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Site Analysis PowerPoint Presentation
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Site Analysis

Site Analysis

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Site Analysis

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  1. Site Analysis

  2. Why Site Analysis The Site Analysis function maps your entire website in 3-D, reports on broken links and identifies slow loading pages, old pages, even pages consuming too many gigabytes.

  3. Immediate Results The Site Analysis is the only web spider built inside a browser. In real time, it creates instant Reports that show where the performance of your site needs improvement.

  4. Getting Started Step 1 of 7 From the eValid browser, type the URL of the website you want to map inside the address bar. Once there, click: Settings > Site Analysis Preferences.

  5. Site Analysis Preferences Step 2 of 7 Click on Site and Limits. Choose the: Depth of the connecting links (2, 3, ?) Time limit Number oflinks you want to map Number ofURLs limit Total Kbytes not to exceed.

  6. Site Analysis Modes Step 3 of 7 Choose from 3 Site Analysis Modes by clicking on Mode and Cache Control Background Mode (Quick): Fastest Full Map Limited Filters Background Mode (Normal): Very accurate Quicker Full Browser Mode: Most accurate Slowest

  7. Mode and Cache Control Step 4 of 7 Then mark the settings for the Cache Control: Delete cache, Never use cache, or Keep cookies

  8. Site Analysis Filters Step 5 of 7 After setting General Filters, selectAge and Size Filters for: - Loading Time - Age (days) - Byte size

  9. Site Analysis Complexity Filters Step 6 of 7 Next select the Complexity Filters (only available if you enabled Full Browser Mode), to determine: - Byte size - Links limit - HTML elements - Visible text charts

  10. Site Analysis Action & Reports Step 7 of 7 - Click the Site Analysis start icon - Once Site Analysis starts running the reports start running in real time and are: - Updated after each page - Show the process in progress - Results summary appears at the end

  11. eValid 3-D SiteMap eValid 3-D SiteMaps are generated after each Site Analysis run. Each chart is a complete presentation of your web site’s structure and of the interdependence of the URLs.

  12. eValid 3-D SiteMap The 3-D SiteMap charts help find the most central URLs, with the largest dependencies. Used most frequently, they have the greatest impact on website quality.

  13. eValid 3-D SiteMap The color-coded SiteMap is completely dynamic, adjustable and under user control. Rotate the 3D-SiteMap, zoom in on details. Get the facts immediately.

  14. Sample Broken Links Report The same information is also available in tabular reports.

  15. Sample Slow-Loading Page Report Gives all the pages slower than the time limit you set.

  16. Sample Too-Big Pages Report Shows all the pages exceeding the Kbytes you specified.

  17. Sample String-Match Pages Report Lists all the pages on the topic you chose.

  18. Sample Too-Old Pages Report Shows all the pages not updated since the time period you specified. You know where to improve your site!