how to become a 1 player in the oil gas industry n.
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How to become a #1 player in the Oil & Gas industry? PowerPoint Presentation
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How to become a #1 player in the Oil & Gas industry?

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How to become a #1 player in the Oil & Gas industry? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to become a #1 player in the Oil & Gas industry?. By a competent national workforce. Paul Koop 4 th Basra International Oil & Gas Conference December 2013. Program. • Introduction Quercus Technical Services. • How to stimulate interest of young Iraqi nationals to choose technology?.

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how to become a 1 player in the oil gas industry

How to become a #1 playerin the Oil & Gas industry?

By a competent national workforce

Paul Koop

4th Basra International Oil & Gas Conference

December 2013



• Introduction Quercus Technical Services

• How to stimulate interest of young Iraqi nationals to choose technology?

•How to make a program that suits the oil and gas industry?

•How do we find the balance in order to cover all vacancies?

•How do we obtain an excellent workforce?

•How do we bridge the gap between young graduates and existing workforce?


Introduction Quercus Technical Services

Inspections, consultancy, Support and Vocational Training

With a strong focus on the oil & gas industry

For Installation compliance throughout the Life Cycle of your assets with high performance, availability and safety

Our motto: competency gives you safety

Track record Quercus Technical Services (an excerpt)

Shell International – Shell Nigeria - BASF/Wintershall - GDF Suez - Total – BP – Vattenvall – Eon Petrofac Centrica Energy – Venture – Schneider Electric - ABB - Van Oord Dredging – Jan de Nul Dredging Noble Drilling U.K. – Eaton Holec – Gazprom – Sabic – Esso – Amec – Lummus – Jacobs Engineering Vopak – Electrabel – Philips – Royal Dutch Navy – Metro Amsterdam – Schiphol – Saline Water Conversion Corporation Saudi Arabia - PTT Energy Solutions Company Limited (PTTES) Thailand.



• Find an answer to the enormous demand for professionals in the oil & gas sector

• Stimulate young graduates to choose for a job in the oil & gas sector

• Bridge the gap between young graduates and the demand

• Make a program for unemployed people and job changers

• Qualify existing workforce

• Integrate all in a program to operational excellence

• Obtain uniformity between providers of vocational training


Stimulate interest of young Iraqi

to chose for technology

• Setting up a state of the art technology centre with a focus on oil & gas

• Focus on excellence with personnel certification as the ultimate goal

• Stimulate innovative thinking and develop new concepts, the basis for our future professionals

• Use of smart technology to make learning programs custom made

• Excellent education with certified trainers and smart hands on facilities

• Integral training of existing workforce, young graduates and job changers

• Cooperation with local public education institutes


Basra Oil & Gas Academy

Where to go; how to get there; in which context?

Where:Setting the standard through an Oil & Gas Academy in Basra

How:Through a high-level vocational training concept:

• visually striking

• attractive in content and programme

• assurance of quality and continuity

• unique cooperation with triple-A training institute

Context: Unique and visionary:

• strong qualification structure

• international personnel certification

• roadmap to operational excellence


How to make a program that suits

the oil & gas industry?

• Base programme on the installation life cycle and asset management

•Make uniform job profiles

•Show the connection with education

•Erect a joint Excellence Board

•Make a clear distinction between competency and safety

• Embed competency management and safety management

in your organisation

• Introduce mentors to support and instruct newcomers in the sector



Qualification structure for Electrical



Qualification structure for Operations


How do we find the balance

to cover all vacancies

• Make a joint program for young graduates covering the basics

• Define the exact need of candidates per function

•Trainers must emphasise to stimulate the best direction

•Within the qualification structure conditions for job change is transparent

•Career paths are defined, via RPL intake is feasible for each function

• Make training demand driven

• Intake of candidates must be given a clear career perspective


How do we obtain an excellent workforce?

• Develop a qualification structure based on job profiles

• Base competence on the balance between knowledge and skills

• Base competence on covering critical control factors

• Deployment must be based on ambition, challenge and creativity

• Base profiles on installation integrity and reliability; you get safety and quality for free

• Support and mutual trust is important when deploying people

• A good working climate is as important as good working conditions

• Commitment must be obtained in order to realize aims

• Make people responsible


Bridging the skills gap

• Every person has the ambition to learn, that is our nature

• It is our obligation to stimulate, support and guide potentials

• Trainers must be very well connected to the oil & gas sector

• Be aware of the existing workforce; are newcomers motivated or de-motivated

• Embed the qualification structure into the existing operation

• Take training on the job serious and have experienced mentors

• Make people proud to become a certified and internationally recognized professional

• Develop 3 year programs with ESP the first year, a common basis the second year and specialization the 3 year


Knowledge = Power

Competence = More

Competence = Knowledge & Skills!