

  • Old fitness videos are used to show how long we have been obsessed with being fit and healthy and, as a society, we are obsessed with exercise.


  • Food Pyramids are constantly used to show the scale of multiple things throughout the film.

  • A diagram of the digestive system is used to inform the audience of the different foods that are digested and how important it is.

  • Captions are used whenever we are in a different location to keep the audience up to date and informed.