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take home examS. Finding Threads and Themes. Contents. Exam Outline The Process Writing Tips from Blackboard A Metaphor?. Exam-Assignment outline. Final Exam (20\%+ 5\% )

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take home exams

take home examS

Finding Threads and Themes

  • Exam Outline
  • The Process
  • Writing
  • Tips from Blackboard
  • A Metaphor?
exam assignment outline
Exam-Assignment outline
  • Final Exam (20%+5%)
  • The last seminar – the week of November 25-29 will be a general review of the key themes to consider when you are writing your final take home exam
  • The final take home exam will be posted on Bb on Tuesday after the FNP 100 lecture
  • As per the Course Outline (CO) – the School of Nutrition policy is that you must pass the final exam with at least 50% to pass the course
outline continued
Outline continued
  • An electronic version of your exam must be submitted through Turnitin submission on Bb
  • Check with your faculty facilitator whether a hard copy of your final exam is required and how to submit the hard copy.
  • This is your final exam for the course, and Ryerson policy described in your course outline applies. No exam will be accepted after the due date and time unless there are extenuating circumstances…
  • We open the turnitin site for the final exam at the time that the final exam questions are posted – we will set the turnitin site to enable you to check for plagiarizing in advance, using draft copies… but do not leave it until the last minute… as the number of students entering the system increases – the ability to access feed-back from turnitin decreases…
outline continued1
Outline continued
  • Label your submission by using your first and last name and FNP100_FINAL only. Cut and paste the question (including the number) that you have selected at the beginning of your answer. 
  • Read the questions carefully and think about the many these from each week of the course… using your reflective skills think about how themes and threads of meaning…
  • Consider the course objectives [course outline], readings, additional resources posted to Bb, lecture notes and seminar/portal discussions/postings.
  • Your answers should be well organized and integrative, looking for themes and threads. A complete answer will include a title, and introduction and a conclusion and will also include 'nuggets panned' from several articles provided in the course through Bb and from the print reserve.
  • Be clear, concise, double space and acknowledge sources using APA format.
the process
The Process
  • Focus on the questions that are required and begin by creating bullet points from various seminar/ lecture themes that will help you to write up the answers
  • Check with your professor to see if you need to also hand in a print copy
  • Allot time before the due date of the exam to consider how you might want to create the answers
the process1
The process

This is very important! Time management is key to successfully completing this assignment. Here are some tips on how to accomplish this:

  • Make outlines (just as you did for the essay and another to outline your process and what you will be doing each day)
  • Avoid spending to much time reading; get down to the writing
  • This assignment will take some time, so do not leave it until a few days before it is due
  • For the optional questions:

When you are reading the options, is there one that really interests you, that you have an immediate emotional reaction to?

Does one of the options seem to ‘write itself’? Can you already come up with a thesis and a few ideas for supportive paragraphs?

  • Treat the assignment as an essay assignment and fulfill all the requirements of the previous assignment. Include:
  • A Title (that is creative and declarative)
  • An introduction that contextualizes your discussion in a larger framework and then introduces your thesis statement and key concepts at the end
  • A discussion structure that matches the order of key concepts as they are presented in the introduction; discussion should draw from resources in order to support your main argument. Draw from:

-Course Outline

-Course Readings (“panning for gold” – key themes)

-Additional Resources Posted to Bb

-Lecture Notes

-Seminar exercises/Portal Discussions

  • Conclusion that sums up your main argument and key concepts; it should end on a memorable note (especially as this is the last time this reader will be exposed to your writing through this course)
  • USE APA Fromat!
  • Double space
  • Title page, running head, page numbers, in-text citations (see online for special use of lecture notes, blog discussions, etc.), reference list on this exam should immediately follow the questions…
  • Most importantly:
    • Bring up THEMES and THREADS from the course
    • Reviewing of the key themes and threads will be discussed in the final Seminar during the week of November 25-29
  • Your instructor will not be providing answers but will provide memories of themes and threads that occurred over the term… and your colleagues will share their learning and perhaps strategies that they plan to use in writing the final exam
  • The final exam will be submitted as 1 paper with several questions to answer – not a separate submission for each question
tips from blackboard
Tips from Blackboard

Be absolutely sure to read this document from the course:

-On ‘blackboard (Bb)’

-Under ‘Assignment and Final Exam Resources’

-Connect with the turnitin drop box for the final exam

tips from blackboard1
Tips from Blackboard
  • Importance placed on framing, rationalization, and explanation of your definition (or ‘take’ or personal perspective).
  • 1-2 main ideas per paragraph
  • Increasing vocabulary (use terminology from the course—use these key words and phrases to punctuate your paper (1-2 per paragraph?)
a metaphor
A Metaphor?

Is there a metaphor or symbol that can used to represent:

-the course

-your perspective on the course

Use this metaphor for your title, thesis, and idea that threads together your essay in order to create flow and connections

a metaphor1
A Metaphor?
  • This course was like…
  • What metaphors come to mind when thinking back upon the experience of this course?