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Florida-Friendly Best Management Practices for Protection of Water Resources by the Green Industries PowerPoint Presentation
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Florida-Friendly Best Management Practices for Protection of Water Resources by the Green Industries

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Florida-Friendly Best Management Practices for Protection of Water Resources by the Green Industries - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Florida-Friendly Best Management Practices for Protection of Water Resources by the Green Industries. INSTRUCTOR TRAINING PROGRAM. Refresher Training . Updated 04/26/12. House Keeping. One hour long Take notes Ask questions at any time Follow up email and class evaluation.

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Presentation Transcript


Best Management Practices

for Protection of Water Resources by the Green Industries


Refresher Training

Updated 04/26/12


House Keeping

  • One hour long
  • Take notes
  • Ask questions at any time
  • Follow up email and class evaluation

Refresher Training

  • By the end of this refresher training you will be able to:
  • Organize and teach GI-BMP classes in 2012
  • Describe the 2011 program updates

Maintaining Instructor Certification

  • Follow the prescribed content
  • Keep current with all GI-BMP materials
  • Use only the most current versions of all materials
  • Follow the length of time allotted for each module
  • Complete refreshers and follow updates
  • Teach at least one class per year

GI-BMP Certificate of Training

  • It belongs to the participant
  • Participants need to keep the original and submit copies if needed
  • Does not require renewal

Limited Certification for Urban Landscape Commercial Fertilizer (Appendix 7)

  • All commercial fertilizer applicators, by January 1, 2014
  • Application, GI-BMP cert., picture and $25
  • Holders exempt from further local testing
  • Not required for private or institutional applicators
    • Institutional applicators may be required to obtain GI-BMP training per local ordinance

Limited Certification for Urban Landscape Commercial Fertilizer

  • Authority to apply only fertilizers in urban landscapes for commercial gain
  • Does not authorize:
    • Application of pesticides, including pesticide-fertilizer mixes [i.e. weed and feed]
    • Operation of pest control business
    • Application of pesticides or fertilizers by unlicensed or uncertified individuals under the supervision of a certified person

Class Fee

  • Modest reimbursement for training expenses [$15-$30] – classroom rental, copies, other materials, etc.
  • If charging more than $30, you need to submit a justification to central office
  • FDEP does not permit any type of compensation for instructors, except as part of normal duties of employment

When delivering the GI-BMP training, you are representing the values and the professionalism of the program. 


Instructor Login

  • Resources required to organize a class
  • Register classes
  • Download the latest version of the class materials

Will change soon!


Continuing Education Units

  • Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS)
    • 2 Core CEUs and 2 additional CEUs for the following licenses:
      • Private Applicator - Agriculture
      • Ornamental & Turf
      • Limited Lawn & Ornamental
      • Limited Landscape Maintenance
      • Commercial Lawn and Ornamental
    • Current number Spanish and English 13318
    • [validity of one year, new ones in 2013]
  • Florida Nursery Growers & Landscape Association (FNGLA)
    • 4 CEUS

Registering Classes

  • Register all classes 30 days in advance
  • Complete an electronic form online [Instructor Login]
  • Only certified instructors can register classes
  • Classes not officially registered >> no training certificates






Registration Waiver

  • If a class is outside the 30 day registration period
  • Complete form [Appendix 24]
  • Requests will be based on:
      • Weather idling the workforce
      • Unexpected or uncontrollable event
  • Approved by the Statewide Coordinator and the Regional Coordinators

Class Cancellations

  • Notify state office – online form
  • Notify registered participants [by phone]
  • For insufficient enrollment:
    • Under 10 registered
    • 3 days notice



Training Record

  • All attendees must complete one
  • Must be legible
  • Must be signed
  • New form
  • Available in Spanish
  • Reproduce in white or light color paper
  • No TR, no certificate!



Training Record

Pre-fill the class info before copying

Are they in the database?

DOB / PIN: Student ID & online access



Where to mail?



New Test Scanable Forms

  • Request test in advance [estimate number]
  • Allow extra time for instructions and bubbling
  • Use new instruction presentation as aid
  • Destroy unused tests


  • Pre-test to assess level of knowledge prior to training
  • Customized for each class
  • 40 Questions [8 per module]
  • Passing score 75% [30/40]
  • Scanable forms [new]
  • Multiple choice and True/False questions
  • Time 30 min [extra time?]
  • Cover all the key points during training




marking instructions
Marking Instructions
  • Completely fill in the “bubble” correct answer
  • Mark only one answer
  • Erase completely if changing answer
  • Do not make any other marks

Q:What if you run out of scantron exams?

A: You can make photo copies of the forms


Q:What if you do not receive the exams in time?

A: Contact the central office, and they will send you a PDF printable copy over email.


Test: Other Languages

  • Instructors can make the required accommodations for simultaneous translation of the test
  • Students are required to complete the written test in English or in Spanish :
    • Supervision of the instructor
    • Follow test guidelines described in the Instructor Manual
  • Instructors are not required to provide this service
  • Participants need to inform the lead instructor in advance

Review before the Test

  • Recommended
  • Based on the key learning points [Instructor Manual, Section 4]
  • A word by word review is NOT approved

Processing Documents

  • Send completed class materials to the GI-BMP Data Manager
      • Class Transmittal Form (Appendix 23)
      • Class registration and attendance list(s)
      • A legible, signed training record form for each attendee
      • Completed pre- and post-tests
      • Completed class evaluations
  • Alphabetical order appreciated
  • Keep copies as back up
  • Certificate processing time 2 weeks
  • Questions? Contact State Office

Transmittal Form

  • Information to process the class documents
  • Official record of the class
  • Presenter names for all modules
  • Include all instructors
  • Must be on top of materials


error in spanish manual
Error in Spanish Manual

Page 30, drop spreader should not be used when applying sulfur coated fertilizer.

Corrected statement:

“Debido a la frágil consistencia de la capa de azufre, muchos de estos productos no deberían ser aplicados con un aplicador de caída libre donde los gránulos caen directamente hacia abajo.”


Online GI-BMP Class

Two Testing Options:


Senior Instructors

  • GI-BMP certified instructors proficient in GI-BMP subject matters
  • Considerable training experience
  • Authorized by FDEP to assist with the training of new instructors
  • Assist the RC with training new instructors [co-training ]

Other Updates

  • Operation Cleansweep no longer in service
  • Launching a DVD and workbook [CITT]
  • Revising Powerpoint presentations [CITT]
    • New Module 1: Overview

Thank you!

Nonpoint Source Management Section

Florida Department of Environmental Protection