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bring cavesim to nss convention 2014 n.
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Bring CaveSim to NSS Convention 2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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Bring CaveSim to NSS Convention 2014

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Bring CaveSim to NSS Convention 2014
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Bring CaveSim to NSS Convention 2014

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  1. Bring CaveSim toNSS Convention2014

  2. What is CaveSim? • 60 ft of constructed crawling passage • Computer software tracks caving skills with video game-like scoring

  3. Artificial cave formations + electronic sensors to detect damage or bumps to the cave

  4. Artificial cave life & artifacts with electronic sensors too!

  5. Why bring CaveSim to Convention? • Popular at NSS Cons. 2011, 2012, & 2013 Test your caving skills Free at Convention Speleolympics Jr. Speleological Society Speleolympics Communication Challenge at MayaCon: stringing field phones through CaveSim without “damaging” the cave Photo by Natalie Pheasant. Educate general public Great for cavers of all ages!

  6. Who’s behind CaveSim? Tracy Jackson NSS 60741 Dave Jackson NSS 60740: Life Photos in Huccacove Cave, Williams Canyon, Manitou Springs, Colorado Electrical Engineer Cave Construction Inventor Science Teacher Geologist Cave Artist Southern Colorado Mountain Grotto Members

  7. But we have an alternative plan: Dave & Tracy can’t make the trip this year because Tracy is pregnant, due July 31.

  8. The Plan: Colorado cavers drive CaveSim to Huntsville, AL – Dave Lester (former NSS BOG member) and Jeff Polk (NCRC instructor) Volunteers are signing up to operate CaveSim at Convention You can help! Post-Convention, Colorado cavers drive CaveSim back to Colorado.

  9. How much $ to move 7 Tons? • ~$1,267 Diesel 2,512mi round trip CO to Huntsville @ 8.8 mpg, 286 gal. Est $4.44/gal. • ~$475 Truck wear Tires last 20k mi towing. $1000 for new tires, or $126 for this trip. Oil change ($120). Percentage of recent work for new alternator ($400), injection system, & glow plugs ($880) • ~$500 Trailer wear Tires wear fast (need new tires after <5000mi). $200 for tires this trip. $800 hitch ($100 for this trip). $200 undercarriage work planned. New exterior lighting and DOT tape. • ~$300 Electronics wear upgrade to generation II sensors, add shock absorbers Source: • ~$440 Human wear 36.5 hours driving round trip, 3 nights in hotels each way • Total goal: $2982 Raised so far: $1350 (45% of goal)

  10. How can you help? VOLUNTEER to run CaveSim for half a day at Convention. Email or call Dave Jackson: or 914 330 7824 SPONSOR THE TRIP One grotto sponsored $600, but any amount helps! Checks can be made to CaveSim LLC and sent to 13 Kreg Lane, Manitou Springs, CO 80829 Cavers (both adults and kids) waiting to explore CaveSim at MayaCon. Photo by Natalie Pheasant. TELL FRIENDS VISIT CAVESIM AT CONVENTION

  11. What do you get for sponsoring? GRATITUDE: Thank you for bringing CaveSim to NSS Con 2014! SPONSOR SIGN on CaveSim at NSS Con 2014 WEB THANKS on Facebook & Sponsor Signs thanking CaveSim 2013 sponsors.

  12. Frequently Asked Questions: Q: Is CaveSim a non-profit? A: No, CaveSim is a for-profit limited liability corporation, though as a new startup, we haven’t turned a profit yet! This is why Dave and Tracy both have other fulltime jobs. We’re in this so we can share our love of cave conservation with others. Q: What is our sponsorship money used for? A: ONLY to pay for what is listed on the earlier slide: Expenses related to transporting CaveSim to and from the 2014 NSS Convention in Huntsville. Your sponsorship will NOT be used for: Paying volunteers, convention registration, or our time. Q: My Grotto wants a cave to use for cave conservation education and search and recue training. How do we get one? A: We love helping other groups build caves and have some experience in this area. Check out for details. CaveSim is protected by US patent 8574085, and is a trademark.

  13. Who’s already sponsoring? • Grottos: • Other groups: Vendors: Jeff Martin of IMO gives Dave a sponsorship check at the 2013 NSS Convention.

  14. Why we need your sponsorship • Some South Eastern grottos are small, and many have told us they want to sponsor but have no budget. • We can’t do this alone (Dave and Tracy volunteer a huge amount of time building & maintaining CaveSim). • We’re half way there and convention is just ~2 ½ months away! Dave Jackson building CaveSim. Self portrait.

  15. Questions? • Call or email Dave any time (including right now). • cell: 914 330 7824 • • Visit to see more pictures of past events An evac team practices moving a patient in a sked through CaveSim at an NCRC Orientation to Cave Rescue, Glenwood Springs, CO, April 2013. Photo by Dave Jackson

  16. Summary: Please help sponsor CaveSim at the 2014 NSS Convention! “It’s the best educational tool for caving I’ve ever seen. All that’s missing is mud.” Winnie Miller, at MayaCon Photo: Chris’ first experience with caving, in CaveSim. By Phil Barnett