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Monday , April 16, 2012. Agenda Bell Assignment – No Laptops Discuss Black Death – Ch. 9 Section 5 Watch Black Death Video w/ Notes. “The Black Death” A Look at the Causes and Effects of the Bubonic Plague. Chapter 9 Section 5. Middle Ages. Early Middle Ages 800 A.D. – 1,000 A.D.

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Monday april 16 2012
Monday, April 16, 2012


  • Bell Assignment – No Laptops

  • Discuss Black Death – Ch. 9 Section 5

  • Watch Black Death Video w/ Notes

The black death a look at the causes and effects of the bubonic plague

“The Black Death”A Look at the Causes and Effects of the Bubonic Plague.

Chapter 9 Section 5

Middle ages
Middle Ages

  • Early Middle Ages 800 A.D. – 1,000 A.D.

    • Charlemagne

    • Emergence of Feudalism

  • High Middle Ages 1100 A.D. – 1250 A.D.

    • Christianity Grows in Europe (Age of Faith)

    • Crusades

    • Economic Expansion/Growth of Trade

  • Later Middle Ages 1250 – 1450

    • Black Death

    • Renaissance

Background. . . .

  • After the decline of the Roman Empire, western Europe reverted back to a very primitive society.

    • No economic activity/barter system

    • Warfare

    • No social mobility/feudalism

Background. . . . .

  • By 1250 A.D., western Europe’s economy was in full recovery. The following are factors that led to Europe’s economic recovery:

    • Agricultural Revolution – (new farming technologies and techniques)

    • Crusades – New trade routes to the Middle East and Eastern Europe

    • Revival of money economy

    • New towns

Disaster strikes
Disaster Strikes!

  • By 1300 A.D., Europe was thriving and headed towards a full recovery until an unknown and terrible plague hit Europe around 1350, which killed 1/3 of Europe’s population.

  • This epidemic is now known as the Bubonic Plague or Black Death.

Causes of the plague
Causes of the plague

  • The following are causes of the Black Death:

    • The plague was carried by fleas on rats.

    • The rats infested trade ships, towns, and homes of people without little notice.

    • The fleas infested people, their clothing, and animals and spread from town to town.

Effects of the plague
Effects of the Plague

  • Social Upheval

    • Some people turned to wild pleasure believing the end was inevitable

    • Individuals turned on each other (family and friends were no longer recognized)

Effects of the plague social disorder
Effects of the Plague/Social Disorder

Some people turned to magic and witchcraft for cures.

Effects of the plague social disorder1
Effects of the Plague/Social Disorder

Some plunged into wild pleasures. Others, known as Flagellants, saw the plague as God’s punishment and beat themselves with whips to show that they repented their sins.

Effects of the plague jews blamed
Effects of the Plague/Jews Blamed

Christians blamed Jews for the plague, claiming that they had poisoned the wells.

In the resulting hysteria, thousands of Jews were slaughtered.

Jews blamed
Jews Blamed

“The whole world rose up against [the Jews] cruelly on this account.”

Effects of the plague1
Effects of the Plague

  • Economic Effects

    • Inflation soared

    • Peasant revolts occurred because they were unable to find work

    • Surviving workers demanded higher wages.


Bitter, angry peasants rampaged in England, France, Germany and elsewhere.


The Black Death was a horrible time for the Middle Ages. The plague spread death and social unrest.

Western Europe did not fully recover from the Black Plague’s effects for more than 100 years.