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North American Profile for Geospatial Metadata PowerPoint Presentation
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North American Profile for Geospatial Metadata

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North American Profile for Geospatial Metadata - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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North American Profile for Geospatial Metadata. Mohamed Habbane/ Brian McLeod GeoConnections September 2006. North American Requirements. Canada and the US need common metadata standards so that their spatial data infrastructures will interwork.

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North American Profile for Geospatial Metadata

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    1. North American Profile for Geospatial Metadata Mohamed Habbane/ Brian McLeod GeoConnectionsSeptember 2006

    2. North American Requirements • Canada and the US need common metadata standards so that their spatial data infrastructures will interwork. • There is a need to support English, French and Spanish as well as native languages • Code lists may be extended to include additional standardized elements • Free text character string fields may have standardized content defined in code lists • Optional fields may be made mandatory or conditional

    3. Metadata is the Basis • The ISO 19115:2003 geographic information - metadata standard is the foundation upon which most geospatial services are based. • A complementary standard 19115-2 is under development to address Imagery and Gridded Data metadata. • However, these standards mandate only a few (8) metadata elements and provide a list of elements to be selected to address particular uses.

    4. What is a profile? • ISO 19106 Profiles • “... set of one or more base standards or sub-sets of base standards…that are necessary for accomplishing a particular function.” • Two levels of Conformance • Level 1 - subset • Level 2 - extension with allowed context • An implementation of the base standard is a valid (but maybe limited) implementation of the profile • Levels of Profiles • Internationally Registered (ISP) • Nationally/Regionally Registered • Published Profiles • Formally within Community • Informally within Organization

    5. North America 19115 profile • Selection of items from ISO19115:2003 • Promotion of optional fields to mandatory • Extension of code lists • Addition of values to existing code lists • Addition of code lists • Introduction of a multilingualregister • Compliant to ISO19135:2005 onregisters • English and/et Français (and potentially Spanish) • Metadata items, Code lists • Register will be accessible on the Web • XML document, Web Services • Web Browser

    6. The Goal CAN/CGSB 171.3-95 North American Profile Geospatial Metadata Based on ISO 19115/19139 USA CSDGM

    7. Canada Natural Resources Canada (chair) Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources Canadian General Standards Board- Committee on Geomatics members Participants • USA • Federal Geographic Data Committee • INCITS-L1 members NAP Metadata Working Group Potential Mexican involvement

    8. Meetings & Schedule • Sherbrooke, QC – Sept 2005 • Columbus, OH – Dec 2005 • Vienna, VA – March 2006 • Denver, CO – Sept 2006 • Initial draft document – Sept 2006 • Submit to standards bodies – Dec 2006?

    9. Register • North American Profile of ISO19115:2003 – Metadata (NAP – Metadata) challenges: • Modification of code lists and coded values as needed without affecting the standard • Cultural and linguistic adaptability • Documentation in multiple languages • Query in different languages • ISO19135:2005 compliant register: a solution to the these challenges

    10. NAP – Metadata Register Web Services • getCapabilities:Provides in XML the capabilities of the register services • getRegisterProperties:Returns in XML the properties of the register • getItemClass:Returns in XML information of a class or a set of classes of the register • getItemURI:Returns in XML URIs of an item • getRegisterItem: Returns in XML item(s) of the register

    11. Conclusion • Introduction of the North America Profile of ISO19115:2003 – Metadata • NAP - Metadata Register • Compliant with ISO19135 • Provides information about the registry, metadata items of the profile and code lists and values • Includes a Management Application, an XML Document, and Web Services • Provides content and semantics of metadata items, code lists, and values of the profile • Provides multilingual support to users of metadata