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People to People

People to People

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People to People

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  1. My Character People to People By Kelly Lynch

  2. Mark O'Neill • The person I would like to do my people to people documentary on is my Uncle; Mark O’Neill. Mark is a 48 years old and from Harlow, Essex. On 4th August 2013 Mark is completing a bike ride for the Great Ormond Street hospital charity, a charity close to his heart after his 22-year-old son was treated there for years from birth.

  3. Mark

  4. The Event… • The event Mark is doing is Ride London which takes place on 4th August 2013. It is an Olympic road race on the roads of London and the Surrey Hills. It takes place just before the top cyclists race, and is a 100 mile course that he hopes to complete in less then 9 hours. •

  5. What I want my documentary to include… • I want my documentary to be all about why Mark is doing this bike ride, his training and what the charity means to him. As the bike ride is not taking place until August 2013, that the actual event will not be able to be shown in my documentary, which I am aware could be an issue as after people are informed all about the bike ride and charity they will be assuming they will see the actual event, however I want the film to show his reasons behind doing this event and to raise awareness for the charity and what they do. • I think this documentary could appeal to many people, especially those interested in good causes and charity. As well as this, I think many could relate to what he is doing if they themselves are fundraisers or know people who have had similar experience to that of Mark’s with his sons illness’ over the years, as well as mainly those who Great Ormond Street means a lot to them as it does to Mark.

  6. The Charity • After speaking to Mark about this event, he told me how important it is to him. He first said that his main goal is just to raise as much money as possible for Great Ormond Street to thank them for all they have done for his son Ross over the years. He then added that he wanted to do Ride London to raise money as a personal achievement, instead of any other kind of event, as he wanted to set himself personally a real challenge in order to raise money. He adds that he has been training as much as possible out of work and really hopes to complete the 100 mile bike ride in less then 9 hours. • Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) is the charity Mark has chosen. His son Ross, now 22, first got admitted there onto the Peter Pan ward in September 1990 at just 7 weeks old after various problems and was treated there for many years after. Mark adds that he is doing this not just for his son and all the other ill children, but for the ‘amazing dedicated staff’ he had the ‘pleasure of meeting’ over all the years. He said “This is a thank you to all those people and to all the children that have moved on to another magical place”.

  7. Images Ross in GOSH, meeting Princess Dianna Ross O’Neill as a baby (Mark’s son)

  8. Mark’s page to raise money •