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Mailing List Mania PowerPoint Presentation
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Mailing List Mania

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Mailing List Mania - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mailing List Mania

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Presentation Transcript

    Slide 1:Mailing List Mania

    An ACEware Webinar April 3, 2008 2-3 pm

    Slide 2:Our agenda for today . . .

    The name record ( its all about the codes) Keeping your lists in Student Manager Using the name flag labels / printing marked labels CASS certifying your list Name Data Tricks ( Pimp my name..) Querying for names Tracking a mailing

    Slide 3:Indicate in the Question/Answer box, what OTHER mailing list topics you might want to discuss today.

    Slide 4:Mailing List = Email List = Customer List


    Slide 5:What can the name record do for YOU??

    Subject / Interest Codes Organize by geographic location Specify demographics

    Slide 6:Its all in the codes!

    Interest / Subject codes Date of recent contact Location / Geographic Cluster Dont Forget User Defined Fields PLEASE PLEASE ! If youre not doing ANY coding begin with COURSE Subject Codes.

    Slide 7:Keeping all your eggs in one basket!

    Updates (one place to edit) Track outcomes Chuck Sez: Put Mailing List Data IN your Student Manager Why??????

    Slide 8:The Import Tool: ConvertW . . .

    Use this to Import your lists ( See your friendly HELP system for more details.) Just remind folks that there is a tool to easily add a mailing list to Student Manager.Just remind folks that there is a tool to easily add a mailing list to Student Manager.

    Slide 9:Handling Brochure Print Material Requests The Label Flag

    On the name screen, print the Label Flag option

    Slide 10:Printing Marked Labels

    If youd like, enter a quick reminder about what you need to send.

    Slide 11:Printing Marked Labels

    Instead of a query, you may click the Print marked labels

    Slide 12:Printing Marked Labels

    Only the names that were checked will be included in the report And you will be given an option to remove the Label Flag field checked on the name screen

    Slide 13:CASS Certification

    Corrects and standardizes addresses Ensures that every address on your list is deliverable Mailers who use CASS Certified mail may qualify for discounted postage rates Labels & Letters is Integrated to SM (See the Partner Link from our website) Costs 2-3 cents per address CASS = Coding Accuracy Support System

    Slide 14:You should . . .

    CASS Certify your Student Manager database periodically to ensure accurate delivery of ALL mail including individual pieces.

    Slide 15:Exporting for CASS Cert

    Slide 16:Exporting for CASS Cert

    Be certain to add a .dbf to your file name Then Send the file to Labels & Letters

    Slide 17:Importing CASS files

    Slide 18:Importing CASS files

    The BEAUTY of the Labels & Letters integration is that you CAN continue to work in Student Manager Add names Add registrations Add Interest Codes While you wait to get your file back

    Slide 19:CASS Certification

    Additional documentation on CASS certification is available from the United States Postal Service

    Slide 20:Name & Address Tips & Tricks

    Combining Duplicate Name Records Good twin, Evil Twin Type SSN/ID of Good twin over SSN/ID of Evil twin. ( System will allow you to merge records) Beautificatious Part is: All data from Evil twin is TRANSFERRED to Good twin

    Slide 21:Name & Address Tips & Tricks

    Alt + 0 (Zero) - Manually edit the City and State on a Name record

    Slide 22:Name & Address Tips & Tricks

    Set your Preference (name Preferences) to: Warn if entering duplicate email address (system admin must do this)

    Slide 23:Name & Address Tips & Tricks

    To locate a city in the zip code table Modules / Zip Codes / Find Zip Code

    Slide 24:Name & Address Tips & Tricks

    Alt + V - pastes data from current Name record into new Name record (Edit | Paste Name) Alt + W - copies (clones) data from current record into clipboard (Edit | Clone Name) Alt + 3 - Copies the Name, Address, Day Phone, and Email Address (in block format) from the open Name record. The block can then be pasted into a document Name Record Only Shortcuts

    Slide 25:Mailing List Maintenance

    UtilityW Hey.. Great idea for future Webinar, huh?

    Slide 26:Who will we mail to?

    Slide 27:Excluding names

    Click this option to exclude names marked as Do Not Mail Dont mail

    Slide 28:Beginning at a specific label

    Slide 29:Logging a mailing

    Place a check next to Record CRM Entry CRM Module Required

    Slide 30:Logging a mailing

    After the report prints, you see the LOG CRM Entry dialog box Dont forget to log the reason for the mailing

    Slide 31:Selecting names . . . its all about the queries

    Slide 32:Query Case Studies

    Folks interested in ACEware classes who have had some contact with us in the last 18 months Folks interested in computer classes where they had expressed interest is in the last year (interest code date) Zip code range Anybody whos taken any one of five interest codes Every body EXCEPT those who have taken a class within the last year

    Slide 33:Tracking Mailings

    Add a Code to the Mail Label (if YOU print) Have your Mail House add a code Color Code your pieces Use Stoning ( have your Printer put a code on the mail piece) ??

    Slide 34:Tracking on A label

    **123X** Tracking Code: Code the Label with the List you used

    Slide 35:Questions?

    Exploring Student Manager Modules April 15th 2 PM CST Email Module Tips and Tricks April 17th 2 PM CST Upcoming Webinars.