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Backpacking to Europe PowerPoint Presentation
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Backpacking to Europe

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Backpacking to Europe - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Planning to visit Europe for vacations? Check out this informative presentation for tips for holiday preparation.

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Backpacking to Europe

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Packing for a trip can be a troubling affair, considering how you need to take care of several aspects before travelling abroad. While you are absorbed with arrangements for travel insurance and flight tickets, you are likely to forget about packing several essentials.

  • Therefore, here are some points to note on what to carry and what not to before you leave for your next trip to Europe.

Prepare to Handle Money Overseas

  • Check and understand the exchange rate before you travel
  • Before you leave, notify your bank, credit card Company, or other financial institutions that you are going overseas
  • Avoid carrying cash and consider using traveller’s checks or major credit cards instead
  • Exchange traveller’s checks with the cash only in case you need cash
  • Do not even unwittingly expose large amounts of money when paying a bill

What to Pack Before Starting Your Journey?

  • Carrying comfortable sport shoes as well as workout shoes is a must; no matter where you go, sportswear is always appreciated and comfortable to wear
  • Credit Cards with Foreign Transaction fees are something you should not forget, as cash can be hard to carry compared to digital/plastic money
  • A decently spec-ed DSLR camera would help you capture your favourite travel moments

Carrying your medications to Pack Before Starting Your Journey?

  • • Pack enough to last your entire trip, including some extra in case of an unexpected delayed
  • • Carry your medications in their original labelled containers, and pack them in your carry-on bag as checked baggage is occasionally delayed or even lost
  • • Ask your pharmacy or physician for the generic equivalent name of your prescriptions in case you need to purchase additional medication abroad
  • • Get a letter from your physician in case you are questioned about your carry-on medication