flying from atlanta to boston with teletype gps n.
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Flying from Atlanta to Boston with TeleType GPS PowerPoint Presentation
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Flying from Atlanta to Boston with TeleType GPS

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Flying from Atlanta to Boston with TeleType GPS - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Flying from Atlanta to Boston with TeleType GPS. KLZU to KBED May 27, 2005. Pre-Flight Planning. AOPA DUATS Flight Planner showed good tailwinds, 5.5 hours enroute Piper Turbo Arrow N47912 has 7 hours fuel St. Mary's County Airport (2W6) is half way

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Flying from Atlanta to Boston with TeleType GPS

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Presentation Transcript
pre flight planning
Pre-Flight Planning
  • AOPA DUATS Flight Planner showed good tailwinds, 5.5 hours enroute
    • Piper Turbo Arrow N47912 has 7 hours fuel
    • St. Mary's County Airport (2W6) is half way
      • Good refueling stop along route, VFR expected
      • Will pass 2W6 before sunset
      • Stay there often
    • ATE + TTG > 6.0 hours is "BINGO"
    • ATE + TTG are Actual Time Enroute + Time To Go
    • BINGO: mission rule refuel stop time limit
  • Flew non-stop, refueling stop not needed
duats flight plan
DUATS Flight Plan
  • Requested LZU to BED
  • DUATS approximates great circle route
    • Does not generate FAA preferred routes


    • Manually change to previous clearance route


  • 11,000 ft to take advantage of tailwinds
  • Cleared as filed!
entering flight plan route
Entering Flight Plan Route
  • Start by Clearing route
  • Enter origin airport
  • In Airport text box, K-prefix is optional
enter first waypoint
Enter First Waypoint
  • Flight plan has CORCEintersection
  • Clearance will say"Radar Vectors to Sugarloaf", skipping CORCE and ODF
enter victor airway next fix
Enter Victor Airway, Next Fix
  • CORCE V222 BZMexpands to insert ODFand SUG
  • If you make an error typing the Vnnn or fix,TTGPS reports an error
enter pairs of vnnn and fixes
Enter Pairs of Vnnn and Fixes
  • Check current fix, enternext Vnnn and fix
  • Updated MagneticBearings (MBG) andDistances providesanity checks
  • Out-of-order entries willhave obviously wrongheadings and distances
victor airways reduce work
Victor Airways Reduce Work
  • BZM V20 COLIN expands to insertSBV RIC TAPPA
preferred route past nyc
Preferred Route Past NYC
  • COLIN V16 JFK is theFAA preferred route
  • Altitude assignment willbe 7000 feet over JFK
preferred route after nyc
Preferred Route After NYC
  • Dog leg to PUGGS avoids LGA traffic
  • Controllers often "Clear direct to HFD" whenBDR and HFD arealigned, straight lineto DREEM
final fix before destination
Final Fix Before Destination
  • V229 ends at DVANY
  • DREEM is on extendedHFD R053
  • After HFD, enter directto DREEM waypoint
enter destination airport
Enter Destination Airport
  • Hanscom Field, BedfordMassachusetts
route is complete
Route is Complete
  • Completed flight routeshows no wind timeenroute estimate
  • Favorable wind forecaston DUATS showed anestimate of 5.5 hrs.
save route
Save Route
  • Default file name isORIG-DEST.trp
  • klzu-kbed.trp
ttgps shows destination
TTGPS Shows Destination
  • This reconstruction ofthe flight route showsthe route in green andthe trace of the flight in black
  • No GPS signal present
reviewing the route
Reviewing the Route
  • Pilot can view route,drag column headers orscroll table left/right tosee Vnnn details
  • Entered fixes are uppercase, expansions lower
  • Press on column headDist or Time and selectLeg, So Far or To Goto select calculations
reviewing waypoints
Reviewing Waypoints
  • Tools > Waypointsleads to dialog
info about waypoints
Info About Waypoints
  • Click on Start waypoint
  • Shows airport name
  • Lat/Long
other enroute fixes
Other Enroute Fixes
  • Example: Hartford, CN
  • On Victor 229
destination airport
Destination Airport
  • Hanscom Field, KBED
simulate flight route
Simulate Flight Route
  • Right-click on route
  • Select Start Simulator
start sim
Start Sim
  • Select fix
  • Reset Actual TimeEnroute
  • OK
sim starts
Sim Starts
  • Aircraft icon followsflight plan route
  • Bottom right corner ofmap shows FR:71g(fuel remaining)
  • FR is computed fromaircraft profile and flighttime
review of flight
Review of Flight
  • Flight plan, actual flighttrace, paused Sim
  • Sim follows stored route
  • Altimeter and GPS ALTwill vary with weather
review flight at 50nm scale
Review Flight at 50nm Scale
  • Takeoff on RW25
  • Departure gave radarvectors
  • Then cleared direct to Sugarloaf
up the coast
Up the Coast
  • Over Virginia
  • By Atlantic City
last segments
Last Segments
  • Near Philadelphia
  • Over JFK
  • Over Worcester Mass
  • Bedford, Mass
approach to bedford
Approach to Bedford
  • Hanscom ATIS:
  • Expect Visual ApproachRunway 29
visual approach rwy29
Visual Approach RWY29
  • Entered Left Downwind
  • Taxi to refuel
reviewing trace data
Reviewing Trace Data
  • Trace data can bedisplayed during andafter the flight
  • File auto-saves
  • Save named file afterflight for review
trace data after takeoff
Trace Data After Takeoff
  • Showing trace dataright after takeoff
  • UTC avoids problemswith time zone changes
  • Trace info is GPS data
trace point information
Trace Point Information
  • Press on trace line
  • Select Info… from menu
  • Handy for start and endtimes for logbook
  • This flight took 5h26m
turn anticipation
Turn Anticipation
  • Countdown starts 30s before fix
  • Turn time is angle / 3° per sec
  • Half before fix, half after
  • Starts turn at angle/6+3s beforeflyover time
  • Pilot can adjust for roll rate
  • Displays next fix and heading:WPT: JFK65° to PUGGSin 20s
  • After passing fix:WPT: PUGGS
  • TTGPS is very handy and intuitive to use
  • Victor Airways support eases pilot workload
  • In-flight calculations improve situational awareness and safety
  • Trace information aids post-flight review
  • Turn anticipation is a technology demonstration that shows how computing power can augment GPS