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San Estevan , Belize PowerPoint Presentation
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San Estevan , Belize

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San Estevan , Belize

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San Estevan , Belize

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  1. Safe Water For San Estevan, Belize • Location: The village of San Estevan is approximately 6 miles southeast from Orange Walk Town. • Population: Over 3000 People • Currently Searching for a donor to fund this project! • Nearly 80% of illness in developing countries is linked to poor water and sanitation conditions. Community Information San EstevanVillage San Estevan is located 6 miles northeast of the Orange Walk Town along the bank of the New River. Surrounded by thousands of acres of lush cane plantations, the community uses the river for transportation of sugar through barges up to Belize City where it is sent abroad. Most villagers are very active cane farmers and rely on sugar cane as a source of income to their families. This community is the number one producer of sugar cane in the entire two divisions which are Corozal and Orange Walk. Since many Mestizos migrated from Yucatan during the Caste War, San Estevan has been known as a Mestizo community. An examination of the village and a water test verified that as a result of a deficient water source, the 250+ children attending the local school do not have access to clean, safe drinking water and neither do the parents and other residents of this village! Water Missions Belize ● Phone: US (843) 290-2993 Belize Number (501) 633-3308 ●

  2. Safe Water For San Estevan, Belize “..but whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life” John 4:14 Project Expenses Community Development (33%) Community Assessment (6%) Project Cost Estimate $24,000 * This Project will bring access to safe water to 3000 people $1,500 $8,000 $14,500 Community Assessment – The assessment has been completed, and the safe water solution proposed is to install a Living Water™ Treatment System in San Estevan. A submersible pump and solar panels will be used to bring water through the LWTS™. Water Missions Belize will be responsible for the installation, Health and Hygiene training, and assist with local safe water committee selection.. Equipment & Transportation (61%) Equipment & Transportation – Includes safe water system(s), associated hardware, overseas shipment, and local transportation to the receiving community. Community Development - • Initial installation and start-up of the safe water system • Sustainability training (operation, maintenance, and financing) • Health and hygiene training • 12-month monitoring and evaluation • Ministry plan for sharing the “Living Water” message will be implemented by Water Missions Belize. Changing lives through sustainable water systems