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The Offley Times Everyone matters, every day counts PowerPoint Presentation
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The Offley Times Everyone matters, every day counts

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The Offley Times Everyone matters, every day counts

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  1. The Offley Times Everyone matters, every day counts The student newspaper for Sir John Offley Primary School Issue 2: March 2010 Online edition at: Miss Leech’s Charity Challenge On 17th April Miss Leech will run a night-time marathon in support of Cancer Research UK. Jordan Groves asked her a few questions before her marathon effort… 1) What made you want to do themarathon? Well my friend’s mum and my auntie are very ill, so it’s in support of them. 2) Are you looking forward to doing the marathon? Yes because it is for charity and it will be really fun. 3) How will you feel if you complete the marathon? I will feel over the moon and especially if I beat my friends! We wish her the best of luck in her preparation and will report of her effort in the next issue! Our school profile • Allow Jamie Whalley and Hannah Parkin from Year 3/4 to tell you more about our school… • We have an eco council and they collect fruit/vegetables, tea-bags and leaves. • We also have a school council and they help share our views and keep us up to date. • We have 6 classes and 7 teachers. • We have 6 after school and lunch-time clubs. • We have a fantastic computer suite. • We have an infants and jumiors section to our school. • We have around 160 children in our school. The newspaper team are: Editors: Hannah Parkin & Chanel Kiely Feature reporters: Oliver Holmes, Joshua Ravenscroft, Charlotte Machin & James Higgins, Jack Davies, James Higgins, Jamie Whalley Profile reporters: Lola Cotton & Jordan Groves Sports reporter: Kieran Brown & Ben Farr Photographer: photography club Cartoonist: Jasmine Parkes & Chloe Longley Executive editor: Mr. Battrick Charity Run Factfile Where?: Manchester When?: April 17th Who with?: 8 friends What time?: overnight How long?: 7 to 8 hours In aid of:

  2. Introducing… Play Leaders by Chloe Longley Most of yr5 & 6 are now play leaders and are playing lots of exciting games! What is a play leader? A play leader is a single person that plays active games and activities for people in their school. When did yr5 & 6 become play leaders? Play leaders have been doing these amazing activities since we came back to school on the 23rd of February. Wow they must be worn out by now! Seven facts about Mr Battrick By Jasmine Parkes (Year 5) What are your first names?: I am greedy, I have three… Craig, Richard, John. What is your favourite colour?: Orange. What is your favourite food?: I love Thai food and anything from Asian countries. Do you have any brothers and sisters?: No, I am an only child. Do you have a wife?: Yes, her name is Jennie. Where is your favourite country?: New Zealand – have been there three times now. What is your favourite car?: A Maserati, but I do like the new Alfa Romeo Mito. Raging Rivers by Jasmine Parkes in year 5 Year 3/4 have been studying the topic of Raging Rivers in their Topic lessons and they did a fabulous assembly witch involved dancing and singing. Lots of wonderful work was shown and we all learnt a lot.

  3. Dates for your Diary! Spring term ends on Thursday 1st April for the Easter Holidays. Remember the new Summer Term starts on Thursday 15th April! Ben Farr’s Games Review For the best in on-line games check these out: Powder Game ver 7.1 This game is about anything you can imagine! I used it to play a game about volcanoes. Crazy Taxi This game is about crazy taxis. You can jump over the cars by pressing the space bar. Hot cross bun pudding by Chrlotte Machin Report on Madeley High Club by James Higgins My Half Term Week at Madeley High Club. Monday morning started the half term. My mum took me to the youth club at Madeley High School run by Newcastle Borough Council ‘Get Active’ scheme, where I was enrolled to do a week of amazing activities. The activities that I did were Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! They included playing on the Wii with Wii Sports, Wii Resort, and lastly Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games. I also decorated a mug and saucer by using glitter pens, paint and special felt tips which I decorated for my mum. My favourite activity was playing 6 pin bowling with the other children and the Staff – The adults lost to the children when we had a 6 pin bowling tournament! On Tuesday we spent the morning finishing off the bags for the mugs and the saucers along with decorating plant pots. The adults still thought that they were better at 6 pin bowling, so we had another head to head tournament – which they children won AGAIN, this time 10 – 0. In the afternoon I went to Kidsgrove high School to do rock climbing. I managed to get to the top of 3 out of 4, where I slipped off at the hangover and dangled like puppet on a string. Wednesday was a little different because we had the circus skills at the High School. When we all got there was a cheerful exciting man who taught us to juggle, ride a unicycle and one with stabilisers on that you had to rock to steer, and balloon craft. As a whole the week was very exciting and I got to make a load of friends. I can’t wait till Easter. Ingredients One hot cross bun each cut across twice horizontally to three slices. Low fat spread. ½ lemon, grated rind 5ml/1/2 tsp ground cinnamon 2 eggs 450ml/1/3 pint milk Demerara sugar Method 1. Reserve the top slices of bun, spread the other slices with low fat spread and then cut them in half. Arrange the slices spread side up in a round, deep 1.2l/2 pint ovenproof dish.2. Sprinkle with the lemon rind and cinnamon and finish with the four bun tops.3. Beat the eggs with the milk and strain the mixture over the buns.4. Sprinkle some Demerara sugar on top . Bake at 180C/350F/Gas 4 for about 40 minutes or until the top is crisp and golden and the pudding is risen and set. Serve hot

  4. Fact file Worlds fastest car!!! Name: Ssc Ultimate Aero Price: 650,000 Top speed: 270 mph Horse power: 1287 Worlds biggest shark!!! Name: Megalodon Length: 100 feet Weight: 48 tons Worlds best film ever made!!! Name: Avatar Made: 2009 Made by: James Cameron Money made:£1,424,222,266 By Oliver holmes

  5. Sport & Club News Bringing you the latest in sporting action… On Wednesday 24th February Stoke City pulled off the biggest shock result in F.A cup history by beating the richest club in the world, Manchester City. Dave Kitson got Stoke ahead in the 79th minute, then Craig Bellamy pulled Manchester City back on level terms. That took it to added time when suddenly Stoke counter attacked and the ball was whipped in. Ryan Shawcross was there to nod it home and then 5 minutes later the Turkish attacker Tuncay Sanli scored for Stoke. The final score was 3-1 in the end. Fixture list: Hugo Meynall St Johns of Keele Our ladies - St Chads Chesterton

  6. Special 10th Anniversary Supplement by Oliver Holmes Concorde , flight 4590 Concorde was one of the fastest British airways plane ever made by man. It reigned supreme of all planes until one fateful day on 25th July 2000 when it all came to a terrible end… On 25 July 2000, Air France Flight 4590, registration F-BTSC, crashed in Gonesse, France, killing all 100 passengers and crew on board the flight and four people on the ground. It was the only fatal incident involving Concorde. When Concorde was taking off there was a piece of titanium metal that had fell off a plane that took off about five minutes after Concorde and was not picked up by anyone on the ground. One of Concorde’s left wheels ran over the metal causing it to burst , sending the rubber flying and forcing it to hit the fuel tank underneath the left wing of Concorde. Suddenly, the wing burst into hellish flames!!! Concorde making its final ever landing. Concorde taking off in flames!!!!

  7. Special 10th Anniversary Supplement by Oliver Holmes As Concorde shot into the smoky air , the helpless pilot was trying to contact the ground and land the jet without harming anyone or anything around! Concorde climbed higher and higher by the second and despite the fact the turbo engines were burning the wing to a crisp the other engines were just powerful enough to kept her up. Now losing power Concorde slowly started to stall. Suddenly without warning the gravity got the better of Concorde snatching it down to the ground like you the devil does to evil people. Concorde dropped straight onto a grand hotel exploding into flames!!! Fire fighters came with thousands of fire trucks whilst ambulances raced to the scene… Taking about 5 hours to stop the chaos, Concorde eventually stop burning. Concorde in the air. Climbing higher. Concorde’s crash site … on a hotel.