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CONTRACTORS/VISITORS HEALTH & SAFETY INDUCTION. July 2013. Induction Topics. Port of Waterford Safety Policy Responsibilities Site layout Traffic management Hazards – known and unknown Accident/Incident Reporting First Aid Facilities

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Contractors visitors health safety induction



July 2013

Induction topics
Induction Topics

  • Port of Waterford Safety Policy

  • Responsibilities

  • Site layout

  • Traffic management

  • Hazards – known and unknown

  • Accident/Incident Reporting

  • First Aid Facilities

  • PPE (Personal Protective Footwear, Clothing & Equipment)

  • Fire Evacuation Procedure/Emergency Exits/Assembly Points

Overall aims objectives of health safety induction
Overall Aims & Objectives of Health & Safety Induction

  • To ensure general safety requirements are appreciated by all:

    • those who are familiar with the port

    • those who are new to the port

  • To give details of the Port of Waterford Belview site layout, traffic, hazards

Contractors visitors health safety induction

  • Humane - An employee should not have to expect that by coming to work they are risking life or limb, and nor should others affected by their undertaking.

  • Economic - legal fees, fines, compensatory damages, investigation time, lost production, lost goodwill from the workforce, and lost goodwill from customers.

  • Legal - We have a duty under the law to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare at work of all our employees.

    i.e.the degree of risk needs to be balanced against time, trouble, cost and the physical difficulty of taking measures to avoid or reduce the risk. What the law requires here is what good management and common sense would lead you to do anyway: that is, to look at what the risks are and take sensible measures to tackle them

Safety policy
Safety Policy

Port of Waterford is committed to conducting its business safely for the benefit of employees and other people in or near the port.

Safety responsibilty
Safety Responsibilty


  • Need to be aware that this is a working port, with various hazards, various road and loading vehicles, including trains and large moving cranes, cargo, and cargo handling equipment.

2 responsibilities
2. Responsibilities

Employers MUST so far as is reasonably practicable:

  • Ensure the Health, Safety & Welfare of all its employees.

  • Provide a written statement of their Health & Safety policy.

  • Consult with employees representatives.

Contractors visitors health safety induction

  • SHWW Act 2005

  • Employers Duties - Section 8: Key Provisions

  • “so far as is reasonably Practicable”

    • To design, provide and maintain safe workplaces and safe access & egress

    • To provide safe plant and machinery – design, purchasing and maintenance

    • To ensure safety and prevention of risk relating to the use of any substances or articles, or exposure to noise, vibration, ionising or other radiations or any other physical agent

    • To provide systems of work that are planned, organised, performed, maintained and revised so as to be safe

    • Must provide adequate instruction, training and supervision and any necessary information to employees and others, in a form, manner and language likely to be understood

    • Must prepare risk assessments (section19)and safety statements (section 20), determine and implement safety measures and take account of Principles of Prevention (Schedule 3)

    • To prepare and revise adequate plans & procedures to be followed & measures to be taken in case of emergency or serious &

      imminent danger

Contractors visitors health safety induction

Employees MUST so far as is reasonably practicable:

  • Take reasonable care of their own Health & Safety.

  • Take reasonable care for the Health and Safety of anyone who may be affected by their own acts or omissions.

  • Co-operate with their employer to enable the fulfilment of statutory obligations

Contractors visitors health safety induction

  • SHWW Act 2005

  • Employee Duties – Section 13

    • Cooperate with employer

    • Take care of own health and safety and that of others around them

    • Not to attend work under the influence of an intoxicant, to the extent that he/she is in such a state as to endanger his or her own safety or that of any other person (Submit to tests for intoxicants )

    • Not to engage in improper behaviour

    • Attend training provided,

    • must not misrepresent themselves with regard to training

    • make correct use of articles/substances/PPE

    • Report defects and any breaches of the law to the employer

Employee duties
Employee Duties

  • Follow safe systems of work

  • Use safety controls

  • Use appropriate PPE

  • Ensure PPE is useable

  • Report any problems to your line manager

3 site layout
3. Site Layout

Ships worked:

  • BULK

    • fertiliser and steel


  • CRUISE (seasonal)

Contractors visitors health safety induction

Specific Site Risks

  • Transport and cargo handling equipment

  • Heights – unprotected quay and overhead cranes and loads

  • Environmental – bulk product, dust etc.

  • Sources of major hazards – electrical, fuel

Contractors visitors health safety induction





Main Entrance


4 traffic management
4. Traffic Management

  • Rules of the road apply –

    • Keep left

    • Yield to traffic coming from your right

    • Obey the signs and instructions of port staff

Product and chemical safety
Product and Chemical Safety


8 personal protective equipment
8. Personal Protective Equipment

  • Remember that personal protective equipment is an essential last resort where hazards can not be controlled in any other way.

    E.G. Gloves, Hard Hats, Protective Footwear, Eye Goggles, Overalls, Ear Protection, Barrier Creams

9 fire evacuation
9. Fire Evacuation

  • Raise the alarm

  • Proceed to your nearest fire exit route

  • Re-locate to your nearest assembly point


    Never take personal risks &


    DO NOT attempt To Put Out A Fire

    (Unless It Is Safe & You Are Trained To Do So!)

Contractors visitors health safety induction

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