how smoking affects our vision n.
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How Smoking Affects Our vision PowerPoint Presentation
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How Smoking Affects Our vision

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How Smoking Affects Our vision - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Smoking affects your vision in the under mentioned ways, go through the same and stop causing any further damage to your eyes!

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how smoking affects our vision

How Smoking Affects Our vision

Smoking comes with numerous health issues be it related to lungs or

other breathing concerns. Yes, Smoking can damage your health is

what we have often heard but what we do not know is that smoking

has an adverse effect on your eyesight too. If you are a regular smoker

and are facing issues concerning your eyes, well now you know what

is the cause of the same. Studying and knowing the impact of smoking

on your eyes can lead you to prevent the further vision loss.

Smoking affects your vision in the under mentioned ways, go

through the same and stop causing any further damage to

your eyes:

age related macular degeneration

• Age Related Macular Degeneration :

AMD or Age Related Macular Degeneration can cause permanent

blindness. The ones who smoke increase their chance of developing

AMD as compared to the ones who do not smoke. In case, you are a

smoker you have the chance of developing the problem earlier.

• Increased risk of cataracts :

Cataract is one of the problems that often lead to blindness. cataract

involves blurred vision, double vision, faded colors, sensitivity to light

etc. The chances of cataract can be reversed via surgical treatment.

Smokers has increased chances of developing cataract than non


• Retinopathy :

Retinopathy is often caused to people who are suffering from diabetes.

Diabetes not only causes vision blindness, but can also damage blood

vessels. As harmful is diabetes for eyes, more harmful is the effect of

smoking which increases the chances of retinopathy in eyes and often

to lead to bleeding and damaging of eye blood vessels. Smoking

affects our vision in an unexpected way.

• Secondhand smoke :

Smoke from the cigarette end, gets combined with smoke exhaled due

to the process of smoking. This affects the vision of the smoker, not

only the smoker gets affected but the people around also get affected

by secondhand vision and can adversely affect the vision. Secondhand

smoke is one of the most harmful impact on eyesight for smokers.

smoking is a preventable cause of affecting vision

• Smoking is a preventable cause of affecting vision :

Smoking is one of the causes of vision loss that can b prevented. Yes,

there are other natural conditions that are not under human control,

but smoking is something that a person can quit can never start again

to prevent vision loss. Even if you have a complication of vision

problems for years, you can reduce the risk of macular degeneration

and other eye related concerns. All the above mentioned problems

would prevail no more if you are ready to quit smoking now.

Developing a healthy vision and eye sight is must for longer and

healthy life. Adapting a healthy lifestyle can start from you and all you

have to do is, be determined to quit smoking and you can take the

first step to prevent your vision loss now and here. Schedule your eye

examination with some expert optometrists to monitor the current

status of your eye health and take steps to prevent the further loss

you have caused to your vision.

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