kingdom animalia
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Kingdom Animalia

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Kingdom Animalia - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Common Earth Worm. Kingdom Animalia. Phylum Annelida. A Presentation By: Heather & Esther. Common Name: Segmented Worms. Leech (medicinal). Video 1: Locomotion of an Annelid Locomotion: Setae (hairs) and Parapodia (limbs).

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kingdom animalia
Common Earth Worm

Kingdom Animalia

Phylum Annelida

A Presentation By: Heather & Esther

common name segmented worms
Common Name: Segmented Worms

Leech (medicinal)

Video 1: Locomotion of an Annelid

Locomotion: Setae (hairs) and Parapodia (limbs)

Digestion: Extracellular (mouth and anus)

Video 2: Simplified Digestion of an Annelid


Body Segmentation: Segmented into Metameres

(metameres: repeated sections with individual structures)

Body Plan: A Coelomate Animal

(coelomate: gap between endoderm and outer tubes) *1st Animals to develop a complete coelom*

Body Symmetry: Bilateral (2 sides are symmetrical)

Support: Muscle groups and simple Appendages

annelids polychaetes oligochaetes
Annelids: Polychaetes & Oligochaetes

Nutrition: Marine Worms-

filter feeders or scavengers

Earth Worms-

digest organic materials from the soil


predators, feed on the blood of other animals

Vascular: Closed System of Blood Vessels (contains several muscular vessels- “hearts”)

gas exchange

Gas Exchange

Capillary beds pick up or release nutrients and oxygen

Respiratory gas diffuses across the body wall

Gas exchange occurs between capillary beds of body surface and environment

Oxygen is carried by respiratory pigment(hemoglobin) in the blood plasma

defense mechanisms and response to stimuli
Defense Mechanisms and Response to Stimuli

Nervous system

Cerebral ganglia and Ventral nerve cord with paired segmental ganglia in etch segment

This helps coordinate swimming/crawling

Eyes in some polychaetes, not in Earthworms or leeches

Receptor 2 light, chemical, & mechanical stimulant on body surface

  • Kidney-like organ: Nephridium

- One per segment (metamere).

- Nephrostoma (openings) collect residuals from mesoderm

- filters residue and causes reabsorbtion.

- Material excreted by nephridiopore (one body surface)



  • Regenerate lost segments, and may naturally break off if grabbed by a predator
  • They reproduce by either Binary Fission/budding


  • This kind reproduces sexually by cross fertilization (exchange sperm)
  • Align opposite direction, exchange sperm
  • Clitella secretes mucus cocoon.
  • Cocoon slides along worm, picking up eggs and then storing sperm
  • Cocoon slips off worm’s head and remains in the soil while embryo develops
  • Hatches from cocoon
quiz time



How do oligochaeta reproduce?

What type of body symmetry do Annelida have?