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People . Sarah Zerafa and Amisha Patel. Sarah’s Text. Hi! Amisha, I'm on jet plane it’s very fast. I’m very surprised. I know I'll be c ing u at The Peninsula Tokyo!!! C u. . Amisha’s Text.

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Sarah Zerafa and Amisha Patel

sarah s text
Sarah’s Text

Hi! Amisha, I'm on jet plane it’s very fast. I’m very surprised. I know I'll be c ing u at The Peninsula Tokyo!!! C u.

amisha s text
Amisha’s Text

Hey Sarah, wassup? Im in my car on the way to the airport. C u at the hotel in bout 20hrs time!!!

our im chat on the way to our hotel
Our IM chat on the way to our hotel.

Amisha : hi SarahSarah : How R UAmisha : I M CoolAmisha : what bout USarah : this Shinkansen (bullet train) is very fast. Can't wait 2 C U!!! Sarah : its so fast I almost dropped my laptopAmisha : really? I m in my car the 1986 Black Volkswagen RabbitSarah : coolAmisha : the traffic is very slowAmisha : I m on my way to TokyoSarah : this train is so fast!!!Amisha : almost to my hotel The Peninsula Tokyo its a 5 star hotel. Sarah : really? that's where I'm going I'm there already! its very posh!Amisha : I booked the tickets from Australia on this following website : OMG!!! Me tooSarah : this is going to be awesome!!Amisha : yeahAmisha : g2gAmisha : I'm checking in Sarah : meet me at my room, no. 15Amisha : I m room number 11Sarah : cool c u there!

going separate ways im chat
Going separate Ways: IM Chat

Amisha : Hi SarahSarah : Hello Amisha, I'm going to miss uAmisha : Yeh I m going to miss you too!!Sarah : I'm going to one of those tiny islands north of Japan!!! I'm very excitedSarah : I'm going to HokkaidoAmisha : The next hotel I am going to is Onsenji Yumedono Its really posh but also cheap!! how cool is thatAmisha : Only 33,000 - 40,000 yen!!! I know only 700 bucks!!Amisha : That also a really posh hotel. right now I am thinking that Australians are ripping us off!Sarah : I have to fly to Hokkaido to go to the Keio Plaza Sapporo. It is 36 mins by Airport Shuttle from Chistsoe Airport. 5 min walk from Junior Sapporo Stn.Sarah : I cant wait! Oh, sorry I'm at the airport now! g2g!!!Amisha : k bye

Sarah: Bye!!!!

amisha s text1
Amisha’s Text

Hey Im exploring Mt Fuji it is soooo tall!!!

I am exhausted! I cant wait to get back to my

room!!! C U in Aus!!

multimedia message
Multimedia message

Hey this is where im going!!!! Hokkaido!