chapter 7 online advertising marketing l.
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CHAPTER 7: Online Advertising & Marketing PowerPoint Presentation
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CHAPTER 7: Online Advertising & Marketing

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CHAPTER 7: Online Advertising & Marketing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CHAPTER 7: Online Advertising & Marketing By Group H: Kim Pace Matt Kluger Tara Flynn Marc Buontempo Kavita Kusumgar BUAD477-11 Banner Ads Criticized but dominant online advertising method

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CHAPTER 7: Online Advertising & Marketing

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chapter 7 online advertising marketing
CHAPTER 7:Online Advertising & Marketing

By Group H:

Kim Pace

Matt Kluger

Tara Flynn

Marc Buontempo

Kavita Kusumgar


online advertising
Banner Ads

Criticized but dominant online advertising method

“A rectangular box, usually horizontal on the page that contains advertising material.”- Internet Marketing


Aka “pop-ups”

Appear while other material is loading

Interfere with loading speed

Click through rates higher than static banner ads

Online Advertising
banner ads interstitials
Banner Ads & Interstitials
  • Static to Dynamic
  • Rich Media
    • Dynamic images
    • 3-D images
    • Mouse-overs
  • Interactive Marketing Units (IMUs)
    • 2001
    • Larger
    • Meaningful graphics
    • flash demonstration
  • What this means?
    • Other advertising formats are arising to take the place of the static banner
  • Kool Design Maker
    • Kool Design Maker Website
how banner ads interstitials are changing
How Banner Ads & Interstitials Are Changing
  • Ad Serving Trend Report Double Click Q3 2004
  • Online Advertising becoming like other forms of media => More Predictable
  • Larger Units the new standard
    • 1st: Banner (25.2 %)
    • 2nd: Leaderboard (9.3%)
    • 3rd: Skyscrapers (10%)
    • 4th: Large Rectangles (5.3%)
  • Click rates more stable recently after years of decline
doubleclick com trend report Trend Report
  • Rich Media rates steady after a decline in 2003
  • Rich media click rates typically 5X higher than non-rich
doubleclick com trend report6 Trend Report
  • More than 5X conversions resulted from view-through (not click-through)
frequency capping
Frequency Capping
  • How often user exposed to particular advertisement can be manually controlled
  • Limits number of exposures to unique users
  • Rarely used
  • Useful for:
    • Online reach for a given demographic group
    • Cap so that frequent users not overexposed & light users more likely to view ads
  • “Online Advertisers are still stretching their legs in terms of adopting various techniques to improve the performance of their online advertising.” -Double Click Q3 2004 Ad Serving Trend Report
search engines
Search Engines
  • Used by virtually all internet users
  • All search engines are different
  • 3 primary ways to use search engines
    • Keywords
    • Title Tags
    • Meta Tags
search engines in marketing
Search Engines in Marketing
  • Marketers should learn how different engines work
  • Should adopt a forecasting plan
    • Identifies spending in relation to sales impact
    • Determine volume with cost per acquisition
    • Select most effective mix of keywords
blogcritics org what are the most effective emarketing tools “What are the Most Effective eMarketing Tools?”
  • “Which ones (eMarketing Tools) do work best?.... -- the ones you can easily track and see how what you spend leads directly to sales” - Scott Frangos
  • To be successful advertisers must focus on reliable eMarketing methods, mainly:
    • Affiliate Programs
    • eNewsletters (a.k.a. and directly related to email marketing)
    • Pay-per-click search engine listings
    • And to some degree RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds such as those you subscribed to for class through
understanding affiliate programs
Understanding Affiliate Programs
  • Taking advantage of affiliate programs helps to bring new customers, and clearly qualifies as a customer acquisition technique
  • Websites can advertise each other with this method
  • Examples on the web:
    • Amazon's Affiliate Marketing Program Site
    • Buad 477 Class Blog
  • Affiliate program directors and their participants can track per sale and/or per click and be able to determine what there cut of the transaction is.
e mail marketing
E-Mail Marketing
  • Offers a fast, flexible, and highly controllable format.
  • Can be developed quickly, tested, and revised on the fly.
  • E-mail marketing has an extremely wide reach and is cheap on a per customer contact basis
  • Spam
    • Unsolicited, irresponsible, and measures are being put in place to curb it
    • Turntide Anti-Spam Router Website
e mail recipient acquisition techniques
E-mail Recipient Acquisition Techniques
  • Opt-out
  • Opt-in
  • Double opt-in
  • When searching for leads, marketers should always choose quality over quantity
  • Privacy Policies
back to the article
Back to the Article…
  • The author emphasizes that eNewsletters are the most effective way for reputable companies to advertise through email.
    • Topica provides businesses with eNewsletter services
  • When commenting on why eNewsletters are so effective:

“Newsletters take time and deserve a quality editing process. The better written they are, the better are your results…A newsletter, well written, develops a sort of bond with your customers. ”

  • “Smart” Autoresponders
    • New tools to help marketers achieve customer loyalty by easily customizing mass emails
wrapping things up
Wrapping things up…
  • The article’s bottom line on the topic of email marketing is you have to budget your time and expense – and if that means paying more to use the opt-in technique, then so be it.
  • The author also stresses that affiliate marketing is both cost effective, fast, and far reaching in this quote:
    • “A well managed affiliate program (sometimes called ‘viral’ marketing because it spreads so quickly), can pay off in a big way without any up front costs of advertising other than to install and announce it.”
  • In summation, with eMarketing you have to
    • “pay for results -- not just ‘placement’, extend your reach ‘virally’, when possible, and use smart systems (like auto respondents) to get the economic advantage in your marketing.”