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Forest planning and management in the whole of India is so scientific and systematic that no irregularities, pilferage or smuggling of any kind should be possible. This is a British pattern of administration of the forest resources introduced in India by Dr Bandish. The forest of a State is divided into several circles and each circle into several divisions according to management facilities. For systematic administrative management, a division is further divided into several ranges, a range into sections and a section into beats. Beat is the smallest unit. When a divisional forest officer is the sole authority of a divisional forest administration, an assistant conservator assists him for the same. When a range officer is in charge of a range, a forester is in charge of a forest section. A forest guard is in charge of a beat and runs the beat administration. A regional chief conservator of forests remains in charge of a circle as a supervising authority over four to five divisions. All forest cases are cognizable offences. In face of such an administrative setup, one wonders how the illegal mining of minerals went unabated for several years! Further, for the systematic management of the forest wealth in Odisha, the forests are divided into blocks, blocks in to compartments and sub- compartments. Every forest block is surveyed and demarcated as well as mapped for records. Similarly, the boundaries of each block are well laid up with pillars. Every pillar is verified in respect of its position in the concerned block map and is repaired if needed. The boundary lines are cleared during winter before commencement of fire season. The boundaries of every forest block act as fire protection line. The work is done as preventive corse of action to protect forest resources from fire damage. Again, the compartment boundary lines are renewed with white paint.

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