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Unified School District 231 Classified Employee Handbook PowerPoint Presentation
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Unified School District 231 Classified Employee Handbook

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Unified School District 231 Classified Employee Handbook - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unified School District 231 Classified Employee Handbook. Highlights, expectations and answers to frequently asked questions. Prepared by Eric Hansen Director of Business & Finance September 2008. Expectations & Deadlines. Read handbook within 15 days

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unified school district 231 classified employee handbook

Unified School District 231 Classified Employee Handbook

Highlights, expectations

and answers to

frequently asked questions.

Prepared by Eric Hansen

Director of Business & Finance

September 2008

expectations deadlines
Expectations & Deadlines
  • Read handbook within 15 days
  • Complete Handbook Acknowledgement

form on page five

  • Return signed Acknowledgment form

to Human Resources Dept.

previous handbooks
Previous Handbooks

This handbook supersedes all previous handbooks and manuals.

usd 231 mission statement
USD 231 Mission Statement

Empower all students to meet the challenges of the future.

classified at will employees
Classified / “At-Will” Employees
  • Classified employees are engaged in "at will" employment relationships.
  • What does this mean?
    • This means that either you or USD 231 can end the employment relationship at any time, with or without notice, for any reason or no reason at all.
technology acceptable use policy
Technology Acceptable Use Policy
  • Handbook includes the district’s previously adopted Acceptable Use Policy (A.U.P.) for Technology.
  • The A.U.P. can be found in its entirety in the Employee Resources section of the School District website.
open door management style
“Open Door” Management Style
  • USD 231 values input from our employees and

is committed to maintaining a work

environment where everyone can

communicate openly and without fear of

retaliation or discrimination.

  • USD 231 encourages employees

to have open discussions with

their Supervisors and

Management to

communicate their

views and concerns.

employment definitions
Employment Definitions

Classified / Non-exempt

* Employees whose positions are not designated as executive or administrative per federal and state wage and hour laws.

* Employees are paid time and one half of their regular rate of pay for any hours worked in excess of 40 per week.

employment status definitions cont
Employment Status Definitions cont.
  • Full‑Time - Employees scheduled to work at least 1,820 hours and/or 10.5 months per year.
    • Full-Time staff are eligible for all USD 231 benefits.
  • Part-Time - Employees regularly scheduled to work at least 630 hours but less than 1,820 hours or 10 ½ months per year.
    • Part-Time staff receive all mandated benefits (such as Social Security, KPERS and workers’ compensation insurance) but are currently ineligible for USD 231’s employer paid benefit programs.
    • Part-Time employees may purchase insurance benefits on a voluntary basis excluding health insurance.
introductory probationary period
Introductory Probationary Period
  • The first ninety (90) days of employment is a “Probationary” period.
  • During this time, USD 231

management will assess

your compatibility with

your position and progress

with the organization and

make a determination regarding

your continued employment.

performance appraisals
Performance Appraisals
  • Performance evaluations will be conducted byMarch 31st of every year.
  • A Supervisor or Building Administrator will conduct the assessment, which will then be added to the employee’s personnel file.
  • The evaluation process may include consideration of performance, attendance, cooperation, reliability, compliance with procedures and skills.
  • USD 231 reserves the right to conduct individual performance reviews more frequently, should circumstances warrant.
personnel information
Employees are responsible for notifying the Human Resources Department or the Business Office of any changes in address, phone numbers and family status, as insurance and benefits may be affected. Personnel Information
work schedules breaks
Work Schedules & Breaks
  • Supervisors set schedules and communicate to employees
  • Requests to change work schedules must be provided in writing to Supervisors
  • All employees are permitted to take a 15 minute break if scheduled to work at least a minimum of four hours.
  • Employees scheduled to work in excess of four hours will be permitted a 30 minute meal break.
attendance standards
Attendance Standards
  • If arriving late, leaving early or not reporting to work for any reason (unless due to an emergency), employees must inform their Supervisor ASAP through “direct contact”.
  • This must occur no later than one hour prior to the scheduled start of your workday.
  • Leaving voicemail or sending email is not considered “direct contact.”
  • If unable to reach a Supervisor, employees must leave a message and call back to speak directly to their Supervisor.
  • Failure to call in properly will be considered an unreported absence, and may result in disciplinary action.
absences and tardies
Absences and Tardies
  • Absences, due to illness, of three or more consecutive workdays, require employees to provide a written doctor’s statement to their Supervisor.
  • If an employee is absent for three or more consecutive workdays without properly contacting their Supervisor, it will be assumed that the employee has voluntarily resigned.
  • Five or more absences or tardies during any quarter may also lead to disciplinary action.
appearance standards
Appearance Standards
  • Attire considered inappropriate includes but is not limited to: shorts or skorts (unless approved by a supervisor); skirts with hem shorter than arms length; T-shirts (not including district issued T-Shirts); tank, tube or halter tops; bare midriff or cropped tops; strapless or spaghetti strap tops or dresses; lounge wear, sweat clothes or athletic wear; jewelry that interferes with professional appearance; clothing with degrading or offensive slogans; caps, hats or bandanas.
  • Any employee, who, in the discretion of management, is not appropriately dressed, may be sent home to change due to inappropriate attire.
  • In accordance with the Drug Free Schools Act, smoking is not allowed at any time on District property and in District owned vehicles.
  • USD 231 does not condone “smoke breaks” during normal working hours.
  • Employees who violate this policy will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.
  • Classified employees will be

compensated on a biweekly

basis (every two weeks).

  • If a payday occurs on a holiday,

checks will be issued on the

last workday preceding the holiday.

  • For employees who do not utilize direct deposit, paychecks will be distributed directly to the employee unless written notice is given.
  • If an employee is absent on payday, his or her payroll check will be kept until claimed by the employee, or, upon written request, mailed to the employee’s home.
direct deposit
Direct Deposit
  • Direct deposit allows employees to have their paychecks deposited directly into their personal checking and/or savings accounts on payday.
  • Employees must complete a Direct Deposit form and submit a voided check to the Payroll Clerk to enroll.
overtime pay clarification
Overtime Pay Clarification
  • Time worked, Holiday hours & Vacation time will be used to calculate overtime.
  • Paid time off for Sick Leave, Personal Business and Bereavement are not considered “hours worked.”
  • Overtime must

be approved by

a supervisor.

kansas public employees retirement system
Kansas Public Employees Retirement System
  • Membership in KPERS is mandatory for all employees scheduled to work at least 3.5 hours per day for 180 days or 630 hours per year.
  • Employees currently contribute 4% of gross earnings to fund a personal

retirement account.

  • Employees hired after

July 1, 2009 will contribute

6% of gross earnings.

  • Additional benefits include

life insurance and long-term


vacation time
Vacation Time

Full-time employees are entitled to paid vacation based upon the schedule below.

paid holidays
Paid Holidays

Full-time employees are entitled to the following paid holidays:

sick personal leave benefits
Sick & Personal Leave Benefits
  • All part-time and full-time classified employees receive sick leave benefits.
  • Eligible employees accrue sick leave benefits monthly based on the number of hours worked daily.
  • Classified employees are granted four personal days per year to be deducted from sick leave.
bereavement leave
Bereavement Leave
  • In the event an employee suffers the loss of a spouse, parent, legal guardian, child, brother or sister-in-law, grandparent, grandchild, daughter or son-in-law, or any other relative living in the employee’s household, accrued sick leave may be used to cover the absence from work.
emergency closings and inclement weather closings
Emergency Closings and Inclement Weather Closings
  • When operations are officially closed due to emergency conditions, time off from scheduled work will be unpaid.
  • Employees may use available leave such as unused vacation or personal leave benefits.
  • Conversely, sick leave may not be used.
  • Employees in essential operations may be asked to work on a day when operations are officially closed. In these circumstances, employees who work will receive regular pay.
questions and answers
Questions and Answers?
  • If I have questions, who do I visit with or call?
  • Human Resources Dept.
  • Immediate Supervisor
  • Building Administrator