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IOT Global Innovation Forum 2015 Agenda - Invited Speaker

Sensing-as-a-Service: Prepare for the Next Business Model for Internet of Things <br><br>Day 1 - Tuesday, April 21, 2015 <br>9:50 - 10:15 am <br><br>Once we are able to categorize the ownership of data on the Cloud, we will be able to offer "Sensing-as-a-service" -- that is, the ability to provide a free or chargeable service to any person who wishes to view or manipulate the data. This presentation discusses the benefits of IOT-as-a-Service, including harnessing the creativity of application developers, participatory sensing, reducing the cost of data acquisition, pay-per-use cloud computing, and more. It is also possible to aggregate different sensor data sources and create many innovative applications such as combining between parking sensor data and public transport data, between environmental data and flood detection data, between river quality data and fertility of soil data. <br><br>An IOT service provider will be able to provide such services, thus opening many opportunities to generate new ways of monitoring and managing valuable assets. This seems to be the next wave of Cloud services where "Sensing-as-a-Service" will become the new IOT business model. The presentation will provide a different perspective on how to monetize IOT for business executives, who are interested in utilizing IoT applications to increase efficiency and build new business models.

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IOT Global Innovation Forum 2015 Agenda - Invited Speaker

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  1. 4/7/2015 IoT Global Innovation Forum 2015 Overview Agenda Sponsors Event Partners IoT News Venue Register Sponsor / Exhibit About Us Contact Program Schedule 5 Print Gmail Note: Subject to change. Additional speakers to be announced.  Favorites Day 1 ­ Tuesday, April 21, 2015 Reddit Tumblr 7:00 ­ 5:30 On­Site Registration Open Google 7:00 ­ 8:30 Networking Breakfast More... (288) Opening Keynote Address Settings... 8:30 ­ 9:00 The Internet of Things: What Does it Take to Make the Internet of Everything Real? > abstract AddThis Privacy   Kip Compton Vice President, IoT Systems & Software Group, Cisco bio Defining and Refining the IoT Business Model 9:00 ­ 10:15 Moderator Jack Levin Partner Venetia Systems,LLC bio The ABCs of Industrial Internet of Things, or What Does It Take to Succeed in Industrial IoT > abstract Mike Krell Lead Internet of Things Analyst, Moor Insights & Strategy bio Industrial IoT in the Real World: Driving IT/OT Convergence > abstract Christoph Inauen Vice President, Internet of Things, SAP bio Sensing­as­a­Service: Prepare for the Next Business Model for Internet of Things > abstract Dr. Mazlan Abbas CEO, REDtone IOT bio 10:15 ­ 10:45 Networking Break 10:45 ­ 11:10 The Unbearable Lightness of IOT Forecasting > abstract Marc Jadoul Strategic Marketing Director, Customer and Market Insight, Alcatel­Lucent bio Transforming IoT Data for Immediate Value 11:10 ­ 12:00 pm Moderator Tom Kerber  Director, Research, Home Controls & Energy Parks Associates bio The Real­World Value of Big Data and IoT > abstract Jason Kolb  CTO, Uptake Technologies LLC bio http://www.iotglobalforum.com/agenda.htm 1/5

  2. 4/7/2015 IoT Global Innovation Forum 2015 Unleashing Value from Analyzing Data Generated by Internet of Things > abstract Peter Jensen CEO, ParStream bio 12:00 ­ 1:15 Networking Luncheon 1:15 ­ 1:45 The Commercial / Industrial End User Perspective: Why Companies Adopt IoT Technologies, Deployment Plans, and Feedback to Date > abstract Keith Kreisher Executive Director International M2M Council bio The Democratization of Data (Discussion Panel)  > abstract 1:45 ­ 2:50   David Formisano Director of Strategy Internet of Things Group Intel Corporation bio Allen Proithis President & Founder, wot.io  bio   Mark Castleman  Entrepreneur in Residence Bell Labs/Alcatel­Lucent bio James Brehm Founder and Technology Evangelist James Brehm & Associates bio   Bill Podrasky Executive Vice President Stream Technologies Ltd bio 2:50 ­ 3:20 Networking Break New Requirements for Building the IoT  > abstract 3:20 ­ 3:50 Raj Vaswani Co­Founder and CTO, Silver Spring Networks bio IoT Advances and Architectures: Driving Operational and Performance Gains 3:50 ­ 4:15 Operational Considerations to Leverage Performance > abstract Dr. Mohammad Shakouri Chairman, WiMAX Forum bio 4:15 ­ 4:40 Using Advanced Analytics / IOT to Predict Field Equipment Failures > abstract Jeff Newman Vice President, Business Development, IoT/M2M, Illuminate360 bio 4:40 ­ 5:05 The Factory Data Revolution ­ Two Stories of the Plant Floor > abstract Nathan Oostendorp CTO & Co­Founder, Sight Machine Inc. bio 5:05 ­ 5:30 Edge Processing in IoT­ The Emerging Trend, and Why It Is Important > abstract Shanmugasundaram Murugesan Associate Director, Product Engineering, Happiest Minds bio 5:30 ­ 6:30 Networking Reception Day 2 ­ Wednesday, April 22, 2015 7:00 ­ 5:00 On­Site Registration Open http://www.iotglobalforum.com/agenda.htm 2/5

  3. 4/7/2015 IoT Global Innovation Forum 2015 7:00 ­ 8:30 Networking Breakfast Morning Keynote Address 8:30 ­ 9:00 Makers, Multiplied > abstract Andrew Bolwell Chief Disrupter, Technology Vision & Strategy Hewlett­Packard bio Smart Buildings and the Enterprise Internet of Things 9:00 ­ 10:15 Moderator Laura DiDio Systems Research & Consulting Strategy Analytics bio Fortifying Energy Resiliency Through IoT­enabled Centralized Facilities Management > abstract Tom Willie CEO, Blue Pillar bio EMaaS: Using IoT to Tackle Massive Energy Waste in Commercial Buildings > abstract Greg Fasullo Chief Executive Officer, EnTouch Controls bio The Next Disruptive Innovation in Buildings > abstract Vladi Shunturov Cofounder and CEO, Lucid bio 10:15 ­ 10:45 Networking Break 10:45 ­ 11:10 Keeping up with the Standards ­­ ZigBee, WiFi and IPv6 > abstract Mandeep Khera Vice President Marketing and Channels, Daintree Networks bio The Future of IOT Protocol Standardization & Stacks (Discussion Panel) > abstract 11:10 ­ 12:15 Moderator Brian Modoff Senior Analyst IOT Segment Deutsche Bank Ed Hemphill  CEO and Co­ Founder  WigWag Inc. bio Daniel Cooley VP & GM MCU and Wireless Division Silicon Labs  bio Shiv Ramamurthi  Director Home Segment Marketing ARM  bio Dr. Stan Schneider Chief Executive Officer RTI bio Benno Ritter  Business Development  IP500 Alliance bio 12:15 ­ 1:30 Networking Luncheon and Exhibits IoT Use Cases: Enabling Effective Customer Interaction 1:30 ­ 2:45 Moderator Dr. Daniel W. Engels Associate Professor  Computer Science and Engineering Department Southern Methodist University bio Getting Engaged with End Customers Goes Beyond Connecting on the IoT > abstract http://www.iotglobalforum.com/agenda.htm 3/5

  4. 4/7/2015 IoT Global Innovation Forum 2015 Dr. Sean Lorenz Senior Product Marketing Manager, LogMeIn  bio Social Machines and IoT > abstract Peter Semmelhack Founder & CEO, Bug Labs, Inc. bio How to Talk to Your Fridge: Conversation in the Internet of Things > abstract Ilya Gelfenbeyn CEO, Speaktoit bio 2:45 ­ 3:15 Networking Break Securing the Internet of Things 3:15 ­ 4:05 Moderator Kevin McDermott Director, Strategic Marketing ­ IoT  Imagination Technologies bio Industrial IoT Cybersecurity from the Ground Up > abstract Francis Cianfrocca Founder & CEO, Bayshore Networks  bio How Secure is the Connected World? > abstract Sami Nassar Vice President, Cyber Security Solutions NXP Semiconductors bio Making Connections ­ Where Does The Future Of IoT Lie? (Discussion Panel) > abstract 4:05 ­ 5:00   Meg A. Divitto Vice President Future Solutions  & Technology  Internet of Things, IBM bio Moderator Dilip Sarangan  Director of Marketing & Operations Compass Intelligence bio     Chris Allen  CEO, iDevices bio Rob Martens Futurist & Director Connectivity Platforms Allegion / Schlage bio   Mal Raddalgoda  Principal Consultant (M2M/IoT) Ericsson bio http://www.iotglobalforum.com/agenda.htm 4/5

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