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The Advantages of Buying a New Home PowerPoint Presentation
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The Advantages of Buying a New Home

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The Advantages of Buying a New Home
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The Advantages of Buying a New Home

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  1. a The Advantages of Buying a New Home 24 Feb The Advantages of Buying a New Home Posted at 11:36hin New BuildbyMDR Home Inspections

  2. Six Reasons for Buying a New Build Home All new build homes come with their snags but there are many advantages to buying a new build home. Here we have listed six good reasons for buying a new build home. Warranties All new homes come with a 10 year warranty, provided by the likes of LABC, NHBC, Checkmate, Zurich, Premier. The warranty is an umbrella to support your case in the event of a resolution. It doesn’t guarantee your home will  be snag free. They can be seen as an insurance for the developer and not the home owner but ultimately you will always be provided with a practical completion note or warranty. Energy E?cient New homes today are thermally very efficient and are up to date using the very latest building products and materials. This is reflected in your energy performance certificate which has an energy rating performed on the new home. Items like double glazing and efficient boilers help maintain house efficiency. The use of low carbon energy light bulbs further enhance this. Be sure that halogen and tungsten bulbs are NOT used. These use a lot of energy resulting in higher energy costs. Security New homes are well supported by safer locking mechanisms compared to older houses. ( Secure by Design on Front doors ) with Multi Point locking. Fire preventative measures are added such as smoke/heat detectors, intumescent strips with fire doors on three storey properties which is a legal requirement under law. Security lights and PIR systems fitted as standard are always good forms of security. Stress Free If the developer has concluded the deal with no chain then the move should be hassle free. This is further enhanced whereby a part exchange is included and the developer is buying your home. Great Deals on Offer Multi National house developers know how to sell homes and in a lot of cases great deals can be sought. Items like stamp duty and carpet included are a big factor and can close a deal. Your Home, Your Choice You are in control of your own choices, whether this is a kitchen colour choice or design, Wall Tile choices, wash hand basin taps. You are involved and can be happy with it. Tags:Analysis, Articles, Business